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Main jo boloon haan to haan main jo boloon na to na

Posted on: October 10, 2016

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

In the recent ‘Bangalore gang-out’ series it’s now my turn to do the post part as decided in the ‘MoM’ 🙂 of the ‘gang-out’.

First of all I express my thanks to Atul ji. It is because of him that I got introduced to so many nice people and I was able to meet them in person at ‘Bangalore’.

My sincere thanks to all ‘Batulites’ for the ‘favors and hospitality’ extended to me and my Wife during our visit to Bangalore.

And most importantly we would like to express our heartiest thanks to Raja ji’s Mother, his Sister, and his Brother-in-law for their kindness, love and affection they showered on us, and for the delicious food we enjoyed there during our stay for three days.

Thanks to Peevesie’s Mom ji for the ‘surprise barging’ at Raja ji’s place on the day we reached there and for the ‘special ASAD cake for the memorable day’.
Thanks to Gajendra ji for hosting the gang-out and for the delicious food during that day.

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Shenoy ji and Mr & Mrs Srinivas Ganti ji to be a part of the gang out and the events on that day.

Thanks are also due to Aparna ji and Pradeep ji for their continued (and un-conditional 🙂 ) support and motivation for the ‘gang-out’.

A BIG ‘THANKS’ to the ‘DILDAAAAAAR’ person, our beloved Raja ji.
(Here I wish to write more about Raja ji, but that requires a separate post, so we have to wait for that 🙂 )

Thank you Raja ji for all the enjoyment, thank you for all the memorable moments, and thank you for granting all my requests for doing the posts.

Gang out day 2nd October’2016;
Prior to the ‘gang-out’ when we were discussing the agenda of the ‘gang out’ day, there was some ‘serious’ discussion- in all possible humorous way – in the group on ‘whatsapp’, where all members enthusiastically participated to finalize the events.

Discussing then, I had planned a small event of getting a ‘collage of autographs’ of all the attendees so that its’ image can be added to the audio of the song that would be posted for the gang out.

But here there was an interesting value addition 🙂 to this, when Gajendra ji suggested that everyone has to write down a message and then put his autograph there.

So, the original idea of adding this collage image to the gang out song post was modified, and after reading the messages I had a different idea and a different song occurred to me and that necessitated a different post for it, so we have to wait for another post on this, and this would be coming soon (before the post about Raja Saab).

So now that this post is being taken care of here, we have to wait for the next post!!

Here again I would like to touch upon the original discussions that ‘Atulites- Bangalore Chapter’ (ASAD Blr’) had, almost fifteen days before the actual gang out day, regarding the schedule of the ‘gang-out’ day.

It was at the outset of the discussions that Gajendra ji suggested “If time is more maybe a movie can be squeezed in …”

Thereafter Srinivas ji informed that he has a plan for a quiz ‘Uttar-Dakshin’ where he would play songs in other languages and we had to identify its counterpart in Hindi language. Then there were many topics like ‘antakshri’, ‘great song I discovered recently’, ‘my favorite film/artist’ etc’, ‘one light hearted movie’, and at this point few name of movies were also discussed and from which era it would be was also to be decided.

‘My era 80s’ replied Gajendra ji (and though he mentioned himself as a man of 80s, on the gang-out day I realized that he has a vast knowledge of HFM and other Non-Filmi songs ranging from the 30s-40s to the 80s-90s)

My reply was – ‘70s’!!

So finally picking up from the few ‘shortlisted’ movies from the ‘random stock of CDs’ available, the movie we settled for was “Priyatama-1977”.

I was very keen to watch this movie because, though I had watched it before, it was many years ago and I had forgotten the movie except for its two songs.

“Since you’re the guest of honor we’ll let you choose the movie’ Gajendra ji very kindly threw the ball in my court 🙂 .

Now it was my suggestion that if the movie had already made an entry on the blog and some of its songs were already posted then members should select the remaining songs and do write up on songs that they liked, so as to get this movie Yippeeee’ed on the blog.

That’s how we picked up this song for this post here on the blog 🙂 .

“Priyatama -1977” was directed by Basu Chatterjee for Modern Pictures, Bombay. It was produced by T.C.Dewan. Basu Chatterjee also wrote the dialogues of this movie.

