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Bambai se gayi Poona Poona se gayi Dilli

Posted on: September 10, 2015

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People who are into stock markets try to guess the movement of shares based on past pattern of their price movement. I think that the principles of stock market indexes can be used to make guesses about my activities as well. If lots of songs are being discussed then it could mean that I have lots of time at my disposal, little pressure of work, family, pets etc and that my internet connection, electricity connection etc are co operating. 🙂

In case the number of posts dwindle for some days then it could mean that work, family, pets etc may be coming in the way of my blogging. 🙂 Going by past performances, seasoned regulars of the blog may find that the number of posts come down during summer season as well as during the festival season of october/ november and the regulars can guess the reasons for that. 🙂

Regulars may have noticed that there has been a prolonged slump in the number of daily posts for the last few months. So this slump must be for reasons different from those that cause the slumps of summer/ festival seasons that typically last one month or less. If one looked for similar prolonged slump in the blog activity that lasted several months, then one will find that it had last happened in the blog during late 2009 to early 2010.

I was based at Jabalpur when this blog began in july 2008. The prolonged slump in blog activity during late 2009 to early 2010 coincided with the period when I was shifting my base. I found myself transferred from Jabalpur and landing in Nagpur in a differnt zone and state. It took me three months before this shift was complete and I finally got my belongings shifted to my new accomodation at Nagpur. I was not able to devote much time to the blog during this period of transition.

I stayed at Nagpur for two years. I have fond memories of my stay there. I lived at a stone’s throw distance from the old Vidarbha Cricket Association (VCA) ground (that used to hold international matches till 2003). I watched every International cricket match that BCCI played during my stay there and I had a perfect record of seeing BCCI lose all these matches. 🙂

The blogging touched new heights during my stay at Nagpur. I would typically wake up at 4 AM in the morning and would cover 6-7 songs by 10 AM. Come rain or shine, my blogging went on uninterrupted. I had an invertor connection and a steady internet connection which meant that I was online even when most other Nagpurians may have been deprived of electricity and internet connection. It was during this period that I met Raja (and Asterix) in october 2010. It was the fore runner of what we these days call gangout of blog regulars. 🙂

Two years later, I was transferred to Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh. When I look back at my blogging during the period of transition (december 2011 to february 2012), I am surprised myself that as many as 140 plus songs were covered every month during that transition. But then one had to see this figure in the perspective of what I was achieving prior to december 2011. We were averaging close to 200 songs per month before that ! So posting 140 odd songs during december 2011 and january 2012 was a slump by the standards of the blog those days. 🙂

Coming to the present, viz 2015, the blog is averaging below 100 songs a month these days for several months now. There are a combination of factors for it. Official reasons, personal reasons etc have contributed to it. I find that I was no longer in a position to post 6-7 songs by the first half of the day. I was huffing and puffing to a figure of 4 or 5 by the end of the day. One reason for this slow progress was that I was taking considereably more time in deciding upon the songs to post. Number of songs in the movies that were left to be discussed in the blog had become an important factor to be considered. Searching for the elusive final songs of most movies was a “new” activity that was taking considerable time and effort these days.

Another “new” development that was slowing me down was the fact that I had spent enough time at Bilaspur and a transfer out of Bilaspur was imminent. My “fears” got confirmed by middle of june 2015 that my days in my present posting were numbered. I met my boss and requested him to accommodate me in Bilaspur as there was a vacancy there since the person posted against that vacancy was reluctant to join till end of the year. My boss agreed and wrote to New Delhi accordingly. Getting wind of this development, the reluctant person immediately joined and so now I actually had no option but to move out.

My orders posting me to another zone were issued on the last day of july 2015. It was a new zone for me (third zone since I started blogging and fifth zone overall). I reported at Gorakhpur in the first week of august. There were a couple of vacancies in Gorakhpur and so I hoped to get posted to the fourth -pur in the fourth state in a row. But when the posting order was finally issued after a few days, I found that I was posted in Izzatnagar, which was another place with a vacancy. In anticipation for a posting in Gorakhpur, I had already chosen and finalised an accomodation there within a few hours of my reporting there. 🙂

I, along with my wife (who had accompanied me) reported at Izzatnagar and I finally joined there in the middle of August. As in Gorakhpur, I immediately began my search for an accomodation. While I was given a transit accomodation, I was keen to get a regular accomodation as early as possible. It took another ten days or so before I finally managed to get an accomodation allotted to me.

