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She’r ka husn ho

Posted on: December 9, 2016

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#the Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 50 # Shatrughan Sinha’s Birth Anniversary #

‘Chambal Ki Qasam-1979’ was an M.P.D.Productions presentation. It was produced by V L Murlidhar and directed by Ram Maheshwary. It had Raj Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha, Moushmi Chatterjee, Farida Jalal, Ranjeet, Nirupa Roy, Paintal, Gopal Sehgal, R.Tiwari, Usha Kiran, Peace Kanwal, Jagdish Raj, Nazir Hussain, Gufi, Paro Devi, Maruti, Uma Khosla, Raj Rani, Master Bhagwan, Gurucharan, Usha(Gwalior), Pandit Ganga Prasad(Gwalior), Mansaram, Master Rajesh, Master Rahul, Master Sonu, Master Rajiv, Baby Shaloo, and Manu Arora. Pradeep Kumar makes a guest appearance in this movie, whereas Amjad Khan makes a special appearance in this movie.

Story of this movie was written by M.K.Tamanna and Screenplay was written by Benoy Chatterjee. Dialogues of this movie were written by Sagar Sarhadi and Safdar Hussain. Additional Dialouges were by Ela Maheshwary. Editing for this movie was done by D.N.Pai and M.S.Shinde. This movie was passed by Censor Board on 29.12.1979.

This movie had eight songs, which were sung by Jagjit Kaur, Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor and Mohd Rafi. Music of this movie was composed by Khayyam Saab and lyrics for all the eight songs were penned by Sahir Ludhianvi.

Three songs of this movie have been posted on the blog so far.

Today 9th December 2016 is the 71st birth anniversary of actor and our (the fans of Seventies 🙂 ) beloved Shatru Bhai aka Shatrughan Sinha (DoB 09.12.1945) .

On this occasion here is this lovely song sung by Rafi Saab and composed by Khayyam Saab. Lyrics of this ‘poetic gem’ are written by Sahir Ludhianvi.



Song-She’r ka husn ho (Chambal Ki Kasam)(1979) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Khayyaam


She’r ka husn ho o
She’r ka husn ho
Naghme ki jawaani ho tum
Ek dhadakti huyi
Ek dhadakti huyi
Shaadaab kahaani ho tum
She’r ka husn ho

Aankh aisi
Aankh aisi ke kanval tumse nishaani maange ae
Zulf aisi ee
Zulf aisi ke ghataa sharm se paani maange ae
Jis taraf se bhi
Jis taraf se bhi
Nazar daalen
suhaani ho tum
She’r ka husn ho

Jism aisa aa
Jism aisa ke Ajanta ka amal yaad aaye ae
Sangemarmar mein dhalaa
Sangemarmar mein dhalaa
Tajmahal yaad aaye ae ae
Pighle pighle ae
Pighle pighle huye
Rangon ki rawaani ho tum
She’r ka husn ho

Dhadkanen bunti hai jisko
Wo taraana ho tum
Sach kaho kis ke muqaddar ka khazaana ho tum
Mujhpe maail ho
Mujhpe maail ho
Dushman ki deewaani ho tum
She’r ka husn ho
naghme ki jawaani ho tum
She’r ka husn ho
She’r ka husn ho

(Maail – inclined, bent, attracted)
Lyrics in Devnagri Script:
शे’र का हुस्न हो ओ
शे’र का हुस्न हो
नगमे की जवानी हो तुम
एक धड़कती हुयी
एक धड़कती हुयी
शादाब कहानी हो तुम
शे’र का हुस्न हो

आँख ऐसी
आँख ऐसी के कँवल तुमसे निशानी मांगे ए ए
ज़ुल्फ़ ऐसी ई
ज़ुल्फ़ ऐसी के घटा शर्म से पानी मांगे ए ए
जिस तरफ से भी
जिस तरफ से भी
नज़र डालें
सुहानी हो तुम
शे’र का हुस्न हो

जिस्म ऐसा आ
जिस्म ऐसा के अजंता का अमल याद आये ए ए
संगेमरमर में ढला
संगेमरमर में ढला
ताजमहल याद आये ए ए
पिघले पिघले ए
पिघले पिघले हुए
रंगों की रवानी हो तुम
शे’र का हुस्न हो

धड़कने बुनती है जिसको
वो तराना हो तुम
सच कहो किस के मुक़द्दर का खजाना हो तुम
मुझ पे माईल हो
मुझ पे माईल हो
दुश्मन की दिवानी हो तुम
शे’र का हुस्न हो नगमे की जवानी हो तुम
शे’र का हुस्न हो
शे’र का हुस्न हो

2 Responses to "She’r ka husn ho"

This is probably the only movie with the daaku name title but has such beautiful lyrical (mainly urdu) songs with so best music by Khayyam & is in STEREO.
Nobody will believe that this or simti huyi or chanda re songs are in the movie titled-Chambal Ki Kasam….


mmmm! very very lovely lyrics. my personal preference over “maine poocha chaand se ke dekha hain kahin” from Abdullah


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