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Bairan ban gayi nindiya ho

Posted on: March 9, 2016

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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 16

CHHAMIA (1945) was produced and directed by Protima Dasgupta under the banner of PDG Films. The star cast included Begum Para, Arif, Protima Dasgupta, David, Azoorie, Gulab, Dixit etc. There were 11 songs in the film. Only one song from this movie is available on YT which has been covered in the Blog in the past. There were two lyricists – Pandit Indra and Qabil Amritsari. However, the distribution of 11 songs between them is not known. The songs were composed by Gyan Dutt.

There were some anxious moments before this movie could be released. First, Protima Das Gupta had produced the film without getting production license from the authorities. To rectify the mistake, she had to use the good offices of a Secretary at New Delhi at the cost of the proceeds of one show of the film for Election fund! Second, a day before the release of the film on August 31, 1945, Famous Pictures, the distributor of the film, issued an advertisement in the the paper ‘Bombay Sentinel’ which took a communal turn. The advertisement was as under :

‘On Gokul Ashtami holy day of nativity of our own Lord Krishna, a babe will be born!
The child of an immaculate conception!
Creation of Protima Dasgupta

The comparison of Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus) with Protima Dasgupta was regarded as outrageous in the extreme which would hurt the sentiments of Christians. However, the issue was amicably settled when the Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association gave an unconditional apology to the then Archbishop of Bombay which was accepted.

The story of the film was as under (based on a review of the film in FILMINDIA, Ocober 1945 issue):

Chhamia is a beggar who lives on begging with her uncle (Dixit) and auntie (Gulab). They have carved their own territory of begging by children. Chhamia grows into an attractive girl and she become quite popular with young lads. One day, two of the young lads hatch a plan to kidnap Chhamia. But she escapes from the scene before the kidnappers could carry out their plan.

After some time, Chhamia is picked by Raju (Protima Dasgupta), a wealthy widow who stays with her brother Ranjit (Arif) in a palatial house. Raju’s plan is to transform Chhamia from a street girl to an educated and cultured girl as per her philosophy that the character of a person is determined by the environment under which he or she is brought up and not by the characters inherited from birth. But Ranjit has reservations about the plan. However, Raju goes with her plan and Chhamia is given the best education. Now Ranjit become attracted towards Chhamia and has a soft corner for her.

When their love is about to blossom, Aziz (David) comes into the scene and she spends more time with Aziz which is not liked by Ranjit. With a number of twists and turn in the story depicting the human aspects of these relationships, the one accidental and lethal fall of Raju from the stairs makes Ranjit to repent his suspicion of Chhamia. He accepts Chhamia as his wife.

With this film, I guess, Protima Das Gupta may be the second woman in Hindi talkie films (after Jaddan Bai) who produced, directed and acted in a film.

By the way, Begum Para is the sister-in-law of Protima Dasgupta who had married Madsrurul Haq, elder brother of Begum Para.

I am presenting a rare song from the film Chhamia (1945) which I have not been able to locate on YT. So I have uploaded the video of the mp3 clip. The song is ‘bairan ban gayi nindiya wo’ sung by Ameerbai Karnataki. The song is composed by Gyan Dutt.

Song-Bairan ban gayi nindiya ho (Chhamia)(1945) Singer-Amirbai Karnataki, MD-Gyan Dutt


bairan ban gayi nindiya ho o
bairan ban gayi nindiya ho
koi jaaye kaho rasiya se
koi jaaye kaho rasiya se
na laage ankhiyaan ho o
bairan ban gayi nindiya ho

bin nindiya sapan nahin aaye
bin nindiya sapan nahin aaye
bin sapne saajan nahin aaye
bin sapne saajan nahin aaye
naagan ho gayin ratiyaan ho o
naagan ho gayin ratiyaan ho
na laage ankhiyaan ho
bairan ban gayi nindiya ho

in nainan mein raakhoon kin ko
ansuwan ko ya unko o o
in nainan mein raakhoon kin ko
asuwan ko ya unko o o
na jaanoon ye batiyaan ho o
na jaanoon ye batiyaan ho
na laage ankhiyaan ho
bairan ban gayi nindiya ho


3 Responses to "Bairan ban gayi nindiya ho"

Thanks for introducing us to a rare and sweet song.
I had always thought that the producer Protima Dasgupta was none other than actress Protima Devi, who was a leading heroine in the decades of 30s and 40s, and later fairly active as character actress mostly in the roles of mother of lead stars.
Is that presumption correct?
Avadh Lal

Lyricist could be either Pandit Indra or Kabil Amritsari.
I think she is different from Protima Devi who never used the surname of Dasgupta. Anyway during the 40s the film does not figure in the list below>>
1949 Dulari
1949 Lahore
1949 Nagakannika
1949 Namoona (as Pratimadevi)
1949 Paras
1949 Sawan Aya Re
1949 Chilman
1948 Anokhi Ada
1948 Mere Lal
1948 Meri Kahani
1948 Pugree
1947 Dard
1947 Naatak
1947 Shanti
1946 Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani
1946 Jeevan Yatra
1946/I Valmiki
1944 Draupadi
1943 Nagad Narayan
1942 Khilona
1942 Station Master
She is my fav mom who oozes motherly love, who also has lovely voice.

What a voice; inimitable AK

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