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Yaaron main bada pareshaan

Posted on: July 19, 2017

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Today (19 july 2017) is the ninth birth anniversary of the blog. This blog was started on this date in 2008. When I check up, I find that the first post of the blog was posted at 1:54 A M on 19 july 2017. In other words, I was wide awake at the early hours of that day. The fact that 19 july was a saturday and therefore holiday may have been the reason why I was still awake at that time.

I find that I revised the post one hour later at 2:53, which meant that I continued to stay awake even at the unearthly hours of 3 A M. 🙂

If people think that I immediately began to get comments on the blog then that was not the case.

The first comment that I got on the blog was on the third day, viz. on 21 july 2008. By that time I had published three articles (living upto the name-“song a day”.

The first commenter was Raja of course. He first commented on the latest post (third post), followed by the earlier post (second post), and it was only after these two comments that the first comment was offered by Raja on this debut song on the blog. These comments were posted at 6:16 PM, 6:18 PM and 6:20 PM respectively on 21 july 2008.

Raja was the only one to comment on the blog for the next one month viz. till 19 august 2008. Then there was no comment on the blog for the next eight days.

The next comment on the blog was on 27 august 2008, and it was by a “new” person, viz Shalini, a fellow cricket and music enthusiast in the cricket forum where I and Raja were members. I had to advertise about the song blog in that forum. That is how first Raja and then Shalini became aware of the blog.

In the earlier days, the blog used to get 40-50 visitors a day and I was quite thrilled with the numbers because it was more than the figure of 20-25 visitors that I used to get in another blog on mine.

I did not even notice it when the blog turned one year old in 2009. There were a few comments in the blog on 19 july 2009, including by Raja and memsaab, but no one noticed that the blog had turned one year old on that day. 🙂

Second birth anniversary of the blog was on 19 july 2010. I had remembered this date this time and I posted an article on the occasion. Peevesie’s mom, Raja, Santosh Ojha, Memsaab, Lalitha etc greeted the blog on the occasion. So people began to notice the birth anniversary of the blog beginning from its second birthday.

I wrote a nostalgic post on the blog on its third anniversary on 19 july 2011. The post received lots of greetings from regulars. Several current blog regulars had become regulars by that time.

19 july 2012, the fourth birth anniversary of the blog was special vis a vis the earlier anniversaries. Several regulars wrote posts on this occasions. Raja, Sudhir Ji. I too wrote an article on this occasion, which doubled up as a tribute to Rajesh Khanna as well, who had passed away one day earlier..

The next year too saw several guest articles celebrating the fifth birth anniversary on 19 july 2013.

The sixth birth anniversary celebrations in july 2014 celebrations were SPECIAL. It began nearly one month (and 50 posts) in advance, with special articles introducing blog regulars, followed by articles from blog regulars. The celebration culminated in the posting of the 10,000th song in the blog.

The next two anniversaries in 2015 and 2016 were relatively sedate affairs. When I went through the articles of these years, I found that I have begun to discuss a lot about blog statistics in these articles.

I find that I had given tallies for the number of songs in the blog belonging to various decades. That gave me an idea that I should compare the figures of 19 july 2016 with the figures as on 19 july 2017 to guage what we have added in the last one year.

Here are the interesting figures:

Decade wise distribution of songs in the blog
Decades No of songs in the blog on 19 july 2016 No of songs in the blog on 19 july 2017 No of songs added in one year No of songs created in the decade Remarks
1930s (1931-1940) 387 409 22 around 9000 Less than 1000 songs are available
1940s (1941-1950) 2298 2692 394 10254
1950s (1951-1960) 4019 4448 429 8654
1960s (1961-1970) 3149 3368 219 6521

From the table, we see that we have added about 400 songs each for the decades of 1940s and 1950s and 200 songs for the decade of 1960s, which adds up to 1000 plus songs being added for these decades. Over 50 % of the songs created in 1950s and 1960s have been covered in the blog.

If we continue to progress at the same rate then hopefully it will be a matter of another seven to eight years in which time we should be able to cover all the available songs of these decades.

I also have yearwise breakup of songs in the blog and figures for songs created that year in HFM. I find that 1968 is the year where our blog tally is the closest to the total tally of songs created that year. 72 movies were released that year and these movies had 458 songs in them. The blog has 277 songs from 56 movies of 1968, with 35 of these movies already YIPPEED. So we can say that 181 songs from 1968 are yet to be covered in the blog. These songs are contained in 21 as yet unYIPPEED movies plus in 16 movies that are not yet represented in the blog.

