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Sapnon ke gaaon mein taaron ki chhaaon mein

Posted on: November 13, 2015

This article is written by K Satish Shenoy, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Let me narrate how I took this step of attempting a blog for ASAD. I had the good fortune of joining the Gang out at Bangalore recently, (7 November 2015). Having read the wonderful write ups of various contributors, I had formed pictures of the contributors mind, based on their efforts and their researches on the materials of the song/topic/artiste. So when I accepted the invitation from Raja , I was a little in awe of the people I was ikely to meet face to face or through (proposed) skype/or equivalent chat.

At some point in my life, I considered myself reasonably informed about HFM at least for the period between 1949-1971 (1971 is the year Jaikishan left us and part of me died with him) or the golden period and its waning years. But ever since I was introduced to ASAD, my ‘vanity’ evaporated. I realised I had only scratched the surface of HFM, and there was so much more to know from, soak in the creators’ songs, their life’s efforts, dedication, misfortunes. The accompaniment of lyrics in the blog opened an entirely new world of which I had paid little attention to unless it was a land mark song. When you are young only the tunes are taken note of, as one ages the lyrics (when profoundly written) catch your attention (I am not generalising, but simply stating about the phases in my HFM journey).

Coming back to the Gang out, I was advised before the meeting that we(I) should talk/touch about our most loved songs and if it happens to be a song not yet covered in the blog then I should write the blog. It was like being invited to a dinner, with a fine print that there should be an after dinner speech. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable meet where the host and other participants made me feel at home.

When it was my turn, (during the gang out) I introduced the song of today’s write up. This song has stayed with me from my school days. It is from an obscure film called ‘Raj Pratigya’. I used to hear this song a lot on Radio Ceylon. It used to be played invariably in the same session with another song ‘Kahan le chale ho,…’ from Durgesh Nandini. Because of thematic nearness of the lyrics of this song to ‘Kahan le chale ho..’ I carried a belief that this song is also from’ Durgesh Nadini’.

As years passed the song was lost. Once I joined my job in mid sixties my attention to HFM took a back seat. After I retired from my job, i resumed my attention to my love (HFM). Technology helped in locating songs not heard in years. However I was unable to locate this song on YT. May be it was still not uploaded. Then my pen friend from SJ-Yahoo group, Mr Sukesh Hoogan (I hope he also follows ASAD, and happens to read this) unearthed it and sent me the link. What a WOW moment!

Now, in the meet, I realised that this ’sweet as sweet can be‘ song is not yet covered in ASAD. It was a ‘Eureka’ moment. Hence under friendly persuasion this write up has taken shape.

Details below about the song have been compiled from internet resources.

Song is by Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics by Bharat Vyas & music by Sanmukh Babu Upadayay( incidentally not only the song, the film also has not opened its account in the blog). The movie ‘Raj Pratigya’(1958), was directed by Jaswant Jhaveri. It starred Nirupa Roy, Jairaj, B M Vyas, Sunder. According to, there are 15 songs in the film.

Song-Sapnon ke gaaon mein taaron ki chhaaon mein (Raj Pratigya)(1958) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Sanmukh Babu Upadhyay


aa aa aa
sapnon ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
jhoome hamaare nayan
chhoote na pyaar
toote na taar
laagi hai tujhse lagan
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

tujhko rijhaane piyaa aa
goonje yahaan raagini
tere kadam choomne ae
bikhri yahaan chaandni
meethhi ye raat
tum mere saath
dharti ke sang jyun gagan an an
sapnon ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
jhoome hamaare nayan
chhoote na pyaar
toote na taar
laagi hai tujhse lagan
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

naazuk se dil pe mere ae
donon ne jaadoo kiya
ik chaand ye aasmaan ka aa
aur doosra tu piya
haaye re laaj
boloon na aaj
tan man hai mera magan an an
sapnon ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
jhoome hamaare nayan
chhoote na pyaar
toote na taar
laagi hai tujhse lagan
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

aankhon mein ye neend si ee
ghulne lagi kya abhi
aisi suhaani ghadi ee
aayegi phir na kabhi
masti ke pal
aaye na kal
karti ishaare pawan an an
sapnon ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
jhoome hamaare nayan
chhoote na pyaar
toote na taar
laagi hai tujhse lagan


12 Responses to "Sapnon ke gaaon mein taaron ki chhaaon mein"

Heartiest Welcome Shenoy ji !! And Congratulations on your first post on the blog !!
Nice post and thanks for this ‘sweet’ song !

Shenoy ji,
Congratulations for the first post.
Heard the lovely song for the first time.

My fav. Better than kahan le chale ho. Good lyrics, better song and even better post. Thanks.

Sanmukh Babu
Jis Din Se Mile Tum Hum
Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar Bharat Vyas Lalkaar (1956)
Is Man Ki Nagariya Se
Mahendra Kapoor, Sabita Bannerjee Pandit Madhur Lalkaar (1956)
Mehnat Kare Kisan Mahajan Bante Hai
Geeta Dutt Pandit Madhur Lalkaar (1956)
Mehnat Kare Kisan Mahajan Bante Hai
Geeta Dutt Pandit Madhur Lalkaar (1956)
Arr Sarr Radha Pyari
Asha Bhosle Bharat Vyas Amar Singh Rathod (1957)
Mai Hu Akeli Sang Na Saheli
Asha Bhosle Bharat Vyas Amar Singh Rathod (1957)
Uga Suraj Prabhat Ka Meeta
Manna Dey, Shamshad Begum Bharat Vyas Amar Singh Rathod (1957)
O Naar Albeli Na Jayiyo Ri Akeli
Geeta Dutt Prem Dhawan Naag Padmini (1957)
Sapera Been Bajaaye Gaayo, Naagan Ko Mast Banaaye Gaayo
Krishna Goyal, Geeta Dutt Prem Dhawan Naag Padmini (1957)
Saare Jag Se Nain Churakar Ho Gayi Sajan Tori
Talat Mahmood, Geeta Dutt Prem Dhawan Naag Padmini (1957)
Lata Mangeshkar Bharat Vyas Raj Pratigya (1958)
Jaan Na Pehchan Ghar Aaye Mehman

Welcome aboard.
Good opening account with a lovely song by Swar-Saamraagni !

Dear Satish Shenoy What a beautiful song indeed !!!!!!!!!!! Regards,Rajprakash.

I am glad you were persuaded to write this post. It shows what an excellent writer you are.

It is a lovely song and deserves the attention it is getting.

Shenoyji, what a debut post! Waah!
Very happy to see you finally post here. Very nicely written, informative post. And what a gem of a song. Am glad you introduced us to this post during the gangout.
Hoping this post is the first of many. 🙂

welcome aboard Shenoyji … this new Avatar….
Thank You for keeping this promise and reaching the post before the deadline that Rajaji had given you….:-)

Welcome aboard Shenoy ji 🙂

Request you to continue writing and introducing us to new songs!

Thanking every one for warmly responding to my maiden post & for the words of encouragement. I am happy some of you could listen to a ‘unheard-till now’ song. I am happy to note Sri Raj Prakash Ratnam is also an Atulite.. We bonded in another music lovers group!
Regards to all
K S Shenoy

Remember you playing this at the Gangout Shenoy ji. It is a wonderful song and your writeup is a great read too. Sukesh Hoogan is a great source of information and songs. I remember fondly our interactions on RMIM, Hamaraforums and the occasional mail.
Good to see you’ll have a full cricket team of posts soon. Looking forward to seeing you soon 🙂

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