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Kahiye kya hukm hai

Posted on: October 16, 2015

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Genius of Jaidev – 31
As mentioned earlier, this is the last song from 1967 film ‘H G S M Khelo’ as far as I am concerned. There are four remaining songs from this film, which I leave for ‘Yipeee’ collecting members. (No offence intended)

Famous film critic ‘AjaatShatru’ (R S Yadav) writes about Jaidev in his book ‘Son Chiraiyya’, in extreme chaste Hindi:

Sangeetkar Jaidev ko bas do baaton ke liye jaana jaa sakta hai. Unki bad-kismati aur unka uchcha koti ka saumya, satoguni, maulik sangeet, jis mein karnapriya dhunon ke saath-saath dhunon ka anuthhapan bhi hai. Sangeet mein aisa maadhurya, saumya, stariyata aur anuthhapan le aana … maamuli baat nahin hai. Pratibha hi ise saadh sakti hai aur pratibha ka hi dusara naam Ishwariya dakhal hai, jo kisi maanav deh se pragat hota hai. Jaidev, nahin nahin! Jaidevji ne jis tarah ka sangeet diyaa hai, uske liye unhe gahan sanmaan se hi yaad kiya jaa sakta hai. Samucha Hindi film sangeet agar ek bageecha hai, to us mein Jaidevji ko safed jhakka Mogra samajh lijiye. Sangeet ne use jhinda rakha, sangeet ne use hamaare beech ‘adab ki ek sanjeedaa cheejh’ bana diya! Jaidevji yaani Hindi cenema sangeet mein ek Bharatiya ‘Voan Gaug’ hai, jo apni krutiyon ke siva ab kahin nahin milta. Unhe samajhne-saraahne ke liye jaroori hai ki shrota kudarati taur par ya shiksha-diksha ke dwaara swayam bheetar se prakhar athawa jaaga huaa ho.

AjaatShatru has written much more in that book but MY limit to read ‘shuddhh Hindi’ comes in my way to proceed further. (I confess, I have many such ‘limits’.) I have hardly read few pages from that 536 page thick book up till now.

Coming to the song in this presentation. It seems from ‘ghunghru, Harmonium, Dhholak and typical tabla ‘thaap’ that the song is a ‘mehfil’ song. Ashaji hamen ‘Hukm’ dene ke liye kehti hai lekin hum unhe ‘arj’ (request) karte hain ki ‘bas isee tarah gaate raho aur hamen aanandit karte raho. (Dekha…. Shuddha Hindi padhhne ki asar likhne mein bhi aa hi jaati hai.)

Song– Kahiye Kya Hukm Hai (Hamaare Gham Se Mat Khelo) (1967) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics- Nyay Sharma, MD– Jaidev


zindagi ko nisaar karne de ae ae
waqt par aibaar karne de ae ae
aaj mauka hai pyaar karne ka aa
aaj ji bhar ke pyaa aa aar karne de

shauk-e-bepaaya ka izhaar
karoon ya naa karoon oon
kahiye kya hukm hai
kahiye kya hukm hai
main pyaar karoon ya naa karoon
kahiye kya hukm hai,
main pyaar karoon ya naa karoon
aji kahiye naaa

ik zamaane se jinhen dil mein sulaa rakhkha hai ae ae ae
har un tamannaaon ko
har un tamannaon ko bedaar karoon ya naa karoon
har un tamannaon ko bedaar karoon ya naa karoon
kahiye kya hukm hai
main pyaar karoon ya naa karoon
aji kahiye naaa

jis ko khaamoshi ke
saaye mein chhupaayaa ab tak a a a
apne us ishq ka
apne us ishq ka
ikaraar karoon ya naa karoon
apne us ishq ka
ikaraar karoon ya naa karoon
kahiye kya hukm hai
main pyar karoon ya naa karoon
ya hukm hai ae


3 Responses to "Kahiye kya hukm hai"

वाह, भरत भाई,
वल्लाह! क्या बात है?
आप तो छा गए.
जयदेव का संगीत और आशा ताई की आवाज़ का क्या कहना. अद्भुत!
लेकिन जयदेव की उपमा विख्यात चित्रकार वोंन गॉग (Vincent Van Gogh) से करना सचमुच एक नया विचार है. अजातशत्रु जी की कल्पनाशीलता की दाद देनी पड़ेगी. यदि कभी “सोन चिरैय्या” मिलेगी तो मैं उसे ज़रूर पढना चाहूँगा.
Hope the above is not beyond your ‘limit’.
I just thought I should take a chance.
Thanks and regards,
Avadh Lal

Just a random thought.
If Jaidev was Van Gogh of HFM, who would you say was like Pablo Picasso?
it has to be a maverick creator like abstractionist painter Picasso, whose wild imagery has been a milestone in cubism.
My nomination would be for Pancham da, who was never shy of trying new and novel experiments in creating beats and sounds of music.
What say thou?
Would anyone pick up the gauntlet?
Thanks & regards,
Avadh Lal

अजातशत्रुजी का एक एक शब्द सही 👍 है। जयदेवजी के सर पर साक्षात् माता सरस्वती और शारदा का हाथ था ।
जयदेवजी के संगीत की ऊँचाई और गहराई असीम और अथाह है।

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