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Tum chaahe hamko pasand na karo

Posted on: June 1, 2019

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Peevesie’s mom is one blog regular who keeps in touch with me on phone almost on a regular basis. Nearly one month ago, she phoned to enquire whether my daughter was at Mumbai seeing that summer vacations had started in Mumbai colleges. So I informed her that my daughter, and also my wife, were on their way to join me for their respective vacations.

So it came as no surprise to Peevesie’s mom when my posts during the last month were reduced to a trickle.

Day before yesterday, Peevesie’s mom phoned me informing me that she had sent a late article in the evening and whether I would be able to post it. I informed her that I was on the job. She enquired why I was not posting my articles in the blog. I was posting guest articles all right but she was interested about my “man ki baat”” kind of articles. I informed her that my wife was still around and I would be able to post by “well” researched article only after I am away from the watchful eyes of my wife, which would be from the afternoon of 1 june 2019. 🙂

Then the talk veered to the TV programme that I was watching. She asked whether I was watching the world cup cricket match or the swearing in ceremony of Indian ministers. I informed her that I was watching the later, viz the swearing in ceremony.

We agreed that Indians were busy for the last one month and a half in General elections and now they would get busy following cricket world cup for the next one month and a half. Peevesie’s mom is not aware that I would stay busy after the cricket world cup as well, seeing that Premier Kabaddi League would start immediately after cricket world cup.

My wife stayed with me for nearly one month and she is leaving in the afternoon. So the excuse of there being no time for blogging will no longer be there for me. 🙂

There are lots of topics that I would have loved to discuss but I could not find time. I can even hold forth on a subject like “JCK ki khudaai” if I can find time and I apply my mind to it. 🙂 Yesterday, I was actually invited to watch “JCB ki khudaai” inside my workplace. 🙂

Right now, I was trying to post one article a day. Hopefully I will be in a position to be able to post several articles a day which used to happen so regularly in the past. I could try to turn the clock back a decade, when there used to be six or seven songs a day everyday. 🙂

“Badalte Rishte”(1978) was directed by R Jhalani for Vijayshree pictures Bombay. The movie had Jeetendra, Rishi Kapoor, Reena Roy, Asrani, A K Hangal, Pinchoo Kapoor, Shubha Khote, Urmila Bhatt, Deena pathak, Master Raju, Omkar, Madan Joshi, Pardesi, Raja Duggal, Makhan Singh, Chandar Dhaani, Chandra Prabha, etc in it, with new discoveries Shashi Bala Saxena and Rachna Bhatt.

The movie had five songs in it. Two songs have been covered in the past.

This song, the third song from the movie, is sung by Kishore Kumar and Suman Kalyanpur. Anjaan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

This “naa naa followed by haan haan” kind of “iqraar” song is picturised on Rishi Kapoor and Reena Roy.

This movie is from 1978, a year when I becan to watch movies with a vengeance. But I did not watch this movie and I was not aware of this song. So this song is a “new”song for me and I haerd this song for the first time today, more than four decades after this song was created.



Song-Tum chaahe hamko pasand na karo (Badalte Rishte)(1978) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


tum chaahe humko pasand na karo
par tum humko pasand ho
pasand ho
par tum humko pasand ho
chhaliya jo sau sau roop badle ae ae
wo humen kaise pasand ho
pasand ho
wo humen kaise pasand ho

chhaanv jaise baadal ki
dhoop jaise saawan ki
waise na jaane kis pal tum badlo
baat jaise sapne ki
rang jaise mausam ka
waise na jaane kis pal
tum badlo

deewaane ko kyun tadpaana
tum jo humen dil se pasand kar lo
apni to kismat buland ho
buland ho
apni to kismat buland ho
chhaliya jo sau sau roop badle ae ae
wo humen kaise pasand ho
pasand ho
wo humen kaise pasand ho

bin soche dil kho ke
pyaar mein paagal hoke
tum in bahaaron mein kabhi ee khoyi nahin
ye bahaaren bolengi
bhed dil ke kholengi
dil mein tumhaare siva to koi nahin
laakh manaaya dil na maana
hum kaise tumko pasand na karen
jab tum dil ko pasand ho
pasand ho
haan tum dil ko pasand ho
haan tum humko pasand ho
pasand ho
haan tum humko pasand ho

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Atul ji,
Same pinch!
I had watched hundreds of movies in my early childhood in Dharwad district of Karnataka. Shifted to native place in the early 70s ,as a 7th standard boy. Movie seeing became a rare occasion. Only in holidays or so.
Come 1978 , and as a first year Medical College student I saw movies with a vengeance..of course,not neglecting the studies. New releases in Hindi, English , all South Indian languages; re-release of old ones. Good,bad, excellent.. everything!
BADALTEY RISHTEY was an above average fare… there was something about Kundli etc., right? The songs were well liked. I remember the full lyrics of the title song, the beautiful ‘ Mere sanson ko jo mehka..’, Gumsum si khoyi khoyi and Woh woh na rahe jiske liye hum the bekarar… But, this song? I neither remember seeing it nor hearing it!!
I was always curious to know how Anuradha Paudwal and Suman Kalyanpur were in the album! Any explanations?