Why was it that I was so keen to get an accomodation at the place of my posting? My intention was to bring my belongings from Bilaspur as soon as possible. The most valuable possessions that I had left behind at Bilaspur were my two pets of course. How were they surviving there in my absence ? This was a constant worry for me as well as my wife. In the past they had survived without me for as many as ten days in a row, but here the duration was getting prolonged even more.

My wife, who went back within a couple of hours of my reporting at izzatnagar, planned to visit Bilaspur every weekend to see the pets. So she left for Bilaspur on 15 august 2015 and reached there early morning on 16 august 2015. When she went to our residence, she could not find the two pets. She went out to search for them and was unable to locate them. She phoned me telling me that they were nowhere to be found. Just when I was about to despair like my wife, I heard my wife’s voice on phone-“wait, I think I can see a white dog, it could be Chhote, yes, it is unmistakably Chhote”. And within a few moments, I could hear the sounds of emotional reunion between my wife and Chhote, with Chhote making sounds as if remonstrating with her that he was missing her for so many days.

Bhhole, who was also nearby also joined. The three of them came back to the residence. Like my wife, I was mightily relieved to know that the dogs had survived and were alright despite being left to their own devices for nearly two weeks. The two pets slept peacefully in the residence for the first time in two weeks. But their happiness was shortlived because my wife had to go back on the same night. The two pets were heartbroken as was my wife.

Next week my wife went back to Bilaspur again- this time to stay there for two days. This time Bhhole refused to go back to the residence with her. Chhote, who failed to convince Bhhole, finally came back to the residence only on the second day, viz sunday. After a few hours, my wife had to go back yet again, and once again it was a painful separation.

In consultation with my wife, I had planned to come back to Bilaspur during the month end in my bid to get my belongings packed and moved to my new place of posting. Getting the household stuff was the easier thing, but taking the two pets with us was the major challenge. During our previous transfer from Nagpur to Bilaspur, the whole family (three humans and three pets) had travelled the distance of 400 km by car. But this time the distance was well over 1000 km. So I decided that the pets had to go by train with us. How we planned their journey and how we pulled it off is an interesting tale in its own right that I will share with people on a “need to know” basis. 🙂 Let me say that the two pets travelled with us (I and my wife) by train for the bulk of the journey and the remaining distance by road. Here I must express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to my erstwhile colleagues of Bilaspur for doing much of the legwork and running around that made the whole Herculean exercise appear like a walk in the park, which it certainly was not. Getting the pets, as well as the luggage moved with clockwork precision- it was quite a feat, I think.

I, my wife, the two pets arrived Izzatnagar by 2nd september and stayed at the transit accomodation. Next morning, I took Chhote (leashed of course) on a walk. He would drag me behind himself as he pleased. Guess where he dragged me to ? He dragged me to the residence that was allotted to me ! He entered the residence and inspected every room inside it. Now how Chhote knew where to go is something that I will never know.

The luggage arrived on 3rd september and that was brought to the residence where various civil , electrical and other works were still in progress. I had upto 4th of september to make the residence ready for occupation otherwise three day holiday were approaching from 5th september onwards.

Electricity was a big problem there. Light would go off at least a dozen times if not more in a day. So an inverter was required to be installed first. It turned out that the residence was not getting its mains supply either due to some fault. This fault was rectified only by evening. It was only then that inverter connection could be fixed just in the nick of time before holidays started for all.

The first item that was fitted in the residence was the TV and the dish antenna. There was no electricity at that time, but the mechanic made use of the inverter to do the installation. So TV and dish antenna became functional even before the residence received electricity supply.

The next urgent item to be fitted was water purifier. Just as there was no electicity in the residence, there was no water supply to the residence either. How my wife hoped that the skill of installing TV without electricity could somehow be employed in installing water purifier without water (and electricity). 🙂

I was told that running water would come in the evening but water would get accumulated in the earmarked water tank on the roof only the next morning. The water purifier mechanic installed the equipment while running water was available and demonstrated that it was working.

