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Ye bad-bhaagan son chiraiyya

Posted on: November 13, 2015

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Sureeli Suman – 2
Prabhat Films, Bombay (now Mumbai) wound-up its glorious innings with this film ‘Gaj Gauri’ in 1958. The surprising fact is that this ‘Pauraanik’ (Religious) film is presumed to be permanently lost. Raja Thakur directed it with the star-cast of Sulochana Latkar, Ratna Mala, Shahu Modak, Anant Kumar, Nana Plasikar, Tara Dixit, Vijay Limaye, Vijay Duggal, Neelam, Vishwas Kunthey, Kelkar, Gramopaadhye, Hemraj, Kishore Paranjape, Narendra Bhandari, Vijay Dixit and a Hathi named ‘Ram Prasad’.

The film had eight songs, penned by Bharat Vyas and with music by ‘Sureele’ Sudhir Phadke. With this ‘Sureeli’ Suman’s song, the obscure film opens the account on our musical Blog. It seems that the word ‘Gaj-Gauri’ is associated with some ‘vrat’ in Maharashtra and a ‘Marathi’ film with the same name was also produced.

While ‘googling’ about the film, I found it mentioned in one of the sites that this film was about ‘A giant mud monster terrorizing India.’ I have not at all understood what it means and I request our able ‘Atulite-Researchers’ to throw some light on that statement.

Bharat Vyas has described the longing of a mother for the return of somehow separated children and her ardent wish to feed them as a mother-bird feeds her chicks. Suman effortlessly expresses with her honey-dipped voice, the longing and the pathos the lyrics inspires. Music lovers will agree with me after listening to this rare song.

Song–Yeh Bad-Bhaagan Son Chiraiyya (Gaj Gauri)(1958) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics–Bharat Vyas, MD–Sudhir Phadke


yeh bad-bhaagan son chiraiyya
yeh bad-bhaagan son chiraiyya
ud ud daali pe aaye
apne chunnu ko chugga chugaaye
apne munnu ko daana khilaaye ae ae ae
mere dulaare
kab ghar aayen
main baithhi hoon aas lagaaye
yeh bad-bhaagan son chiraiyya

hoti kahin jo main bhi chiraiyya
to chonch se chonch milaati ee ee
aankhiyon se paani pilaati main un ko
hothhon se khaana khilaati ee ee
main bhi bithhaati pankh pankheru pe
jaise yeh chidiyaa bithaaye ae ae
mere dulaare kab ghar aaye
main baithhi hoon aas lagaaye
yeh bad-bhaagan son chiraiyya

putr yudhhisthir se dharmee sut
arjun se dhanu-chaalak hain
bheem se veer bali sut mere
nakul sahdev se baalak hain
nayanon ke need mein paanchon pankheru
yeh nayanon ke need mein paanchon pankheru
yeh nis-din rehte samaaye ae ae
mere dulaare kab ghar aayen
main baithhi hoon aas lagaaye
yeh bad-bhaagan son chiraiyya

7 Responses to "Ye bad-bhaagan son chiraiyya"

Gaja Gauri Vrata
Gaja Gauri Vrata is observed on Bhadrapad Krishna Chaturthi
The importance of Gaja Gauri Vrata is mentioned in the Mahabharata and it is said that Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas, and Kunti, the mother of Pandavas, had performed it for the welfare of their children.
Narad Maharshi had advised Gandhari to perform Gaja Gauri Vrata for the welfare of her children. She is believed to have made an elephant from mud and performed the Vrata.
As can be expected Gandhari invited all for the Gaja Gauri Vrata except Kunti and her children.
Kunti came to know about this and she was eager to attend the Vrata, but her children stopped her from going there as they were not invited.
They planned to conduct the Gaja Gauri Vrata by Kunti itself. Gandhari had done it with mud Elephant, but Pandavas wanted to bring real airavat from Devlok for the Gaja Gauri Vratha. Bheemsen told Indra to send Airavat for the Gaja Gauri Vrata to bhooloka. Arjuna made steps from Devlok to Bhooloka throws his arrows for the airavat to come down. Krishna ensured that the steps made of arrow must not fall when the Airavat steps down.
So the Pandavas did the Gaja Gauri Vrata with the real elephant that too airavat, in a great style.
Apart from the rituals and offerings, Gaja Gauri Vrat Katha is listened on the day by those performing the Vrata.

Sudhir Phadke
Gokul (1946)
Seeta Swayamvar (1948)
Sant Janabai (1949)
Apradhi (1949)
Shri Krishna Darshan (1950)
Murliwala (1951)
Malti Madhav (1951)
Pehli Tarikh (1954)
Ratna Ghar (1955)
Sajni (1956)
Gaj Gauri (1958)
Gokul Ka Chor (1959)
Bhabhi ki Chudiyan (1961)
Pyar Ki Jeet (1962)
Daraar (1972)
Aage Badho (1973)


Thanks Nitinbhai for making me ‘buddha’ about Gaj Gauri Vrat.
On Bhadarwa Vad Choth day, circus people might be giving out their elephants on hire for this vrat.


I am more buddha than you as I know more than you!!!


I know more than you so I am more buddha than you!!!


Gaj Gauri was a good movie, which I had liked when I saw it at Mumbai’s Central Cinema in 1958. The climax, when Pandavas are making steps for an elephant with arrows, to climb down from Heaven was very good!
I think a famous song ‘ Manushya tu bada Mahaan Hain’ was filmed as back-ground song at that situation!


You mean Dharti Ki Shaan Tu Hain; may be the next line is Manushya tu bada Mahaan Hain


Yes, first line was Dharti ki shaan- the song was sung by Manna Dey, if I remember correctly!


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