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Jab toone kuchh na kiyaa

Posted on: July 19, 2019

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Blog Day : 4018 Post No. : 15126

Throughout the year, this blog notes anniversaries of various artistes. We celebrate their birth anniversaries, we remember, and observe with respect, their death anniversaries.

We occasionally also celebrate birthdays of Atulites here.

But there is one date that we all celebrate every year with a lot of love.

And that is this blog’s own birthday.

Yes, today, the 19th of July is the birthday of this blog.

This is the date, 11 years ago, that Atul, who started this blog, posted its very first song “mile na phool to kaanton se dosti kar li”. A beautiful song, written by Kaifi Azmi saab, composed by Roshan, and rendered in Rafisaab’s voice.

What an auspicious start to the blog!

Since then, now a veteran of over 15000 songs, this blog continues to go strong, adding more treasures to its already abundant treasure-chest, and attracting visitors from around the globe.

At last count, the number of hits on the blog was close to 12 million!

Clearly, this blog has established itself as the go-to source for HFM lovers, especially those interested in accurate song lyrics, and with a desire to engage themselves also with a write-up associated with the song.

Over these years, starting as a one-song-a-day blog, it has evolved into multiple-songs-a-day, with a whole lot of features added to it over this period of time.

During the course of this journey, another very important development (at least for some of us here), is the formation of this group called Atulites.

It is nothing fancy as such. Atul started this journey 11 years ago, and there have been many who have visited the blog and enjoyed its content. But a few of us, have been regulars here over the years, either writing comments, or posts. We have developed a bond over the years, thanks to the blog. Many of us have had an opportunity to meet each other in person. Since it all started with Atul, we call ourselves Atulites. 🙂

As someone who has known this blog from day one, it is a great joy for me to see this blog now complete 11 years.

I’ve said this many times – but I will say it again – this blog is unlike any other blog out there. Most blogs don’t last beyond a few months or years. And even then, the posting on these blogs is sporadic. Maybe a post every few weeks, or even months.

This is mainly because it takes a lot of effort and time to post regular content on a blog. Yes, if it’s earning significant money for the author, or promotes him or her in any way, that might be motivation to keep posting. But otherwise, it loses steam, and ends up neglected.

Here, Atul has ensured that this blog has posts almost every single day since it was started. Sure, there have been the odd days without posts, but these have been very few over this 11-year period. This is truly remarkable – and is a testament to Atul’s dedication and discipline.

We must remember, and stress here, that this blog is a “labour of love” for Atul. Had it been a commercial venture, one can understand so much time and effort spent on it. But for Atul, it has just been his passion and love that has kept the blog going for all this while, with daily updates.

I must add here that, in the last few years, Atul has been helped in this process by the one and only Sudhir ji. Together they form a great team, ensuring the blog is always buzzing.
I can’t thank both of them enough for what they do for the blog.

Then there are the other contributors also who enrich the blog greatly by their contributions. Arunji is the first name that comes to mind, but there is a whole host of others – they know who they are. 🙂 Everyone has contributed in his, or her, own way to the blog.

All in all, it has been a wonderful 11-year journey. I am very glad to have been part of it, to have learnt so many songs I’d never heard before, and to have met so many wonderful people, thanks solely to this blog.

So a big thank you to Atul for this.

Even as I type this, it has just struck me that the IPL also started in 2008. The final was played on 1st June 2008 – and this blog started on 19th July 2008. I wonder whether there is a connection. Did the IPL inspire Atul to start this blog? 🙂

Now, quickly avoiding the brickbats coming my way for posing that last question, am moving on to the song for today.

I wanted a fun, lively, song because it is a happy occasion.

And, as usual, I went looking for a song from the era I am most comfortable with, while hunting for songs. That is, the 1970s. Often I come across a song that might not have been all that famous, but is special to me because I remember it from that time, and it brings back memories.

Today’s song is one such. It is from the film Dharkan (1972).