Earlier in the day, the gas connection (in my wife’s name) had got transferred to this new place. Till then we were managing with induction cooking equipment (which worked well in Gorakhpur but could rarely be used in Izzatnagar) as well as a portable gas oven brought by a staff.

So, by the end of the day on 4th september 2015, the residence was just about ready to be occupied by us. So we brought all our stuff from the transit accomodation and moved in to the regular accomodation at night, much to the chagrin of the two pets who thought that the transit accomodation was our real accomodation. 🙂 Finding lights and fans and TV still on despite no electricity outside was quite comforting. But I found that such frequent coming and going of electricity kept taking its toll. At least three tubelights got damaged due to voltage fluctuation within a few days.

The accomodation, like most others, was a British Era construction. The rooms were some 20 feet high. Electrical fittings were located at heights of 12 to 13 feet. So changing the tubelights, CFL etc was not as easy as it is in modern residences where these fittings are at heights of 7 or 8 feet at the most. I managed to fit a few CFL on my own by arranging three pieces of furnitures one over the other, but then gave up the idea as too risky in case of other fittings that were located even higher. So I was at the mercy of electrical staff arriving with their ladders (whenever they arrive) to change these fittings. I can see that these fittings may not have very long lives and may need frequent replacements.

It turned out that water had risen to a water tank in a different part of the residence and not to the tank which was connected to the water purifier ! So while there was water in other portion of the residence, there was no purified water to be had. Fortunately some bottles of water were kept in the fridge and they helped us quench our thirst. The water supply people opened the valve of the “correct” tank on the morning of 5 september and informed us that water would rise upto this tank on the morning of 6 september. So we survived on the water bottles kept in the fridge for another 24 hours and heaved a sigh of relief when the “correct” water tank had water filled up in it on the morning of 6 september. So now the residence had electricity as well as drinking water. Later, we got water purifier connected to inverter. So now we were assured of having purified water even if there was no electricity.

A few days later, I found that the supply of water to the water purifier had dried up. It turned out that the overhead tank supplying water to this part of the residence had developed a leak. So the water supply system here is turning out to be just as unreliable as the electricity supply. I hope that the water purifier has not gone defective as it was switched on for quite some time without getting any water in its inlet.

While the items were getting unpacked and arranged in different parts of the residence, I was wondering when the turn of my laptop with its accessories would come. As mentioned earlier, items like TV (with dish antenna), inverter, water purifier, gas connection etc were arranged on top priority within one day, taking computer out was last in the priority of my wife and I knew better than to start using the computer myself while my wife was busy getting the house in order (literally). Getting the house in order included dragging heavy furnitures from one part of the house to other and the two of us did that ourselves on fifth and sixth september (which were holidays).

Pointing out at some trunks, she commented that these were the heaviest items of them all as they contained my books. And she was not impressed with my tendency to have so many books around which I never read. I quickly took out one of the books to read, but she stopped me from doing that telling me that I should read these books once she had gone back. I knew better than to protest that I was unlikely to be able to read the books if she herself was not allowing me to read them. 🙂

It was then that I realised that trunks containing books are really much heavier than trunks containing other items (clothes, electronics goods etc.) Other heaviest pieces of furnitures were the bags/ sacks containing various kinds of CDs. My wife is of firm opinion that my books as well as CDs are the main reason for so much of luggage that we have to lug around from one corner of the country to another on periodic intervals. My own view is that the tendency of human beings to wear clothes is the main reason for things like clothes, suitcases, bags, almirah, washing machines, buckets etc to be bought and carried around. Just look at Bhhole and Chhote. They hardly need to carry any suitcase/ almirah/bags when they travel. 🙂

Coming to Bhhole and Chhote, we did not allow them to roam around freely and kept them on leash fearing that if then escape then they would be lost and they would not come back again. My residence, like all other residences has fence all around it, but the fence is porous all around. Dogs can easily go out and come in through these numerous breaches. So we did not allow our dogs to roam free even within the compound. Chhote was desperate to be allowed to set free as he wanted to explore the locality on his own. It was Bhhole who managed to escape on a couple of occasions, but being a naive and simple dog that he is, he did not run away and allowed himself to be recaptured.

