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Mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam

Posted on: August 4, 2019

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This article is the 300th article written by Peevesie’s mom in the blog.

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Happy Friendship day to all in Atuldom

As I have said in my post last year, the first Sunday of August is celebrated in many parts of the world as Friendship day. All the proverbs or sayings connected with Friends and Friendship come rushing to the mind viz. “a friend in need is a friend indeed”; “a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”; “every gift from your friend is a wish for your happiness”; “a friends’ eye is like a good mirror”; etc.

At the same time I can recollect numerous songs from Bollywood connected with friendship and friends like “doston se pyaar kiya dushmanon se badle liya” (which subsequently Usha Uthup used to sing as “doston se pyaar kiya dushmano se bahut pyaar kiya” in all her concerts); “ae yaar sun yaari teri mujhe zindagi se bhi pyaari hai”; and the most popular of them all- “ye dosti hum nahin todenge”.

It is really fortunate to have friends on whom one can rely. It is an experience where in, one can just pick up the phone and begin talking as if there was no break in the one-to-one interaction, or any lapse of time in between one meeting or chat and another. And I must say I experienced it. So much so, that around the beginning of June a few friends of mine from my college days decided to meet up at the place of one amongst us and spend a few days together.

Much like the gangout that I had with my blog friends in April end. That gangout was decided at short notice, even the venue changed from Guruji’s place to Kamathji’s place as Guruji had to urgently rush out of Mumbai. It was a hangout that fell in place as Sudhirji intimated that he will be in Mumbai at that time with Bakshishji for company, for almost a week. And I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of meeting the two of them, and made it aware that I will have only a few hours at my disposal before catching my return bus to Bangalore. And the hangout happened with Bharatji, Sudhirji, Bakshishji and Nitinji.

We had a very gracious and efficient host in Kamathji and his family. I simply loved the attention they gave us. Nitinji and Bharatji had already arrived when I reached the venue and then the bell rang. We all expected it to be the Dilliwales but it turned to be our ever-smiling IN-HOUSE ENCYCLOPAEDIA. That was the best surprise that could have been sprung on the gang as we were without information about his location. And the sweet/ cute person that he is, he decided to meet us as soon as he landed in Mumbai – just that morning. Then the Dilliwales walked in and we had quorum so to speak. We managed to spend a joyful time where Sudhirji and Bakshishji spoke of their time well-spent over the last two days doing what we all enjoy- listening to music.

So, when birds of the same feather flock together there is a whole lot of Music, Masti And Magic. (this last 3 Ms is the slogan of one of the many music channels on satellite television). Like it happened when I met my gang of college friends in the heart of summer and the country reeling under temperatures of 40-49 degrees Celsius. But that didn’t stop us from getting out into the sun and seeing a part of the country which we had never visited. And when it got too hot, we just whiled away the time in the comfort of the air-conditioned room, talking of old times and catching up on 30 years of gossip, with platefuls of snacks and mugs full of tea/ coffee. Yes, I had met a particular friend after that many years but we never felt that it was that long back. There was no awkwardness. That is what friends and friendship is about I suppose.

We have numerous Hindi film songs where gangs of girl friends pick up their cycles and go about singing like Saira Banu did in Padosan or Nutan did in Anaari and Chhaliya. Heroes are no different and we have seen Rajendra Kumar in Aas Ka Panchchi; Rishi Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan with their group of friends in Aap Ke Deewane etc. But our movie stars also sing along with their friends in open topped cars and jeeps and we end up having songs like “chaahe koi khush ho chaahe gaaliyan hazaar de”; “Manubhai motor chale pom pom pom”.

Now there is a similarity in the two open topped car songs that I have mentioned. Though the two songs are 24 years apart, and they show the heroes frolicking about they are singing in the same voice. That of Kishore Kumar.

Kishore Kumar who would have been 90 today. Unbelievable!!! But then we are not fortunate to have him amongst us. We are fortunate that we have his songs- songs that tickle us into laughter, bring a smile to our lips, nudge us out of bad moods. And we are grateful to lord almighty for this singer, actor, producer, director and music composer who lived amongst us mortals. Whose friendship with Dev Anand, RD Burman, Rajesh Khanna etc is well known. His voice was instrumental in shaping the careers of many actors till Anil Kapoor, Sunjay Dutt, Kumar Gaurav etc.

