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Ho chehra hai ya chaand khila hai

Posted on: June 17, 2018

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The Golden era of HFM was well and truly over after 1980s, with Disco “music” sounding the death knell of HFM as we knew till then. In these “music”, lyrics were all but dispensed with.

HFM continued to have a few nice songs even during the “disco” era. There were still some artists who refused to compromise with quality and refused to stoop to the new low that was set as the new standards of HFM post 1980.

“Saagar”(1985) was one such movie whose music felt like a breath of fresh air during that era. This movie had come from the stables of a well known and well respected production house, one that had given us “Sholay”(1975).

“Saagar”(1985) was Produced by G P Sippy and directed by Ramesh Sippy. The movie had Rishi Kapoor, Kamal Haasan, Dimple Kapadia, Saeed Jaffrey, Shafi Inamdaar, Nadira, A K Hangal, Madhur Jaffrey, Satish Kaushik, Goga Kapoor, Kiran Vairale, Lilliput, Shobha Khote, Sudhir Pandey, Sharat Saxena, Mushtaq Merchant, Jairaj etc in it.

The movie had seven songs in it. Three of these songs have been covered in the past.

Here is the fourth song from “Saagar”(1985) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Kishore Kumar. Jawed Akhtar, who wrote the script of “Sholay”(1975) alongwith Salim Khan as Salim Jawed, had turned a lyricist by then. “Saagar”(1975) was one of the first (if not the first) movies where he penned lyrics.

R D Burman composed the music.

The song is picturised as a club song where Rishi Kapoor, holding a guitar, is seen lip syncing this song. The song is addressed to his long separated flame (played by Dimple Kapadia). Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia had last actded together in “Bobby”(1973) which was the launch vehcle for Rishi Kapoor as well as Dimple Kapadia. while Rishi Kapoor successfully got launched and established, Dimple Kapadia, in a surprise movie married Rajesh Khanna and vanished from films. It was more than one decade later that she was persuaded to make comeback to movies. She made quite a stunning comback in movie like “Aitbaar”(1985) and “Saagar”(1985).

Music of these movies were quie stunning and played stellar roles in the box office success of these movies.

The song under discussion is one such song. It remains a timeless classic to this day.



Song-Ho chehra hai ya chaand khila hai (Saagar)(1985) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Jawed Akhtar, MD-R D Burman


ho chehra hai yaa chaand khila hai
zulf ghaneri shaam hai kya
saagar jaisi aankhon waali
ye to bata tera naam hai kya
chehra hai yaa chaand khila hai
zulf ghaneri shaam hai kya
saagar jaisi aankhon waali
ye to bata tera naam hai kya

arre tu kya jaane teri khaatir
kitna hai betaab ye dil
tu kya jaane dekh rahaa hai
kaise kaise khwaab ye dil
dil kehtaa hai tu hai yahaan
to jaataa lamhaa thham jaaye
waqt ka dariyaa behte behte
is manzar mein jam jaaye
toone deewaanaa dil ko banaayaa
is dil par ilzaam hai kya
saagar jaisi aankhon waali
ye to bata tera naam hai kya

ho aaj mai tujhase door sahi
aur tu mujhse anjaan sahi
tera saath nahin paaun to
khair tera aramaan sahi


ho ye armaan ho
shor nahin ho
khaamoshi ke mele hon
is duniya mein koi nahin ho
ham donon hi akele hon
tere sapne dekh rahaa hoon
aur meraa ab kaam hai kya
saagar jaisi aankhon waali
ye to bataa tera naam hai kya
chehra hai yaa chaand khila hai
zulf ghaneri shaam hai kya
saagar jaisi aankhon waali
ye to bata tera naam hai kya

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Truly, an unforgettable tune. Good to hear it again.Thanks.

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