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Kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain

Posted on: October 13, 2017

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today(13 october 2017) is the 30th death anniversary of one of the greatest legends of the Hindi film industry, Kishore Kumar. On this day, the 13th of October 1987, he left this earthly world. He was just 58 then.

As with all legends, though they may be long gone, we are left with their legacy – to enjoy and to remember them with. Kishore Kumar is no different – his legacy is extremely rich, and he has millions of fans around the world who enjoy his songs every single day.

Here, on this blog, we remember him very fondly today on this death anniversary and thank him for enriching our lives to an extent and in a manner that’s hard to quantify or describe. Each of us just knows it in our heart.

So what can I write about Kishore Kumar that I haven’t already written here?

I’ve already written a lot about him on various posts – on his birth and death anniversaries.

Much of my previous writing here on Kishore Kumar relates to my own experience as a schoolboy in the 1970s, when he reigned supreme.

I’ve also written about how fond I am of his pre-1970s songs, although he was not THE numero uno male playback singer of the time. His songs from this period though are an absolute delight to listen to.

I’ve also written about the harfan maula that Kishore Kumar was. His best-known talent is, no doubt, his singing. But he was a popular comedy actor too in his time, with his own style of comedy. He also dabbled (successfully) in composing music. And, as if all of this were not enough, he directed and produced some films too. So yes, full marks for being a harfan maula .

Having discussed all this before, I do not wish to repeat myself, and bore the reader. 🙂

I would therefore like to dwell today on something else – Kishore Kumar, the person.

Obviously I’ve never met him myself, so anything I say about Kishore Kumar, the person, is necessarily gleaned from reports about him, or interviews with, or about, him.

By all accounts – and by that, I mean mainly his fellow artistes – Kishore Kumar was a fun person. Both Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle have spoken very fondly of him as being a prankster (in the nicest sense of the term), always up for some fun, cracking a joke, pulling someone’s leg, having a good laugh in general.

This is a quality I admire, because, as long as it does not interfere with work, it’s always fun to have fun-colleagues. Imagine being at work with sullen faces around you. 🙂 Life is too short to live without fun & sparkle in it – and I think Kishore Kumar understood this better than most. So not only did he practise it himself, he also spread this fun and sparkle wherever he went.

One has only to watch his live performance videos (some are thankfully available online) to see how full of energy and fun Kishore Kumar was. He was not just “singing”, he was fully “performing” for his audience. Clearly they were there to have a good time – and he was going to make sure he gave them what they wanted.

Another aspect of Kishore Kumar’s personality that I have read about is that he was particular about his fee. He didn’t want to be taken for a ride by anyone – and that’s only fair and professional. I’ve also read this about Jagjit Singh.

Contrary to what some might have made about the professional rivalry of Kishore Kumar and Rafisaab, they were good friends and had a lot of respect for each other. Amit Kumar talks about the time early in his career when his car once broke down. Rafisaab gave him a lift, dropped him off home, and went on. When Kishore Kumar got to know of this, he was upset with Amit Kumar for letting Rafisaab go, without bringing him home. Rafisaab too admired Kishore, acknowledging his popularity in the 1970s and encouraging him to give live performances. Professional rivalry apni jagah, but it does not have to come in the way of personal relationships.

Then there was the time in the late 70s (I think), when Kishore Kumar was reigning. Someone (I don’t know who) started a poll “Who’s the better singer – Kishore Kumar or Mohammad Rafi”. Given Kishore’s popularity at the time, presumably he was getting favourable winds in his direction. He was deeply embarrassed and requested that the poll be stopped.

Kishore Kumar seems to have managed to largely live life on his own terms. He had a few run-ins – when he refused to sing on Sanjay Gandhi’s orders at a Congress rally, his songs were banned for a while from being played on air during the Emergency. Apparently he had a misunderstanding later in his career with Amitabh Bachchan too, when the latter refused to do a guest role in a film produced by Kishore.

So it’s not as Kishore’s career was entirely controversy-free – but then, most celebrities’ careers rarely are. What’s more important is how their character stacks up during the controversy – and Kishore’s stacks up pretty well, in my opinion.

There’s a now-famous mid-80s interview of Kishore Kumar by Pritish Nandy. I think it was in the Illustrated Weekly of India. By then, Kishore had become reclusive – the interview gives an insight into his then-thought process. He had become fond of talking to plants – he explains why.

