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Ham tum ek kamre mein band hon aur chaabhi kho jaaye

Posted on: November 3, 2018

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Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!

Found one more song, very popular in its times? No, even today. Perfect for the category – How come this song was not posted earlier? It is absolutely amazing that after 14730 posts (number of songs posted will be more as has been explained a few times before) we still find popular songs that are yet to make an appearance on the blog. What to do? Bollywood music is an ocean and we are still standing at the shores.

1973 was the year when Amitabh Bachchan tasted success in the form of Zanjeer. Rishi Kapoor made his debut with Bobby. The stars of the previous set were also in their prime and we had successful movies Anamika, Loafer, Daag, Chhupa Rustam, Raja Rani, Jugnu, Loafer, Do Phool, Banarasi Babu etc having their songs in that years Binaca Geetmala Annual List along with songs from Anuraag, Victoria No. 203, Do Chor, Raja Jani, Shehzaada, Shor, Mere Jeewan Saathi, Rampur Ka Laxman, Parichay, Yeh Gulistan Humara, Gora aur Kala which were movies that released in 1972 but whose songs were still popular in ’73 to figure in the “Saalaana List Of BGM”. The top song from that list is already on the blog- Yaari hai imaan mera yaar meri zindagi (Zanjeer). Songs number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 are all on the blog how come only song number 2 got left out? Time to rectify the situation- here is song number 2 from the “Saalaana List Of BGM” as Ameen Sayani would call the list.

The song number 2 was written by Anand Bakshi and Laxmikant Pyarelal were the music directors. It was a favourite (still is I presume) among young love birds who long for privacy. The feeling that no outsider should intrude when one is with one’s beloved as also one doesn’t have to go out when the beloved is around. Does all this sound heavy, literature- kind of stuff. I will simplify it- “Baahar se koi andhar na aa sake, andhar se koi baahar na jaa sake”. Hmm now people understood where I am leading. Isn’t it surprising this song is not yet on the blog.

Raj Kapoor made “Bobby” after the debacle of “Mera Naam Joker”. A voracious reader of “Archie comics” Raj Kapoor thought of a teen-love story which was somewhat in keeping with those times. I remember a scene where Piloo Wadia – friend of the hero’s father- walks into an Irani Restaurant. She is seen by Raj (Rishi Kapoor’s name in the movie) & he rushes into the inner room with his girlfriend, to avoid being caught. He also asks Bobby (Dimple) to keep her feet off the ground as he knows that Piloo Wadia will peep from below the swinging- doors of the room. That is how youngsters used to be back then, possibly this behaviour was more out of respect to the elders or fear of being detected. “Bobby” was successful in bringing Raj Kapoor out of the red and to think that “Bobby” was a standard story of rich boy- poor girl, parents not accepting, lovers running away, and finally parents relent when the lovers threaten dire consequences.

“Bobby” was a departure from all of RK Film’s previous movies on many counts. Laxmikant Pyarelal replaced Shankar Jaikishan as music directors. Anand Bakshi replaced all of Raj Kapoor’s favourite lyricists. Finally, almost all of RK’s films showed the life of the common man with romance being an also-ran but Bobby was all about falling in love, misunderstanding between lovers, making-up etc.

Talking of Laxmikant Pyarelal reminds me today (3 november 2018) is the birth anniversary of Laxmikant- he would have turned 81. His teaming up with Pyarelal Sharma gave Bollywood a huge treasure trove of songs. The statistics page of our blog says that the treasure trove has 2901 songs of which 776 are posted. They hit the right chord with the audience from almost the start of their career as independent composers, having been assistants to Kalyanji Anandji, Sachin Dev Burman etc and even to R D Burman in RD’s debut “Chhote Nawab”. The friendship between RD and L-P was lifelong and RD played the Harmonica for LP’s songs in “Dosti” and Laxmikant made an appearance as himself in “Teri Kasam” which had music by RD.

So, let us remember Laxmikant with this song number 2 of the “Saalaana List Of BGM” or Binaca Geetmala Annual List. It was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Shailendra Singh.



Song-Ham tum ek kamre mein band hon aur chaabhi kho jaaye(Bobby)(1973) Singers-Shailendra, Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


baahar se koi andar na aa sake
andar se koi baahar na jaa sake
socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya hon
socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho
hum tum mmmm
ek kamre mein band hon oo
aur chaabhi kho jaaye
hum tum ek kamre mein band hon oo
aur chaabhi kho jaaye
tere nainon ki bhool bhulaiyya mein
bobby kho jaaye
hum tum ek kamre mein band hon
aur chaabhi kho jaaye

aage ho ghanghor andhera
baaba mujhe dar lagta hai
peechhe koi daaku lutera
kyun dara rahe ho

aage ho ghanghor andhera
peechhe koi daaku lutera
upar bhi jaana ho mushqil
neeche bhi aana ho mushqil
socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho
socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho
hum tum
kahin ko jaa rahe hon oo
aur rasta bhool jaayen
o ho
ham tum kahin ko jaa rahe hon
aur rasta bhool jaayen
teri bainyaan ke jhoole mein sainyaan
bobby jhool jaaye

hum tum ek kamre mein band hon
aur chaabhi kho jaaye

aa haa aaa
aa haa aaa
aa aa aaa
aa aa aa aa aa

basti se door
parbat ke peechhe
masti mein choor ghane pedon ke neeche
andekhi anjaani si jagah ho
bas ek hum hon
dooji hawa ho
socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho
socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho

hum tum
ek jangal se guzren
aur sher aa jaaye
hum tum ek jangal se guzren
aur sher aa jaaye
sher se main kahoon
tumko chhod ke
mujhe kha jaaye
hum tum ek kamre mein band hon
aur chaabhi kho jaaye

aise kyun khoye khoye ho
jaage ho ki soye huye ho

kya hoga kal kis ko khabar hai
thhoda sa mere dil mein yeh darr hai
socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho
socho kabhi aisa ho toh kya ho
ham tum
yoonhi hans khel rahe hon
aur aankh bhar aaye
tere sar ki qasam tere gham se
bobby mar jaaye

hum tum ek kamre mein band hon
aur chaabhi kho jaaye
tere nainon ki bhool bhulaiyya mein
bobby kho jaaye

hum tum mmm
hum tum mmmm
ek kamre mein band hon oooo
ek kamre mein band hon ooo
aur chaabhi kho jaaye
aur chaabhi kho jaaye
aur chaabhi kho jaaye
aur chaabhi
kho jaaye
kho jaaye

5 Responses to "Ham tum ek kamre mein band hon aur chaabhi kho jaaye"

It is really a pleasant surprise how this song escaped the eyes of lovers of 70s songs in the land of Atulites !
I like this song.


atuldom keeps discovering gems of old times. this was comparatively new only 45 years old. would have made an entry in a few years


LP did justice to the project and continued the RK tradition of the movies being grand musicals. What a score!
Every song,be it by the veterans Lata and Manna Dey,or the newbies, Shailendra Singh and Chanchal, created waves and are loved to this day.
SSS and Prem Rog,too, were wonderful.
In a surprising move,it was Ravindra Jain for Ram Teri Ganga Maili and he too rose up to the challenge.


What an iconic song from an iconic movie!!!

Pleasantly surprised that this gem was not posted till now!

Good one Nalini Ji!!!


audio link


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