It had Jeetendra, Neetu Singh, Rakesh Roshan, Asha Sachdev, Reeta Haksar, Asrani, I.S.Johar, Utpal Dutt, Latika, Roshni, Sundar, Murad, Ritu Kamal, Shobhna, Suchitra, Ajay Kumar and Sunil. Deven Verma, Asit Sen and Jaya Prabha make a guest appearance in this movie. It was passed by the Censor Board on 20.09.1977.

The movie had five songs – four written by Anjaan and Yogesh penned one ‘koi roko na deewaane ko’. Music for this film was composed by Rajesh Roshan.

Three songs from this movie have already been discussed on the blog.

Asha Bhonsle, Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar have three solos in the movie while there were two duets one by Rafi and Usha Mangeshkar and one by Kishore Kumar and Usha Mangeshkar.

Watching this movie together was a very enjoyable and entertaining experience, as Peevesie’s Mom ji would easily tell us the next dialogue even before Jeetendra, Neetu Singh or Utpal Dutt or any other artist in the movie could say it on the screen (she remember the songs as well 🙂 )

To refresh the memories of those who have already watched it and for those who have not yet watched it, here is a brief about this movie, which I have taken from an article in the daily ‘The Hindu’ dated 25th June, 2015 (the article is written by APS Malhotra ji, in section ‘topics’ – Hindi Cinema under ‘Friday Reviews’ – Blast from the Past)

“Priyatama” (written by Tanvir Farooqui, with a masterful screenplay by Ranjan Bose), is a breezy romance between Ravi (Jeetandra) and Dolly (Neetu Singh) who live in Bombay with their respective best friends, Vicky (Rakesh Roshan) and Renu (Asha Sachdev). The two get married after concurrence of Dolly’s father, Justice Sinha (superb portrayal by Utpal Dutt). However, their pre-marriage romance is unable to withstand the pressures of matrimony with bliss and harmony giving way to bouts of doubt and misunderstanding leading to filing of divorce proceedings through their respective lawyers, Kaantewala(IS Johar) and Rustomjee (Asrani).

Desperate efforts by Vicky and Renu to prevent the estranged couple from splitting are of no avail. Events take a turn when Justice Sinha visits them ostensibly for treatment of his heart ailment forcing the two to act like normal married couples to avoid causing any distress to him. The retired judge who had landed in Bombay to ensure that the relationship is not broken forever sees through the charade. Does he succeed in his endeavour or do Ravi and Dolly retrieve their marriage is something worth watching in the film which spans over two hours – an exception considering that other movies during that period were of three hour duration.


At this point we will go back a little more, i.e. to the first week of September, before I was supposed to book my tickets for the travel to Bangalore and the tickets for return journey from there.

Now most of our regulars are aware of the fact that earlier I had to cancel my tickets for the ‘Mumbai gang-outs’ due to some reason or the other. Very recently I had to change my plans where tickets for me and my wife had already been booked. Almost on all the occasions that I have to cancel my tickets the plan was for both of us i.e. me and my wife.

Every time she reluctantly agreed to my plan. Reluctantly because, she thought what would she be doing there and wondering that what would be her role there.

On the other hand it was my conscious effort (as Raja ji has put it in his post “this was my way of brainwashing her and trying to bring her into the fold) – to include her in this process, as she already listens to music a lot and secondly she would be able to witness our discussions and how we all are motivated and more importantly, she would came to know the reason behind our love for the blog and what we are actually up to.

So by this time she had also decided that ‘yes I will come, but only once!!
“Dekhti hoon aap log aakhir karte kya ho 🙂 aur itne saare log mil ke kya karnewaale ho. Lekin iske baad mujhe aane ke liye mat kehna”.

On this I replied to her ‘are aap ek baar aao to sahi phir dekhna, aap dobaara khud hi kahogi ke mujhe bhi le ke chalo’…

So the tickets were booked on 5th September itself.

In the second week of September I had a chat with Raja ji where we discussed the tentative program and our stay there and the date of our return. At that time we were supposed to return in late evening on the same day of the gang-out, which later shifted to next day to have a day extra that would give us a day to relax before the next journey.

“Good, let’s hope ki ye work out ho jaaye” Raja ji was looking forward to it 🙂 .

“I think this time it is going to work out as my Wife has agreed to it whole heartedly and not reluctantly :)” I replied to Raja ji.

Prompt came Raja ji’s reply – Ye huyi na baat! Man proposes, wife disposes!


‘Bangalore’ ‘gang-out’ happened with me present there with my wife. To meet Raja ji, his family members and all other members was like a ‘dream come true’ for me!!!

