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Aayi balloon waali aayi re

Posted on: December 17, 2016

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Another day, another milestone! Only the other day we were celebrating Kishore Kumar’s 1000th song on this blog. And now we have another milestone.

Some might say, this blog is beginning to deliver milestones like Virat Kohli or Ravichandran Ashwin do. 🙂
But who’s complaining? I, most certainly, am not! 🙂

Nothing comes easy on this blog – each post is created with a lot of effort going into trying to ensure accuracy of lyrics and other details provided. We do make mistakes at times (and knowledgeable readers point them out) but it’s never for want of effort to get it right. This only helps to make the blog more accurate.

So yes, whenever we hit a milestone, we take a few seconds to reflect on it. We’ve earned it! 🙂
(In all fairness, credit should go fairly and squarely to Atul because he is THE reason this blog exists at all. He has put in countless hours on it over the years, maintaining its high standard and bringing it to where it is today. We are fellow-travellers on this journey, who are happy to contribute our mite from time to time, in whatever form we can). But since this blog has now become an integral part of all our daily lives and we feel ownership of it, we can also be part of the “credits” team. 😉

Anyway, as usual, I digress. Let me get to the milestone itself before I forget the purpose of this post. 🙂
This post celebrates the 700th song of Geeta Dutt on this blog. Our understanding is that she sang a little over 1400 HFM songs, so it means we are at the half-way mark for her. An achievement for our blog no doubt, but also an occasion to look forward to the next 700.

Geeta Dutt!

When Atul requested me to write a post for this occasion, I readily agreed (as I always do!). But then I also added a rider “Please don’t have high hopes. I will try to do justice to her, with the limited knowledge I have of her”. Atul immediately responded “We all have limited knowledge of her of course”. 🙂

So, with this pressure of writing on somebody I don’t really know too much about, I am making this effort. Come to think of it, in this respect, I am probably no different from most Indian journalists nowadays. 🙂

Thankfully, there is a lot of information out there on the internet about Geeta Dutt. How much of it is reliable is upto the reader to assess. However, I can recommend the site dedicated to her, , as a reference point. It is run by a group of dedicated music lovers, one of whom is none other than our own Gajendraji (a Bengaluru-based Atulite) . 🙂 . Anyone who has had a chance to interact with him on music, would immediately sense his level of dedication.

So now that I have passed the responsibility of content on Geeta Dutt to another site, I can breathe a bit more easily. 🙂

And do what I usually do here. Talk more about my personal experiences with regard to the concerned subject.
So please bear with me. 🙂

My very first memory of Geeta Dutt is of a sad occasion. I was a young boy and I remember hearing that she had just died. My older sisters were talking about it. At that time, all I could make out was that she had been a very famous singer in her time, she had not been a regular singer for quite some time – and that she had died very young. And oh yes, that she had been married to Guru Dutt.
This is all I knew then, from that conversation.

At that time I don’t remember having heard any Geeta Dutt songs.

The only female singers I knew at that time were Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. They were everywhere – whether with current songs, or even when old songs were played on radio. They were very dominant at that time.

I distinctly remember the first Geeta Dutt song I heard. It was on Vividh Bharti – I think it was on their Manoranjan (2.30 – 3.00?) programme.

The song was “aye dil mujhe bata de”.

I just loved this song, the very first time I heard it.

But that wasn’t enough for me to understand how distinctive Geeta Dutt’s voice was compared to others’ voices.

I then got to hear “babuji dheere chalna” – and the programme host mentioned Geeta Dutt’s name again.

And once again, I loved what I was hearing.

In one of the cultural programmes we had in our area, somebody sang “waqt ne kiya”. She sang beautifully (nowhere close to the original, but a good effort) – and Geeta Dutt’s name came up again.

By then, we had got a 2-in-1 at home. One of those National Panasonic ones. Somebody gifted us some cassettes – including songs of CID, Aar Paar and Mr. and Mrs. 55.

Suddenly, I was getting to listen to a lot more of Geeta Dutt – and now on my own terms (not a fleeting radio programme). And I really liked what I was getting to listen to. Now Geeta Dutt had become a much more familiar name and voice for me.

Soon after, I got to see Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962).

And that pretty much sealed it for me. Not that there was any need to – I had already realized what an amazing singer Geeta Dutt had been.
But when I listened to the songs of Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, whether it was “koi door se” or “na jaao sainya” or “piya aiso jiya mein”, I was just mesmerized by the voice. Meena Kumari was outstanding in the film anyway, but these songs by Geeta Dutt just took the film to a different level.

After that, I’ve listened to many Geeta Dutt songs. Sad songs, fun songs, bhajans, all types. I’ve never ever not been impressed. Her voice just had that absolutely magical pull about it. Just listen to “koi door se” and you will know what I mean. In fact, any song.