Chhote finally got his chance and he escaped during the evening of 8 september. My wife began to miss him the way Hindi movie actors miss their beloved. She went out looking for Chhote on several occasions. I advised her not to think much of him seeing that Chhote himself was so desperate to go out. Instead of worrying about Chhote, we should appreciate Bhhole who is so obedient and disciplined, I pointed out to her. But my wife continued to search for Chhote. Finally, three hours later, Chhote returned back, much to the relief of my wife as well as me.

So it meant that our dogs could be counted upon to go out on their own and come back too, like how they did at Bilaspur. To put our assumption to practice, both Bhhole and Chhote were set free on the morning of 9 september. And they came back on their own. So now it is business as usual for the two dogs. We had spent considerable time walking the two dogs on their leash for the first few days. From now onwards, we could afford to allow then to go on their walks on their own. We now need to teach them to bring the morning newspapers home when they come back from their morning walks. 🙂

Unlike Nagpur and Bilaspur, which were electricity surplus places, this place is clearly deficient in electricity. Unlike Nagpur and Bilaspur, where one could get AC installed in one’s residence without much fuss, getting an AC installed in this place reminds you of the red tape that existed in India in distant past. Here one has to fill in a two page long application form to apply for installation of an AC. In addition to your name, designation, PAN number, Aadhar number etc, one must state the purpose for installing AC, model, capacity and BEE rating of the AC, reason why one wanted to have an AC installed (personal/official/ medical reasons). One also must inform whether permission of the administration was taken before buying the AC. The form makes one feel that buying an AC is an act of grand larceny and people wanting to have AC installed must be viewed with suspicion. 🙂 I hope that I will somehow be able to get the necessary permissions to get an AC installed. This permission, I suspect may take several months in coming. Seeing that the next summer season will arrive in may, I may well be running short of time. 🙂

People may be wondering about this place called Izzatnagar. Well, the place was named after an British official called Sir Alexander Izat who was an official of Bengal and North Western Railway. It is a locality in Bareilly. Yes, it is the same Bareilly that is famous for its Jhumka as in the song Jhumka gira re Bareli ke bazaar mein(Mera Saaya) and Jhumka bareli waala kaanon mein aisa daala (Kismat). Bareilly is also famous for surma, Maanjha (of kites) etc. Izzatnagar, which was named after the Scotsman called Izat and not after the Urdu word “Izzat” is known for its Railway installations (Izzatnagar division as well as a Workshop), Air force base and also for Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) and Central Avian Research Institute (CARI).

Bareilly and its nearby places (Badaayun, Pilibhit) have thrown up some well known lyricists of Hindi movies. They as well as lyricists from places like Barabanki, Lucknow, Sultanpur (all UP cities and towns) have ruled the roost as lyricists of Hindi movies during its golden era.

I have not been able to devote much time for the blog during the last few weeks as a result of my transfer. In addition to poor electricity, I find that even internet connectivity in this place is nothing much to write home about. I am dependent on my backup internet connections, viz. dongles which are working at snail’s pace in this place. The speed may increase (only marginally) as and when I manage to get landline internet connection (euphemistically called broadband in these parts).

Hopefully things will settle down soon and I will be able to regain the past momentum of the blog soon.

Seeing how many transfers I have carried out during my service, criss crossing nine states and five zones spread over all geographic locations of India, here is a fun song of “recent” vintage. This song is “Bambai se gayi Poona, Poona se gayi Dilli, Dilli se gayi Patna…”. This cheerful fun song is from “Ham Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke”(1993). This movie was produced by Tahir Hussain and directed by Mahesh Bhatt.

This fun song is sung by Alka Yagnik and chorus. Sameer is the lyricist. music is composed by Nadeem Shrawan. The song is picturised on Juhi Chawla and three kids named Master Shahrukh, Baby Ashrafa and Kunal Khemu.