I remember being surprised to see the depth in Kishore Kumar’s “Door Ka Raahi” (1971) – a film produced and directed by him, and very different from the usual escapist fare of the time. For a person best-known for his comedy roles and fun character, this film revealed a different, thinking, side to Kishore’s personality.

All in all, Kishore Kumar was one of a kind. There’s a lot to admire about him – and I’m not talking just about his singing. We could certainly do with more Kishore Kumars today – but then they don’t make them like Kishore anymore, do they?

So today, as we pay tribute to Kishore Kumar, we thank him for being the person he was. And of course for all the wonderful songs he has given us. It just struck me – I haven’t mentioned even one. Bahut na-insaafi hai. 🙂

Anyway, coming to the song for today.

This is from Harjaee (1981).

I remember seeing this film at that time – haven’t seen it since. Contrary to the typical multi-starrer, masala films of the time, this film, starring Randhir Kapoor and Tina Munim, was a proper tear-jerker. From what I remember, Randhir Kapoor is a carefree, prankster type of guy who pretends to have cancer, just to get Tina Munim to fall for him. His parents too believes his story and get Tina to be sympathetic towards him. Then tragedy strikes. Randhir Kapoor gets really diagnosed with cancer. The rest of the story is how he copes with it, how Tina copes with it, how their respective families cope with it.

The film has some good songs – like many Randhir Kapoor films do. Whether his films did well or not, there used to invariably be at least one hit song (often more) in each of his films. I remember during my schooldays, I personally didn’t mind Randhir Kapoor films at all – though I was clearly much in the minority at the time. 🙂

The song is “kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain”. It is a sad, sensitive song picturised on Randhir as he reflects on his changed life, and wants to hold on to all that is precious to him.

I hope you like the song.



Song-Kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain (Harjaayee)(1981) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Nida Fazli, MD-R D Burman


kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain
kabhi lab pe shikaayat hai
magar ae zindagi phir bhi
mujhe tujh se mohabbat hai
kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain
kabhi lab pe shikaayat hai
magar ae zindagi phir bhi
mujhe tujh se mohabbat hai
kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain

jo aata hai wo jaata hai
ye duniya aani jaani hai
yahaan har shay musaafir hai
safar mein zindagaani hai
ujaalon ki zaroorat hai
andhera meri kismat hai
kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain
kabhi lab pe shikaayat hai
magar ae zindagi phir bhi
mujhe tujh se mohabbat hai

zara ae zindagi dum le
tera deedaar to kar loon
kabhi dekha nahin jisko
usey main pyaar to kar loon
abhi se chhod ke mat jaa
abhi teri zaroorat hai
kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain
kabhi lab pe shikaayat hai
magar ae zindagi phir bhi
mujhe tujh se mohabbat hai

koi anjaan sa chehra
ubharta hai fizaaon mein
ye kiski aahatein jaagin
meri khaamosh raahon mein
abhi ae maut mat aana
mera bhi aana jannat hai
kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain
kabhi lab pe shikaayat hai
magar ae zindagi phir bhi
mujhe tujh se mohabbat hai

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

कभी पलकों पे आंसू हैं
कभी लब पे शिकायत है
मगर अय ज़िन्दगी फिर भी
मुझे तुझ से मोहब्बत है
कभी पलकों पे आंसू हैं
कभी लब पे शिकायत है
मगर अय ज़िन्दगी फिर भी
मुझे तुझ से मोहब्बत है
कभी पलकों पे आंसू हैं

जो आता है वो जाता है
ये दुनिया आनी जानी है
यहाँ हर शय मुसाफिर है
सफ़र में जिंदगानी है
उजालों कि ज़रुरत है
अन्धेरा मेरी किस्मत है
कभी पलकों पे आंसू हैं
कभी लब पे शिकायत है
मगर अय ज़िन्दगी फिर भी
मुझे तुझ से मोहब्बत है

ज़रा अय ज़िन्दगी दम ले
तेरा दीदार तो कर लूं
कभी देखा नहीं जिसको
उसे मैं प्यार तो कर लूं
अभी से छोड़ के मत जा
अभी तेरी ज़रुरत है
कभी पलकों पे आंसू हैं
कभी लब पे शिकायत है
मगर अय ज़िन्दगी फिर भी
मुझे तुझ से मोहब्बत है