This holistic picture motivates me to pay special attention to this year 1968. So, as a step towards covering all available songs from 1968, here is a song from “Roop Rupaiyya”(1968). This rare movie was directed by P L Santoshi for Chitra Mandir, Bombay. The movie had Jagdeep, Anita, Jaimala, Mirza Musharraf, Roma, Niranjan Sharma, Ulhas, Vivek etc in it.

The movie had eight songs in it.

Here is the first song from “Roop Rupaiyya”(1968). The song is sung by Rafi. P L Santoshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Usha Khanna.

I recall having heard this song before. But I am unable to find the video of this song. It appears that this movie, a flop movie of its time is not available and therefore we only have the audios of this movie with us, which are thankfully available.

What a superb song from Rafi. I guess that this song must have been picturised on Jagdeep, who was apparently the hero of this movie. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this movie as well as on the picturisation of this song.

With this song, “Roop Rupaiyya”(1968) makes its debut in the blog and becomes the 3692nd movie to get represented in the blog.

This blog is a labour of love. And this love affair has lasted for nine years and has flourished. Hopefully it will continue to last for many more years to come. This blog has given me so much and enriched me in so many ways that I cannot describe it in words. It has opened up dimensions that I did not know existed. It has taught me things that I could have never been aware of otherwise. I can only thank my stars that I somehow thought of starting this blog nine years ago. Never in my wildest of dreams I could have imagined that we would have achieved so much in this blog in a matter of nine years.

I take this opportunity to thank all our visitors, contributors, well wishers and others for their continued support over these nine years.


Song-Yaaron main bada pareshaan (Roop Rupaiyya)(1968) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-P L Santoshi, MD-Usha Khanna


yaaron main bada pareshaan
o yaaron main bada pareshaan
na jaan na pehchaan
ik ladki jawaan
padi hai mere peechhe kare hairaan
arre yaaron main bada pareshaan
haaye yaaron main bada pareshaan

main jahaan jahaan jaaun
wo wahaan wahaan aaye
aise kateele zaalim nakhre dikhaaye
main jahaan jahaan jaaun
wo wahaan wahaan aaye
aise kateele zaalim nakhre dikhaaye
ke dekhe se haaye
ke dekhe se nikle hai jaan
na jaan na pehchan
ik ladki jawaan
padi hai mere peeche kare hairaan
arre yaaron main bada pareshaan
hoy yaaron main bada pareshaan

khadi khadi door se wo nazren milaaye
kabhi aage badhke wo khud takraaye
khadi khadi door se wo nazren milaaye
kabhi aage badhke wo khud takraaye
kahe chalna to
kahe chalna to seekh naadaan
na jaan na pehchaan
ik ladki jawaan
padi mere peechhe kare hairaan
are yaaron main bada pareshaan
haaye yaaron main bada pareshaan

9 Responses to "Yaaron main bada pareshaan"

Good wishes to Atul Ji & all contributors and readers( subscribers) on this happy occasion.
Baar Baaar yeh din aaye.
Geet gaatha chalen O sathiyon.


Dear Atul ji,

Congratulations once again. 🙂

So you seem to have been up since very early today morning. Aisa hi lag rahaa hai – गाने का टाइटल ही कुछ ऐसा चुना है आपने। 😀 😀



Atul ji




On to the decade of celebration.
Very famous songs in those days.
UK and MR at their best.


Congratulations! Another point, your child has a large family who check on its progress day to day, hour to hour. It is indeed blessed.

May the blog grow and grow and become taller than all of us.


Once again, congratulations to Atul and all Atulites. Lovely post too, Atul, reminiscing the birth and growth of the blog. Nice to read how it has evolved, keeping each birthday as a reflection point.

By the way, I think the reason I commented only on the third day after its birth, was that “janm ki khabar hi teen din baad mili thi”. 🙂 As soon as I got to know, I checked out the blog and commented. 🙂


Once again, many Congratulations Atul ji !!!
Also thanks a lot for this wonderful musical journey …
And thank you ☺️ for starting with this special attention to 1968 ( the year I came in on this beautiful earth 😊)
Lots of Best wishes and love …!!!


Hearty congratulations on completion of 9 illustrious years of this musical journey. Covering 10917 songs and 3692 movies in the blog within a period of 9 years is a great job indeed. My Best wishes for your future endeavours.


Congratulations Atulji on the 9th Anniversary of your wonderful blog.
Got the opportunity not only to listen to many melodious songs of yesteryear but also to read interesting articles describing and explaining the songs and their scenarios.
In fact, also learnt a lot about music from the articles written by all the contributors.
Keep up the great work.
Congratulations to the entire team and Wishing you all the Very Best. 🙂


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