Song-Bambai se gayi poona (Ham Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke)(1993) Singer-Alka Yagnik, Lyrics-Sameer, MD-Nadeem Shrawan


Bambai se gayi poona
poona se gayi dilli
dilli se gayi patna aa aa
phir bhi na mila sajna
phir bhi na mila sajna aa
mehkaaya maine gajra
chamkaayi maine bindiya
khankaaya maine kangna aa aa
phir bhi na mila sajna aa aa aaa
phir bhi na mila sajna
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke

aankhon mein chhupa loongi ee ee
saanson mein basa loongi ee ee
main uski mohabbat mein ae ae
duniya ko bhula doongi ee ee
khwaabon mein nahin khoyi
raaton ko nahin soyi
main uske liye royi ee ee
phir bhi na mila sajna aa aa aaa
phir bhi na mila sajna aa
bambai se gayi poona
poona se gayi dilli
dilli se gayi patna aa aa
phir bhi na mila sajna
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke

jab yaad uski aaye ae ae
dil mera dhadak jaaye ae ae
wo hai bada bedardi ee ee
kitna mujhe tadpaaye
baahon mein usey dhoondha
raahon mein usey dhoodha
galiyo me usey dhudha aa aa
phir bhi na mila sajna aa aa aaa
phir bhi na mila sajna aa
bambai se gayi poona
poona se gayi dilli
dilli se gayi patna aa aa
phir bhi na mila sajna
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke

mehkaaya maine gajra
chamkaayi maine bindiya
khankaaya maine kangna aa aa
phir bhi na mila sajna
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
ham hain raahi pyaar ke


31 Responses to "Bambai se gayi Poona Poona se gayi Dilli"

@ Atul ji – best wishes from all of us !!
– I was at Bareilly for 5 years and Six months. We all enjoyed there. We stayed in Civil lines at a walking distance from Bareilly Junction.
– We have fond memories of our stay there and it was a peaceful city then in that period 1999 to 2004.
– Lot of changes must have been taken place there since then.
will keep sharing more and hope to get more information from you too !!
– ‘Bijli’ ki samasyaa to rahegi hi 🙂
All the Best !!!

I hope that I too will have a nice time here while I am based here.

Atul ji,

Enjoyed your post describing your travels and the travails caused by your Transfer. I can empathise with you because in my job with Glaxo,I was transferred 9 times ( 7 times after marriage). My last transfer took place in 1983,when I became a Senior Manager in the H.O. at Bombay.

Reading the kind of work you both did at the new place,I wonder how my wife and 2 small daughters must have managed,since I always was on tour,all over India.

I could not stop chuckling,while reading the article,particularly’your “view about wearing clothes” part. You sure have a knack of writing so fluently that the reader floats with the flow and enjoys the readings.

I hope you will get settled comfortably and satisfactorily as early as possible and tell us more about your experiences in the new place.


Most of my articles of late were brief. But this time I kept writing (typing) on and on and I found that the article had become over 4000 words long. 🙂 I in fact had to curtail a few details in this writeup. 🙂

Dear Atul ji,
First of all best wishes to you for happy experiences and all success in your assignment in a new place.
Deshmukh Saheb has aptly said – One just couldn’t stop chuckling all along while reading your piece. Nay, going one step further, it evoked chortle, to borrow the coinage by the endlessly innovative Lewis Carroll in ‘Through the Looking Glass’ in 1871.
Well, transfers (change of stations) are the occupational hazards one encounters in employment, more so in public sector services. Soothing words from Avinash ji, who relished his stay in Bareilly for a relatively long period, would no doubt have provided you some solace. I also spent close to 5 years of my pre-teen years in Bareilly and have fond memories of the place. Hope you are comfortably ensconced now and feel well-settled in your new surroundings like Bhole and Chhote. By the way, one wonders why the name of Bareilly is spelt that way although there are examples of simpler spellings like ‘Rae Bareli’ in U.P. and ‘Bareli’ in M.P.?
Will you mind my request for sparing some time when I happen to visit Bareilly next? I am in Lucknow, which is just 250 Kms. away and once in a while I do go to Bareilly. Of course, should you chance to come down to Lucknow for some work, it will be a heaven-sent opportunity for me as well as some other ASAD followers to chat with you in person.
Once again, thanks for regaling us and with best regards,
Avadh Lal,, Mob.: +91-9794657861


After ages I have read the word “chortle” (loud gleeful chuckle) today. Like some other words this was a favourite word of Lewis Carroll, which one can find in many of his books.
Nowadays,with the kind of English we come across,it is futile to expect old charm words. Only people who have read classics or at least Woodhouse novels,will enjoy such gems.
Thanks for reviving old time memories.

