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Bhagat Ke Rakhwaale Bhagwaan

Posted on: July 7, 2017

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today is the 98th birth anniversary of a venerated poet and song writer in our Hindi film industry. He is one of those lyricists in the industry, who has a significant portfolio of work but not much is known about his personal life. We only know that he started to work in the Hindi films in 1942. On our blog, the last two posted songs written by him are “Main Nainon Ka Saawan Bhulaane Chali Hoon”, and “Ek Gagan Panth Ka Pakheru”.

Yes I am talking about the much revered Saraswati Kumar ‘Deepak’. He was born this day in the year 1918, in the city of Meerut. This information has been shared with me by his son. There is an interesting aside here. Actually I have known his son for many years (he has been a work colleague of my husband). And for all these years, I never knew that he is the son of Saraswati Kumar ‘Deepak’ ji. When this fact became known to me, I was evidently very thrilled to know. I have talked with him, and he has promised to provide me more details for another post on his father. (Incidentally, the passing away anniversary of Saraswati Kumar ji, falls tomorrow, i.e. 8th July. I hope to present another, more detailed article about him.)

On our blog, we already have published 50+ songs written by him. He has worked with a wide spectrum of music directors.  On our blog itself, the songs represent the work of almost 30 music directors.

Although I have been hearing songs written by him, almost all my radio listening years, albeit without identifying him, I became aware of this lyricist when Radio Ceylon played two songs as a tribute to him in 2015. Then I looked up our blog to see that we have posted a number of songs penned by him. Recently when I attended the RMIM meet at Bangalore I heard a non-film bhajan penned by him and set to music by C.Ramachandra.

Today I present one more bhajan penned by him from the 1958 film, ‘Ram Bhakt Vibhishan’ which is set to music by Ajit Merchant and is sung by Suman Kalyanpur.


Song – Bhagat Ke Rakhwaale Bhagwaan (Ram Bhakt Vibhishan) (1958) Singer – Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics – Saraswati Kumar Deepak, MD – Ajit Merchant


bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan
nibhaate hain bhakton ki aan
paap jab karta hai abhimaan
bhoomi par aate daya nidhaan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan
avadhpuri ke suryavansh ki
ye anmol kahaani
kaushalya kekayi sumitra
thhin dashrath ki raani
raghukul ki shobha jhoothi thhi
maata se mamta roothhi thhi
janam liya bhagwan ne
ban kar dashrath ki santaan
patthar bani ahilya taari
raghuvar kripa nidhaan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan
phir raghunandan seeta ke sang
avadhpuri mein aaye
honhaar ne ek raat mein
kaise khel khilaaye
raghupati sinhaasan chhod chale
vaibhav se mukhda mod chale
raghuvanshi kul reet nibhaate
chaahe jaaye praan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagawaan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagawaan
lakhan siya ke saath ayodhya
chhod chale raghuraai
paanv pakhaar prabhu ki naiya
ganga teer lagaai
prabhu jeevan naav khivaiya hai
dukhiyon ke dheer dharaiya hai
deen heen kevat ko prabhu ne
diya niraala maan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan
jab jungle mein mangal jaaga
jab basant muskaaya
maaya ka mrig panchvati mein
tabhi ucchalta aaya
mithilesh nandini lalchaayi
??? ??? raghurai
apni leela dikha rahe
prabhu jinko hai sab gyaan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan
bhagat ke rakhwaale bhagwaan

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

भगत के रखवाले भगवान
निभाते हैं भक्तों की आन
पाप जब करता है अभिमान
भूमि पर आते दयानिधान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान

अवधपुरी के सूर्यवंश की
ये अनमोल कहानी
कौशल्या कैकई सुमित्रा
थीं दशरथ की रानी
रघुकुल की शोभा झूठी थी
माता से ममता रूठी थी
जनम लिया भगवान ने बन कर
दशरथ की संतान
पत्थर बनी अहिल्या तारी
रघुवर कृपानिधान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान

फिर रघुनन्दन सीता के संग
अवधपुरी में आए
होनहार ने एक रात में
कैसे खेल खिलाये
रघुपति सिंघासन छोड़ चले
वैभव से मुखड़ा मोड चले
रघुवंशी कुल रीत निभाते
चाहे जाएँ प्राण
भगत के रखवाले भगवान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान

लखन सिया के साथ अयोध्या
छोड़ चले रघुराई
पाँव पखार प्रभु की नैय्या
गंगा तीर लगाई
प्रभु जीवन नाव खिवय्या हैं
दुखियों के धीर धरैय्या हैं
दीन हीं केवा को प्रभु ने
दिया निराला मान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान

जब जंगल में मंगल जागा
जब बसंत मुसकाया
माया का मृग पंचवटी में
तभी उछलता आया
मिथिलेश नंदिनी ललचाई
??? ??? रघुराई
अपनी लीला दिख रहे
प्रभु जिनको है सब ज्ञान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान
भगत के रखवाले भगवान


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