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Dil Lagaane Waale Mat Sun Meri Kahaani

Posted on: January 21, 2018

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The film that we welcome today into Yippeee-land is the 1958 production titled ‘Baaghi Sipaahi’. The film has a total of 8 songs, seven of which have already been posted here. The details of the previous songs posted is given below.


Chinchana Papul Chinchana Papul 11562 16-Nov-15 Shailendra
Samaa Ye Pyaar Ka Bahaar Ke Ye Mele 11606 28-Nov-15 Shailendra
O Beraham Tere Sitam 11642 9-Dec-15 Shailendra
Ae Dilbar Dilwaale 12451 14-Oct-16 Shailendra
Maan Bhi Le Ae Dil Tu Apni Haar 12948 20-Feb-17 Shailendra
Ruk Jaa Musaafir Pal Bhar Ko 13761 23-Nov-17 Hasrat Jaipuri
Muskuraati Zindagi Ko Chhod Ke 13946 20-Jan-18 Hasrat Jaipuri


The film was produced under the banner of VP Productions, Bombay. It is a historical costume drama, produced and directed by Bhagwan Das Verma. The cast of actors is led by Ranjan and Madhubala. The other players include Poornima, Chandrashekhar, Om Prakash, Sapru, Gope, S Nazeer, Nishi, Renu Maakad, Pal Sharma, Gajendra etc.

The songs of this film are created by the team of Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri and Shankar Jaikishan. Out of the eight songs in this film, five are written by Shailendra and three are from the pen of Hasrat Jaipuri. Today’s Yippeee song is also written by Hasrat Jaipuri.

This film is a remake of an earlier film by the same name. In 1936, the film ‘Baaghi Sipaahi’ was released under the banner of East India Film Company, and was directed by Abdul Rashid Kardar. In this 1936 version, Gul Hamid played the lead role, and it was cited as an “important film” for him. Patience Cooper, Bimla Kumari, Mazhar Khan, Lalita Pawar, Indubala, Anees, Azurie and Mohammed Ishaaq also played significant roles along with Gul Hamid.

Now this 1936 film, in turn was based on a 1935 Hollywood production ‘Cardinal Richelieu’, released under the banner of Twentieth Century Pictures, directed by Rowland V Lee. The primary cast of actors includes George Arliss, Maureen O’Sullivan, Edward Arnold and Cesar Romero.

And then, going back further, this 1935 Hollywood film was based on the 1839 play ‘Richelieu’ by Edward Bulwer-Lytton depicting the life of the great seventeenth century French statesman Cardinal Richelieu and his dealings with King Louis XIII. Further explorations reveal that the real life Cardinal Richelieu had a very colourful and chequered life in the court of the French kings. He rose to be the Chief Minister in the court of King Louis XIII. He wielded considerable power and influence over the government, role of the church, foreign policy, and foreign military campaigns.

In his later years, Richelieu faced a plot that threatened to remove him from power. He had introduced a young man named Henri Coiffier de Ruzé, marquis de Cinq-Mars to King Louis XIII’s court. This young man was the son of a close friend. Richelieu had hoped that Cinq-Mars would become King Louis’ favourite, so that he could indirectly exercise greater influence over the monarch’s decisions. Cinq-Mars did become the royal favourite, but, contrary to Cardinal Richelieu’s expectations, he was not easy to control. The young man realized that Richelieu would not permit him to gain political power. In 1641, he participated in a failed conspiracy against Richelieu, but he himself was not discovered. Then, in the following year, he schemed once again with leading nobles (including the King’s brother, the duc d’Orléans) to raise a rebellion. He signed a secret agreement with the King of Spain, who promised to aid the rebels. However, Richelieu’s spy service discovered the plot, and seized a copy of the said agreement with the King of Spain. Cinq-Mars was promptly arrested and executed. Although King Louis approved the capital punishment, he grew more distant from Richelieu as a result.

These events form the main story line of the 1839 play, and were later adapted into the Hollywood production and then the Hindi films.

Today’s Yippeee song for this 1958 film is sung by Lata Mangeshkar. This is a sad song, that has been rendered soulfully by Lata ji. On screen we see Madhubala listening to this song being lip-synced by another actress that I am not able to identify. I request other readers to please help identify this lady.

With this song, we now welcome this 1958 film to join the list of films with all their songs covered on our blog.



Song – Dil Lagaane Waale Mat Sun Meri Kahaani  (Baaghi Sipaahi) (1958) Singer – Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics – Hasrat Jaipuri, MD – Shankar Jaikishan



dil lagaane waale
mat sun meri kahaani
dil lagaane waale
mat sun meri kahaani
dhadhkega dil jahaan ka
sun me meri zubaani
dhadhkega dil jahaan ka
sun me meri zubaani

maine apne dil ko
ik chaand se lagaaya
palkon ki chhaon daal ke
dil mein usey bithaaya
wo aasmaan ka pyaara
phir bhi na muskuraaya
jalti hain tamannaayen
roti hai zindgani
dil lagaane waale
mat sun meri kahaani

hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmm

paaya hai kaun ab tak
baahon mein aasmaan ko
bulbul ke aasnuon pe
gham hoga baaghbaan ko
dil jeetna hai mushkil
chaahe phook aashiaan ko
kab qaid mein rahi hai
chaahat bhari jawaani
dil lagaane waale
mat sun meri kahaani

socha ye kyon na maine
parwaana noor ka hai
socha ye kyon na maine
chanda chakor ka hai
dil dete waqt na socha
dil dete waqt na socha
ye dil bhi aur ka hai
. . .
Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
दिल लगाने वाले
मत सुन मेरी कहानी
दिल लगाने वाले
मत सुन मेरी कहानी
धड़केगा दिल जहां का
सुन के मेरी ज़ुबानी
धड़केगा दिल जहां का
सुन के मेरी ज़ुबानी

मैंने अपने दिल को
इक चाँद से लगाया
पलकों की छाँव डाल के
दिल में उसे बिठाया
वो आसमां का प्यारा
फिर भी ना मुस्कुराया
जलती हैं तमन्नाएं
रोती है ज़िंदगानी
दिल लगाने वाले
मत सुन मेरी कहानी

हम्मम हम्मम हम्मम हम्मम

पाया है कौन अब तक
बाहों में आसमां को
बुलबुल के आंसुओं पे
ग़म होगा बाग़बान को
दिल जीतना है मुश्किल
चाहे फूक आशियाँ को
कब क़ैद में रही है
चाहत भरी जवानी
दिल लगाने वाले
मत सुन मेरी कहानी

सोचा ये क्यों ना मैंने
परवाना नूर का है
सोचा ये क्यों ना मैंने
चंदा चकोर का है
दिल देते वक़्त ना सोचा
दिल देते वक़्त ना सोचा
ये दिल भी और का है
॰ ॰ ॰

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Is she NOT Bhagwandas fame Poornima?


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