One of my morning ‘post’ today in the ‘Atulites’ group on ‘whatsapp’ was – ‘Now ATUL ji to SUDHIR Ji is only – 250 kms’ !!
I can correct it as ‘ Now ‘Sudhir ji -to Atul ji to Avadh ji – is 250 kms only !! 🙂 (and of course the land ‘avadh’ – ‘ye Lucknow ki sarzameen…’

Indeed my location gives me a great opportunity to meet Lucknow based regulars.

hullo Atulji
All the best to you on your new posting. i know the exact feeling of shifting and resettling. been through that 13 times post marriage. on ocassions i have cooked breakfast at one house and lunch at another. on hindsight i don’t know how i went about it after having stayed continously in bangalore for sometime now… seven years to be exact. there were two other times when i have spent 7 years at a single place.
all the best once again

I have had about 19 transfers so far.I did not have any problems during the first four or five as I was single and I hardly had any luggage to speak of then. 😉

Atul ji,

I think all of us have our own share of experiences regarding the transfers and shifting of household goods. But, not all can write about the experience in such an eloquent write up.

Many Thanks and wishing you, your family and off course the pets, a very comfortable stay at the new place.

I agree with u totally maheshji ….

I enjoyed writing it because it was a rather interesting experience where much of the legwork was done by others. (I am very thankful to them as I have already mentioned in the writeup).

Eh the vagaries of transfers in a Govt jobs!
But you can count your blessings after being allotted a British-type colonial and palatial residence with stone masonry and spacious rooms. Hopefully soon you will be able to get acclimatized and actually like the place.
Nobody likes being shifted from the cocoon but it takes few weeks to get used to the new place because of inertia of feelings if I may coin the expression.
One can read Future Shock by Alvin Toffler a futurist, known for his works discussing the digital revolution, communication revolution and technological singularity and take solace from the fact that any change is opposed by human being/pets even if it for the better. It is masterly written and researched book(usual with Americans authors) which cannot be read like a novel as it takes time to grasp the profound theories put together.

I have read all the three books of Alvin Toffler in that series. Those books used to be part of my unnecessary luggage that my better half keeps reminding me before I got rid of them as part of my (forced) load shedding exercise. 🙂

This is ASAD-Vaani.
Here is a special bulletin, read by Yours-Truly.

Earlier in the day today, the Department of Census, Ministry of Home Affairs, notified the long awaited Special Gazette, Govt of India, releasing the details of the populations shift in Chhattisgarh State. As per the details received from our Delhi correspondent, it has finally been announced that the Besra clan, including their canine associates, have relocated from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh to Izzatnagar in UP.

This Gazette Notification was followed by a special press release by the clan chieftain, also famous in HFM circles as ‘Raanchiwaala Gaanewaala’, in which he has described this population shift in relevant detail. Please refer to the following link, to get the complete details –

The complete text of this press release is also reproduce above.

With that, we come to the end of this special bulletin.
Good Night.

Readers of that article failed to take notice of the bleeped out portion of the news item at that time. 🙂

Atul ji,

Riveting write up, well worth the wait. 🙂

It was smiles and smirks all the way, till the point where you wrote that you pulled out a book to read, immediately as the “unnecessary weight of the books etc.” was pointed out to you. Yes, the burst of laughter obliged immediately. 😀 😀

On another note, I read in one of the online Industrial Report newsmails, that a logistics company in the US is developing the most advanced ‘Moving and Shipping’ technology which is going to be cloud based. All one has to do is to upload all the households goods into the cloud, at the source, and then simply download them from the cloud, at the destination. The company promises this to be a very efficient and safe moving and delivery process. The costs of such an exercise are still being worked out. Hope they have the entire process ready by the time you are ready to make your next move.

