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Har aadmi ko biwi ka ghulaam hona chaahiye

Posted on: November 6, 2015

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws. This is her 100th writeup in the blog.

Exactly a year ago I had written out the lyrics for a song from “Uljhan” . The post to that was done by our Sudhirji. I am hundred percent sure that I couldn’t have done such a good post. In there he had mentioned that is was 29 years since Harihar Jethalal Zariwaala aka Sanjeev Kumar aka Hari Bhai left us. How soon one year has passed and it is now the 30th anniversary of this “switch on, switch off actor”. (I have borrowed this term from Sudhirji’s write up.)

When one mentions Sanjeev Kumar the images that come in our mind’s eye are that of “Thakur from Sholay”; “the Sitar playing Nilesh from Parichay” “the twins from Angoor” “the deaf and dumb from Koshish”. That means not a set image like that of his contemporaries “Angry Young man” or “He-Man” or “Jumping Jack”. He was not bothered about not being able to play his age appropriate role and grabbed roles that exhibited his acting abilities. It is not as if he played older characters in movies only; in a play “Damru” directed by A.K.Hangal he played the role of a 60 year old with six children. An aspect of his acting was his comic timing without making it look like slapstick. He brought am amount of comic even in his songs—“O Manchali Kahaan Chali”; “Thande Thande Paani Mein” are two examples.

Now today we can have one more song which showcases Haribhai’s comic timing. It is from a movie that had him in a guest appearance. The song is written by Pt.Vishweshwar Sharma and Kalyanji Anandji are the music directors. It is in the voices of Kishore Kumar (who else can do justice to such songs) and Alka Yagnik.

I remember having seen this movie “Hiraasat” and was quite amused to see this song. It is one of those songs where the characters in the movie go to see a movie. The scene that follows the song is even more amusing. Hema Malini and Mithun are shown discussing the movie they have just seen and how it underlines the fact that the man should always be a “Naukar Biwi Ka” etc. this can’t be described over here and one should see the movie for enjoying the scene. How do I remember all this details? Well let me admit that I recently saw this portion of the movie on some TV channel and the memories came back.

Audio (Full)


Song-Har aadmi ko biwi ka ghulaam hona chaahiye (Hiraasat)(1987) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Alka Yagnik, Lyrics-Pt.Vishweshwar Sharma, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


Har har
har aadmi ko biwi kaa
hmm hmm hmm hmm
har aadmi ko biwi kaa gulaam hona chaahiye
har aadmi ko biwi kaa gulaam hona chaahiye
ghar mein aate jaate hi salaam hona chaahiye
pranaam hona chaahiye
salaam hona chaahiye
pranaam hona chaahiye

arrey mood mein hon to ye laxmi ji ee ee ee ee ee
arey mood mein hon ye laxmi ji
sabhi sukhon ki daata
haan haan sabhi sukhon ki daata
par bigad jaaye toh ban jaaye saakshaat kaalikaa maata,
haan saakshaat kaalikaa maata
mard ki haalat mard hi jaane
koyi samajh naa paaye
idhar hai biwi udhar naukri
beech mein jhole khaye
bichaara beech mein jhole khaye
biwi ko sambhaale
naukariya chhoot jaaye re
biwi ko sambhaale
naukariya chhoot jaaye re
naukariya sambhale to biwi rooth jaaye re
biwi rooth jaaye

lekin kuchh bhi ho jaaye
arey ghar ko banaaye rakhne ko,
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
ghar ko banaaye rakhne ko
yeh kaam hona chaahiye
shrimatiji ko bilkul aaraam hona chaahiye
aaraam hona chaahiye

aaj hamaari shadi ki salagirah thi
tumhe ghar jaldi aana tha
aana tha
ham dono ko bahar jana tha
jaana tha
kisi bade hotal me khaana khana tha
khaana khana tha
abb kaun banayega khaana
meri jaana
khana pakaayega tumhara divana
no tension
right turn to kitchen

left right left
left right left
left attention
da dad daan da dad daan
da dad daan da dad daan

aaj aisa pakaunga khaana
o pooch kaisha
aaj aisha pakaunga khaana
ungli chaategi
ungali chaategi meri jaana
ae maan jaayegi meri jaane jaana
da dad daa da dad daa
ye aata hai
ye shakkar hai
ye daal hai
aur ye chaaval hai
ye aaloo hai
adrak hai
mirchi hai
nimboo hai
pyaaz hai
baingan hai
aur kaddoo hai
ye gaajar
ye gobhi
ye taaze tamaatar
ye iska father aur ye iski daughter
ye kela
ye keli
ye mooli bechari akeli akeli
akeli akeli
arey vadi
don’t worry
hum bhi akele hain
now making very very good
delicious disco food
hmm hmm
ye cut cut cut cut cut gaya
ha ha ha
ye pit pit pit pit pit gaya
ha ha ha
ye tal tal tal tal gaya
he he he
ye jal jal jal jal gaya

15 Responses to "Har aadmi ko biwi ka ghulaam hona chaahiye"

Many Congratulations Peevesie’s Mom ji on your 100th post 🙂
Looking forward for many more interesting posts from you ,
Thanks !!


Thank you avinashji


Congratulations Peevesie’s Mom.
Your song selections are unique.


Thank you Sadanandji


Congrats PM ji!
Thanks for remembering my favorite actor.


Thank you Aparna


Congrats madam ji on your Century



thank you for the full audio prakashchandraji. i spent a lot of time looking for the last part of the song.
it is not there in the movie also, the last part of the song i mean.


Atul ji

The lyricist of the song is PANDIT VISHWESHWAR SHARMA,
please change the name which was wrongly mentioned as Anjaan, It should Pt.Vishweshwar Sharma
Songs of the movie Hiraasat and the name of the respective lyricists:
1)Asha,Kishore kumar & Chorus(Lyricist:Anjaan)”baton se baat na banegi”
2)Kishore Kumar,Alka Yagnik(Pt.Vishweshwar Sharma)”Har aadmi ko bibi ka”
3)KIshore Kumar & Chorus:”Aage aage woh Chali”(Pt.Vishweshwar Sharma)
4)Asha Bhosle:Pt.Vishweshwar Sharma:”Main hoon Albeli”
5)Asha Bhosle:Anjaan:”Makhamali badan”


CONGRATULATIONS on achieving the First century to start with. I know you will complete many more such centuries. All the best.


Thank you guruji. Bas I am unable to write everything that is in my head mostly for want of time.
But I do try when there r birthdays & anniversaries coming


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