It’s anybody’s guess now ke ‘kiske haan bolne se haan, aur kiski naa ka matlab naa hotaa hai’ 🙂 .
From the success of this visit, I guess ki ‘wo jo bole haan to haan, wo jo bole naa to naa’ 🙂 even on ‘wiki’ in the list of songs, the title for this song has been mentioned as ‘tu jo boley haan to haan’ and not as ‘main jo boloon …’

Let us now enjoy this lovely song, which I remember since I watched this movie in the late seventies or may be early eighties.
Two songs of this movie ‘Priyatama-1977’ are already a part of my list of ‘favorite songs of the seventies’ the other one obviously being ‘koi roko na deewaane ko’ ….

Atul’s note:-It went almost unnoticed, and I realised if only a few days later that this song was the 100th song of Rajesh Roshan in the blog as a music director. Rajesh Roshan becomes the 33rd music director and 79th artist overall to have a century of his songs in the blog.



Song-Main jo boloon haan to haan (Priyatma)(1977) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Usha Mangeshkar , Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Rajesh Roshan


Main jo boloon haan to haan
Main jo boloon naa to naa aa
Main jo boloon haan to haan
Main jo boloon naa to naa aa
Manzoor mujhe hai mere sajnaa aa aa
Tu jo boley haan to haan
Tu jo boley naa to naa aa

Main jo boloon haan to haan
Main jo boloon naa to naa aa

Tumse jo main kahoon
Aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
Tum karogi bas wohi
Haan main karoongi wohi

Ye kabhi na sochogi kya galat hai
Kya sahi
Nahin nahin
Kabhi nahin
Ye mujhe manzoor hai sajnaa aa

Main jo boloon
Haan to haan
Main jo boloon
Naa to naa aa
Tu jo boley

Haan to haan
Tu jo boley
Naa to naa aa

Pyaar ki raah mein
Aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
Phir wo mod aaye naa
Taubaa meri kabhi nahin
Meri zindagi meraa
Saath chhod jaaye naa
Tu hai jahaan
Main hoon wahin
Ye mujhe manzoor hai sajnaa aa
Tu jo boley
Haan to haan
Tu jo boley
Naa to naa aa

He Main jo boloon
Haan to haan
Main jo boloon
Naa to naa aa

Devnagri script lyrics

मैं जो बोलूं हाँ तो हाँ
मैं जो बोलूं ना तो ना आ
मैं जो बोलूं हाँ तो हाँ
मैं जो बोलूं ना तो ना आ
मंज़ूर मुझे है मेरे सजना आ आ
तू जो बोले हाँ तो हाँ
तू जो बोले ना तो ना आ

मैं जो बोलूं हाँ तो हाँ
मैं जो बोलूं ना तो ना आ

तुमसे जो मैं कहूं
आ आ आ आ आ आ आ
तुम करोगी बस वोही
हाँ मैं करूंगी वोही

ये कभी न सोचोगी क्या गलत है
क्या सही
नहीं नहीं
कभी नहीं
ये मंज़ूर मुझे है मेरे सजना आ

मैं जो बोलूं
हाँ तो हाँ
मैं जो बोलूं
ना तो ना आ
तू जो बोले

हाँ तो हाँ
तू जो बोले
ना तो ना आ

प्यार की राह में
आ आ आ आ आ आ आ
फिर वो मोड़ आये ना
तौबा मेरी कभी ना
मेरी ज़िन्दगी मेरा
साथ छोड़ जाए ना
तू है जहां
मैं हूँ वहीँ
ये मुझे मंज़ूर है सजना आ
तू जो बोले
हाँ तो हाँ
तू जो बोले
ना तो ना

हे मैं जो बोलूं
हाँ तो हाँ
मैं जो बोलूं
ना तो ना आ

3 Responses to "Main jo boloon haan to haan main jo boloon na to na"

this post seemed like a Vote Of Thanks to start with. so mi thought i should add this
a special thanks to your Wife, avinashji.
a special request to you—Always remember “woh Jo Boley Haan toh Haan” 😉


Haha, bilkul sahi farmaaya, Avinashji!

If your wife had not said “haan”, trip hi shaayad nahin banta. So a huge thanks to her, from all of us. 🙂

Very nice post – phir se yaadein taaza ho gayin.

Come again – both of you. We’ll have another gangout. 🙂 We just need an excuse. 🙂


Actually I said “both of you” – but better of course if whole family visits. 🙂


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