😀 😀


Even I found my act of pulling out a book to read funny but my wife failed to detect any humour in that. 🙂


Best wishes on your recent move and Thanks for the captivating post. Moving from one place to another is always painful specially when you have kids, an elderly person and pets. I have experienced it while moving five times in just four years with kids and my mother in law. Hope everything will go smooth now over there.

Hopefully things will be plain sailing from now onwards.

Atul ji,

You are man extraordinaire.

Ever since I joined this Blog, I have been wondering as to how you manage the Blog with the responsibilities of a growing family including Atulites :), office carrier and also to manage the extended family of Bhole and Chhote! I know from the experience of my Brother-in-Law that working for Railways means that you are attached to Railway for almost 24 hours. Whenever I visit the Blog, a tense feeling comes to my mind by just thinking as to how I could have managed with so much of multiple responsibilities with multiple problems.

Our best wishes to you in your new posting in a challenging environment. I think you thrive on challenges.

I think passion for a task provided the necessary motivation for any task. This blog is certainly a passion for me (and also for other likeminded people associated with it.

This song has been sung by ALKA YAGNIK and not be Sadhna Sargam as mentioned in the post.

Kindly make the following correction.


I revisited the comments section reading which really made my day.
All Atulites, in their own inimitable styles, have sprinkled it with their sparkling wit and wisdom.
Thank you so much.
With special thanks to Deshmukh Saheb, Avinash ji and Sudhir ji.
Avadh Lal

I also enjoyed reading the comments.

Atul Sir – all the best in your new place! You have written so elaborately in wonderful language. Despite working for railways (which as someone has said is a 24 x 7 job) you have managed to run this blog – this is no ordinary feat. Congratulations! It shows your love and passion for Hindi film music. I feel very very happy to be part of this ASD family. Look at the way the Internet has connected people from different geographies and struck an emotional chord. Good to know that Arunji had worked for Glaxo and what a way to spend one’s retired life – doing what you love the most.

Ganesh Chathurthi greetings to all of you in advance!

For a long time I thought Atulji was a maharashtrian and I was still under the impression that you were in Nagpur. I had visited Nagpur for the first and last time in 1986


Thanks for your appreciation.

Wow! One of your best posts here, Atul – and that’s really saying something, considering how high your standard is. 🙂

Thoroughly enjoyed reading every word – like Arunji said, there is a flow to it. So even if it’s 4000 words, it just flows! It could be 40,000 – and it would still be just flowing. 🙂 I clung on to every word, whether it was about the guy in Bilaspur who promptly filled up the vacancy which you were hoping to fill, or Chhote/Bhhole, or the water purifier. 🙂

Full of Atulisms. 🙂 Like about your wife hoping that like the inverter helped during installation of your TV/antenna, maybe it could help in getting the water purifier working when there was no water to start with. 🙂 And your picking up a book to read to try to show your wife that it’s not all deadweight, is a classic. 🙂 And I had a good laugh at your “now need to teach them to get the morning newspapers during their morning walks”.

Inspite of the hassles involved with the shifting, you have managed to not just maintain your cool but also make light of most of these hassles and even laugh at them. That is a special quality in itself – quite rare.

Hope you have got used to the new place by now. And Chhote/Bhhole too.

I haven’t been on this blog much of late but it is always close to my heart. Have a lot of catching up to do.

Avinashji mentioned that it struck him that you are now just 250km from Dilli. And from Lucknow. That thought struck me too. You can have Gangouts in both places more often now. 🙂

Thanks for your appreciation, Raja. I always look forward to your comments on posts like this, whenever I feel like I have posted a test match like writeup unlike most twitter like writeups of mine. 🙂

Length of the article shows how many things were there to be told. And then I had to curtail some details. Indeed one can find humour in lots of activities that otherwise seem mundane and trivial. I feel that I am actually leading a life that allows me to gain experiences that people may find quite interesting.

This writeup was posted one month back. I have many more interesting details to share now, and they are mostly about the pets this time. I have had my hands full with them for the last one month. I will share a writeup describing their escapades soon.

Yes, you must write more about your experiences in the new place.

By the way, can you please include me as a need-to-know reader for “So I decided that the pets had to go by train with us. How we planned their journey and how we pulled it off is an interesting tale in its own right that I will share with people on a “need to know” basis.”. Thanks. 🙂

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