Dr saab, same pinch to you too.
i remember all the songs you have mentioned except this song. only place where there is no same pinch is i have seen this movie only on TV. and yes, the villain of this story was Kundali


Suman Kalyanpur was around ,in late seventies
You can feel the presence of her voice in following movies
1975 Dafa 302 (Laxmi pyare)
1976 Nagin(Laxmi Pyare)
1976 Shankar Shambhu(Kalyanji Anandji)
1977 Aakhri goli(Kalyanji Anandji)
1977 Jay vejay(Rajesh Roshan)
1978 Kala Aadmi(Laxmi Pyare)
1978 Dillagi(Rajesh Roshan)
1979 Dada(Usha Khanna)
1980 Chunaoti(Laxmi Pyare)
1980 Unnees Bees(Rajesh Roshan)
1981 Kasam Bhawani ki(Usha Khanna)
1981 Naseeb(Laxmi pyare)
1981 Khuda kasam(Laxmi Pyare)
1981 Aapas Ki baat(Anu Malik)
1983 Rachna(C.K.Chauhan)
1984 Yaadon ki zanjeer(Rajesh Roshan)
1988 Veerana(Bappi Lahiri)
(Further Suman was with laxmi pyare from their 1967 Farz Days)

and as far as for Anuradha Paudhwal aka Anuradha:
(Anuradha in her starting days, used to be a dummy singer for Lata Mangeshkar`s songs under laxmi pyare`s baton)
also she was with Laxmi pyare from
(that means Anuradha got to sing one or two lines or sometimes a whole song) in following movies with Laxmi pyare
1976 Jaaneman
1977 Kachcha Chor
1978 Daku Aur Jawan
1978 Amar Shakti
1978 Aahuti
1979 Jaani Dushman
1979 Yuvaraj
from here onwards
Anuradha Paudhwal/Anuradha got many chances of singing with Laxmi Pyare
and then upto 1983 Hero(her major release with Laxmi Pyare)


Further the producer of Badaltey Rishtey is actor Soodesh Kumar aka Sudesh kumar
Suman Kalyanpur in his previous production 1971 Man Mandir(Remember Munna Jayega Bazaar picturised on Waheeda)

Of course the above fact is the result of my fertile imagination, need not be a true fact 🙂

and further
during those days Asha/Lata are singing most of the songs,
beech beech mein, aissey albums mein
Suman Kalyanpur/Usha Timoty/Anuradha/Hemlata/Chandrani Mukherjee/Dilraj Kaur/Vani Jairam/S.Janaki/
Aarathi Mukherjee/Shyama Chittar/Krishna Kalle/Sulakshana Pandit/Preethi Sagar/Alka yagnik/Kanchan/Sharada Sinha/Sudha Malhotra/Usha mangeshkar/Minoo Purushottam/Behroz Chatterjee etc singers ko ek ya do gaane mil hi jaate the………………ye fact bhi meri fertile imagination ke upaj hai, need not be a true fact………


Further another fact I noticed that(for those who are interested in this trivia)
Laxmi Pyare used Suman`s voice in 2 following songs with 2 male playback singers: in
1)Badaltey rishtey(1978)
Suman,Rafi,Kishore:”na jaane kaisey pal mein badal jaate hai, ye duniya ke badalte rishthe”
Suman,Dr.Kamalesh Awasthi,Anwar:”Zindagi Imthihan leti hai,logon ki jaan lethi hai”


Peevesie’s Mum ji & Prakash Chandra ji,
Thank you.
I was aware of the Suman Kalyanpur songs in NAAGIN, DADA and NASEEB, and not the remaining. We,as students,had seen the shooting of a song for DILLAGI at Mysore. Later we saw the movie,too. Very average compared to the other Basu Chatterjee movies of the time.


Thanks Pradeep ji
for writing about Mysore shooting of movie Dillagi


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