कोई अनजान सा चेहरा
उभरता है फिजाओं में
ये किसकी आहटें जागीं
मेरी खामोश राहों में
अभी अय मौत मत आना
मेरा वीराना जन्नत हैं

कभी पलकों पे आंसू हैं
कभी लब पे शिकायत है
मगर अय ज़िन्दगी फिर भी
मुझे तुझ से मोहब्बत है


15 Responses to "Kabhi palkon pe aansoo hain"


Harjaee was Directed by Ramesh Behl whose favourite is Randhir Kapoor(Ramesh Behl directed Randhir Kapoor in Jawani diwani,Dil diwana,Kasme vaade,Pukar,Jaanejaan aka Nikamma(1983-directed for outside his Home banner Rose Movies)
Harjaee(also directed by Ramesh Behl for other producers)

Ramesh Behl launched Tina Munim`s relative Karan shah in his Jawani with Neelam Kothari

Ramesh Behl is nephew of actor Rajendra Kumar


Raja Saab ,
Reading your posts always takes me to an altogether different world … Love and passion for music and this blog of course !!
And given this song, the today’s post simply takes us to the world of the great ‘versatile-genius’ Kishore Kumar.
Yes, he has given us many many wonderful songs and our memories associated with them.
I like this song very much.
Thanks for this post and this wonderful song !!


ditto to all you have said Avinashji.
and Rajaji i thank myself for not spoiling things by writing a post for this song.


Tum sa haseen:lyricist:VittalBhai Patel
kerishu varishu:Gulshan Bawra
Tere liye palkon ki:Nida Fazli
Sun Zara Shokh haseena:Gulshan Bawra
Mee raksham:Nida FAzli(2 versions)
Kabhi Palkon pe aansoo:Nida Fazli
Ye rut Bhi Haseen :Vittal Bhai Patel

So Please make corrections or Additions as
:Lyricist of this song Kabhi Palkon pe aansoo is NIDA FAZLI


Thank you Atul ji

Aapne kitne dinon baad Mujhe yaad kiyaa……Thanks a lot for the acknowledgement.



Aapko hamesha hi yaad karte hain hum log. Raja and I were wondering who was the lyricist of this song. You solved the puzzle for us.


Atul ji

Thanks again for unconditional love.



i was having a feeling that this was a Nida Fazli song but got confused when i saw some sites giving credit to 2 writers for the song. thank u PCji for clearing the doubt.
by the way yesterday was Nida Fazli’s birth anniversary.


Production house:Sonnar Films Private Limited
Director: Ramesh Behl
Producer:Sam Sugnu.N.Jethwani
starcast:Randhir Kapoor, Tina Munim,Shammi Kapoor, Mala Sinha, Mahavir shah,Sharat Saxena,
Hari Shivdasani,Sunder,Iftekar,Rajendranath,Ravi Berry, Dharamvir,Aditya, Siddhu,Vijay,

1)Kishore Kumar:Tum sa haseen:Vithalbhai Patel
2)Kishore Kumar,Asha Bhosle:Kehrishu varishu:Gulshan Bawra
3)Lata Mangeshkar:Tere Liye palkon ki jhaalar:Nida Fazli(Already posted in the blog)
4)Asha Bhosle,Kishore Kumar:Sun le zara shokh haseena:Gulshan Bawra
5)Mohammed Rafi,Chandrashekhar Gadgil:Mee Raksam:Nida Fazli(Already Posted in the blog)
6)Kishore Kumar:Kabhi palkon pe aansoo:Nida Fazli
7)Kishore Kumar:Ye rut hai haseen:Vithalbhai Patel
8)Chandrashekhar Gadgil:Mee raksam :Nida fazli (???Yet to be covered or not)

lost the race again 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Last sent on 11/10/2016 and


Kindly correct – ‘Abhi ae maut mat aana
Mera bhi aana jannat hai’

Abhi ae maut mat aana
Mera veeraana jannat hai

(also add the lyrics in devnagri script sent on mail today please)


Raja ji , thanks for the absorbing post.
I am touching on the reported rivalry between Mohammed Rafi & Kishore Kumar. It was soon after film Aaradhana ( or about). Media was talking highly of Kishore Kumar, praising him sky high ( in comparing him to Mohammed Rafi.).
I vividly remember- in a letter to Filmfare, Kishore Kumar humbly wrote that he is no match to Mohammed Rafi and that he is a singer of limited range as compared to Rafi Ji ( Sic). That was one titan paying due respects to another titan.


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