Now this film is one I distinctly remember seeing in my childhood. I remember liking it a lot too at that time. It had a different type of storyline.

From what I remember, the story was about a man travelling with his friend by train, to meet another long-lost friend (who happens to be very rich). This friend in the train gets greedy and kills this man. He then poses as him, and meets the long-lost friend, hoping to swindle him of his wealth. Of course, he needs to be careful not to get exposed.

I don’t remember the details now, but after some initial success, he begins to arouse suspicions about his identity.

The picturisation of this song reflects one such situation. As we can see, Helen and Sanjay Khan are taunting Roopesh Kumar, hinting to him that they know what he has done.

I need to see this film again – though it’s quite possible I might not like it now. 🙂 It happens sometimes that you see a film that you’d last seen decades ago – and it doesn’t have the same appeal anymore.

The moment I heard this song though, I immediately remembered the movie. It is classic Asha Bhosle, though the composer is not RD Burman, but Ravi. I remember this song very well from that time, though I’m not sure if it was popular then. The most popular song of this film was “main to chala, jidhar chale rasta” (which has already been posted here). This is the second song of the film to be posted here.

The video ends a bit abruptly, so the audio is included.

I hope you enjoy this song.

Here’s wishing the blog a very happy birthday – and many more to come.



Song-Jab toone kuchh na kiya (Dhadkan)(1972) Singers-Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Ravi


Pa pa pa paisa
Sa sa sa daulat
Haasil karne ke liye
Jab toone kuchh na kiya
Kyun daraa daraa sa hai
Deewaane kyun daraa daraa sa hai

Kyun daraa daraa sa hai
Deewaane kyun daraa daraa sa hai

Jab toone kuchh na kiya
Kyun daraa daraa sa hai
Deewaane kyun daraa daraa sa hai

Kyun daraa daraa sa hai
Deewaane kyun daraa daraa sa hai

Waise to
Sab kuchh
Dekha hai
Duniya ki mehfil mein

Koi bhi
Jaane na
Kiske kya hai dil mein
Kaun bhala yahaan kaun buraa hai

O ho ho
Kaatil hai kaun yahaan kisko pataa hai
O ho ho
Kaun bhala yahaan kaun buraa hai
Kaatil hai kaun yahaan kisko pataa hai

O ho
Chehre ka tere kyun rang udaa hai
Jab toone ae ae ae
kuchh na kiya aa
Kyun daraa daraa sa hai
Deewaane kyun daraa daraa sa hai

Kyun daraa daraa sa hai
Deewaane kyun daraa daraa sa hai

Hai jhootha to
Arrey jhootha hai
Kab tak
asli roop chhupaayega

khooni to
khooni hai
ek din
pakda hi jaayega
O o
phool jo todaa toone phir wo khila hai

Diya bujhaaya tha jo phir wo jalaa hai
Phool jo todaa toone phir wo khila hai
Diya bujhaaya tha jo phir se jalaa hai

Tera hi kaal tere saamne khadaa hai

Jab toone kuchh na kiya
Kyun daraa daraa sa hai
Deewaane kyon daraa daraa sa hai ae

Kyun daraa daraa sa hai
Deewaane kyon daraa daraa sa hai

Pa pa pa paisa
Sa sa sa daulat
Haasil karne ke liye

2 Responses to "Jab toone kuchh na kiyaa"

How very apt. The day has begun with। a post by the first follower of the blog.
Congratulations ASAD a.k.a Atulsongaday.
This post is cent per cent on the dot about the collective feelings of its followers.
And the song selected is so nice. Pushing us into dance and party mood.
If my memory is right master alankar puts on an act of some kind of supernatural powers in this movie

Liked by 1 person

Congratulations Atul ji Atulites & of course ASAD! It indeed has been great blog & it has given so much pleasure & information! Thanks a ton to Atul ji, Sudhir ji Arun ji & all contributors!


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