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Baat karte ho baat karna nahin aata

Posted on: January 4, 2016

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Today (4 january 2016) is the 22nd death anniversary of R D Burman ( 27 june 1939- 4 january 1994). I am amazed to realise that more than two decades have elapsed since R D Burman left us. And it is eqaully surprising to realise that he was almost jobless as a music director by the time he died. His last movie as a music director was “1942, a love story” and its music caught the imagination of music lovers, but R D Burman was not there to savour this success.

The music of R D Burman got upstaged by a kind of music that has since been forgotten, whereas the compositions of R D Burman are still heard and admired. I grew up in an era (1970s) that was ruled by R D Burman as a music director with Kishore Kumar ruling as among male playback singers and Rajesh Khanna ruling the roost as the heart throb of millions.

R D Burman’s earlier days as an independent music director were no cakewalk, even though he was the son and assistant of S D Burman. He got his firsr assignment as a music director in 1961 (Chhote Nawaab) and failed to land any assignments whatsoever, despite creating some nice songs in this movie. He got his second movie as a music director four years later (Bhoot Bangla) courtesy the same person (Mehmood) who had offered him his first movie.

“Teesri Manzil”(1966) was an assignment that he landed after some great trials and tribulations. He was required to convince Shammi Kapoor. Initially he failed to create a favourable impression on Shammi Kapoor, but later when he gained his wits and played some tunes for Shammi Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor was bowled over. And the rest, as they say, was history.

When I looked at the list of R D Burman songs in the blog. I found that the first six movies of R D Burman as a music director were already YIPPEED. R D Burman became the number one music director of Hindi movies from late 1960s onwards. 38 of his movies of this era are already YIPPEED in the blog.

Though as many as 44 R D Burman movies have all their songs already covered, we still have lots and lots of R D Burman compositions yet to be covered in the blog. Today I will try to cover a few of his undiscussed compositions, time permitting of course.

I have decided to look at these songs chronologically. The oldest un YIPPEEED R D Burman movie in the blog is “Chandan Ka Palna”(1967).This movie was directed by Ismail Memom for Aarzoo Films. The movie had Dharmendra, Meena Kumari, Mehmood, Durga Khote, Mukri, Nasir Husain, Asit Sen, Mumtaz, Dhumal, Abhi Bhattacharya etc in it.

Five songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the sixth song from “Chandan Ka Palna”(1967). This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Manna Dey. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman.

The song is picturised as a romantic comedy song. Mehmood plays a Bangali gentleman whereas Mumtaz, playing his love interest is a “modern” girl. The picturisation shows Mumtaz singing “modern songs” whereas Mehmood sings “old fashioned” songs, with lots of Bangla words included.

It is intresting to notice that the male singer as well as the music director was Bangla speakers, whereas the lyricist was not. THere may be lots of errors in the lyrics, especially in the parts dealing with Bangla words as well as “english” words. I request our knowledgeable readers to point our the corrections in the lyrics wherever applicable.



Song-Baat karte ho baat karna nahin aata (Chandan Ka Palna)(1967) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


ae hey
arre aahaa
arre oho
arre hey

baat karte ho
baat karna nahin aata
pyaar karte ho
pyaar karna nahin aata
baat karte ho
baat karna nahin aata
pyaar karte ho
pyaar karna nahin aata
baat karte ho

kitna romentic gaana hai
plants is green and sky is blue
you are for me and I am for you
loving moments are few

arre chhee chhee chhee chhee chhee chhee
ae rokom gaan baangladeshe koto aachhe
aekhon shunaabo

shedin du jone
tule chhin boney
phulo dore baandha jelo na
ae ??
kobu khaane khaane
jeno jaage money bolo na

aahaa haa
aa haa haa
baat korte ho
baat korna nahi aata
hamse ladte ho
aur ladna nahin aata
baat korte ho

suno o suno suno
arre suno
jawaab do
ae he

ae he
once upon a times their was a king
ae he
once upon a times their was a king
he give to the queen a golden ring
and he said
my darling sing sing sing
whats the no no sing sing sing
whats the no no sing sing sing
whats the no no sing sing sing
baat karte ho
baat karna nahin aata
pyaar karte ho
pyaar karna nahin aata
baat karte ho

yaakaabo nakin
yaakaabo nakin
yaakaabo nakin
yaakaabo nakin
yaakaabo nakin
yaakaabo nakin

punai te kaanoo
murli rab maadhuri
sabnami baah dolatoyi
tokhon mana kore chhilaan
roop dekhe aar kaaj naahin aamra
tokhon mana kora chhilaam
roop dekhe aur roop dekhe
baaki duniyaar kaaj naayin aamra
tokhan maana kore chhilaam
yaha ek tan
tan tan

baat karte ho
baat korna nahi aata
hamse lodte ho
aur ladna nohi aata
haa haa
baat karte ho

twist suno
jo aajkal bacha bacha gaata hai

are tu kya jaane
sunaun naye main tarane
are tu kya jaane
sunaun naye main taraane
beet gaye vo zamaane puraane

arre taaliwaala gaana
taaliwala gaana to
bharat mein dui tho hai

?? thha loila ka ek deewaana
wo shomma thhi ye ushka porwaana
jee na logta thha uska shehro mein
khojta phirta thha veeraanon mein
aisa aashiq hai koi fo foreign mein

dooshra taaliwaala


ye fashion hindustan mein kyun
ab tak deshi dukaan me kyun
ye maal videshi
ho ye maal videshi beekta hai
diwana shayar likhta hai
baangaali bhangra gaata hai
aaun aaun
uhoon aaun aaun
uhoon aaun aaun
uhoon aaun aaun
aahun aahun aahun aahun waan

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