One of my favourite songs, for various reasons, is a duet of Geeta Dutt with Lata Mangeshkar. It is “akhiyan bhool gayi hain sona” from Goonj Uthi Shehnai (1959). Apart from the lovely music by Vasant Desai, I love this song because the voices of the two singers are so distinctive in it. Lata singing for the shy Ameeta, and Geeta, singing for her “sahelis” in a more boisterous style, pulling her leg. What a superb song this is!

I don’t want to compare singers – each has his/her own voice quality and style. And this is good, because it gives us variety – and gives composers a choice of who to use for what occasion.

We are better off just enjoying them singing.

Let’s then do that with the Geeta Dutt song of today. I had not heard it before – Atul tells me it is a rare song from Geeta Dutt’s earlier days.

The song is from a film “Aadhaar” from 1945. I know nothing about this film – hopefully one of our knowledgeable readers will shed more light on it.

But as I have just listened to the song for the first time just now, I am stunned. Geeta Dutt was just 14 at the time – you can clearly see that here was a star in the making. That voice!

To summarise, as I close this post.

Yes, we know Geeta Dutt died young. And much of the later part of her life was a struggle. Her marriage with Guru Dutt went downhill, her career suffered and went downhill as a result. None of this is a secret. I sometimes think of what a terrible loss it was for her – and for all of us – that her career declined the way it did.

But none of that can be helped. What we can do is be thankful for what we have, what she gave us.

And she gave us some absolutely unforgettable songs. For that, we are eternally grateful.

So here’s celebrating her 700th on this blog and looking forward to many more.

The song for today is composed by S N Tripathi (who is also the male singer in this song). The fun lyrics are by M.A. Razi.

Song-Aayi balloon waali aayi re (Aadhaar)(1945) Singers-Geeta Dutt, S N Tripathi, Lyrics-M A Razi, MD-S N Tripathi


Aayi balloon waali aayi re
Aayi balloon waali aayi re
koi lena na mujhse udhaar
koi lena na mujhse udhaar
Aayi balloon waali aayi re
Aayi balloon waali aayi re
koi lena na mujhse udhaar
koi lena na mujhse udhaar

ude hawaa mein ye gubbaare
oode neele pyaare pyaare
ude hawaa mein ye gubbaare
oode neele pyaare pyaare
mera chhota sa hai vyopaar
mera chhota sa hai vyopaar
koi lena na mujhse udhaar
koi lena na mujhse udhaar

o o
o o o
meri charkhi rang rangeeli
baloon iska khaali peeli
meri charkhi rang rangeeli
baloon iska khaali peeli
meri charkhi ki dekho bahaar
meri charkhi ki dekho bahaar
main to deta hoon sabko udhaar
main to deta hoon sabko udhaar

bada chala ye baat banaane
aayi badi ye rang zamaane
main to maaroongi chappal utaar
main to maaroongi chappal utaar
tere gusse mein hai gori pyaar
tere gusse mein hai gori pyaar

jhagda chhodo
ek ho jaayen
jhagda chhodo
ek ho jaayen
apna ik sansaar basaayen
apna ik sansaar basaayen
karen mil-jul ke ham vyopaar
koi lena na hamse udhaar
karen mil-jul ke ham vyopaar
koi lena na hamse udhaar
Aayi balloon waali aayi re


3 Responses to "Aayi balloon waali aayi re"

Raja Ji. Nice post. Yes we( I ) have not yet known much about Geeta Roy Dutt.. I did not realize she sang 1400 songs. Not a small number, leaving aside Lata Ji & Asha Ji.

My first intro to Geeta Dutt was ‘Babu ji Dhire chalna..’ an iconic song. In my early days I thought she is fit for club songs & Vamp’s songs, until I heard ‘Aaj sajan mohe..’ a touching song from ‘Pyasa’ & also ‘ Na main dhan chahun…’ from ‘Kala Bazar’

Todays song is appealing and a good choice for 700 th one by Geeta, on this blog.
Thanks & regards

Thanks, Shenoyji. I love both “aaj sajan mohe” and “na main dhan”. I’ve always felt “na main dhan” is a grossly underrated song. I can listen to it any number of times, it is magical.

S N Tripathi
Eri Daiya Lachak Lachak Chalat Mohan Aave
in Jeevan Naiya (1936)
Nanha Sa Dil Deti Hu Pardesi Preet Nibhana
with Rajkumari Chandan (1941)
Chudi Laaya Nahi Manihar
with Amirbai Karnataki in Chooriyan (1942)
Panghat Par Paani Bharne
with Rajkumari in Panghat (1943)
Farhado Kaise Guzre
in Panghat (1943)

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