Today’s song is from the 1978 Surinder Kapoor produced, Sikandar Khanna directed “Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan” which starred Rishi Kapoor and Moushumi Chatterjee in lead roles with Ashok Kumar, Amjad Khan, Asrani, Ranjeet, Helen, Paintal Mukri, Dr. Shreeram Lagoo etc. Mithun Chakravarthy played one of Rishi Kapoor’s many friends in the movie. The songs were written by Rajinder Krishan and Laxmikant- Pyarelal were the music composers.

I have seen this movie years ago but the story of the movie as given on is as follows (and is accurate I must say) —
Aware that his grandson has acquired all the bad habits of a rich and spoiled brat, including womanizing and alcohol, Lala Ganpat Rai, instructs his lawyers to make it conditional that he, Vishal, shall not receive any money or property from his estate unless he fulfills either of two conditions. One: That he marries a woman of Rai’s choice, Shalini, who shall inherit half of the property; and in order for Vishal to inherit all of the property he must re-locate to their farmhouse in a village, cultivate a piece of land, and grow some crops on it within one year. Needless to say, Vishal is enraged at this, and neither of the two conditions are acceptable to him. However, he reconsiders this, and he and half a dozen friends travel to the village, set a comfortable albeit accommodations, and attempt to cultivate the land. Things do not go as planned, as Vishal and his friends are accused of molesting and raping a village belle, which leads to her suicide. His friends, noticing the changed atmosphere, disappear, leaving Vishal alone to carry out the mammoth task of cultivating the land on his own, without help or support, and angry villagers who may expel him from their village. It looks like Vishal is on his way of losing everything he had ever hoped, prayed, and taken for granted.

From the above story it is evident that friends can make or break one’s life. There is a line in the other song that I have mentioned above

“chaahe koi khush ho chaahe gaaliyan hazaar de” which is how friendships should be

“baant kar jo khaaye us pe apne jaan-o-dil lutaa
jo bachaaye maal us ko jooti’on ka haar de”

Let your heart and your life be beholden
For a buddy who shares his food with you
But for him, who scrimps and keeps safe his things
Be sure to present him with a garland of shoes”

-this I have copy pasted from the post that Sudhirji had written for the song.

Happy Birthday to our Kishore Kumar


Song-Mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam (Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan)(1978) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


ae mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
hey mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
hey mannu bhai motar chali pam pam pam
hey mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
chowpatty jaayenge na bhelpuri khaayenge
chowpatty jaayenge na bhelpuri khaayenge
achhi achhi sooraton se aankhen ladaayenge
halla machaayenge
gulla machaayenge
band baaja baajega dhum dhum dhum
hey mannu bhai motar chali pam pam pam
manu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
chowpatty jaayenge na bhel puri khaayenge
achhi achhi surto se aankhen ladaayenge
halla machaayenge
gulla machaayenge
band baaja baajega dhum dhum dhum
ae mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
hey manu bhai motar chali pam pam pam

yeh kal ki baat hai
la la la laa la la
aankh meri fadki
la la la laa la la
kal ki baat hai aankh meri fadki
jaldi se god mein phir aayi ek ladki
arre kaun thhi wo ladki

maine jab poochha
la la la laa la la
bol tera naam kya
la la la laa la la
toh hans ke woh boli
naam se hai kaam kya
aayi thhi woh dham se
aayi thhi wo dhum se gayi chham chham chham
ae manu bhai motor chale pam pam pam
hey mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
hey manu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
hey mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam

ae eeee
saamne wo dekh re
ae eeee
ek truck aa raha
arre jhoothh mat bol
aa nahin jaa raha

dekho ankh maare laal laal signal
signal ko tod do
baat badi simple

dekho bell bottom gaalon pe dimple
halka sa gaalon pe hai ek pimple
mannu bhai pyaara
bada achcha bhaiyya
chokari ki ?? mein
karega ta tha thaiyya

ta ta trak trak dhun dhunn
ji bi ka ta tha thurain
dhun trak thun dhun
?? tirkit dhaam
hey mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
hey mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
chowpatty jaayenge na bhel puri khaayenge
achchi achchi soorton se aankhen ladaayenge
halla machaayenge
gulla machaayenge
band baaja baajega dhum dhum dhum
ae mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam
hey mannu bhai motor chali pam pam pam

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Congratulations on posting 300 articles.
Here is wishing you many more milestones.
Happy Friendship Day !

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Thank you Atulji for encouraging and posting the first musings I sent in 2012 and that has brought me till here.
Thank you for letting me share my thoughts!


Thank you! Guruji u ve always been encouraging 🙏🙏


Peevesie’s Mom,
Hearty congratulations for your triple century of posts in the Blog. Your centuries have come like test match centuries – slow and steady.

In cricket, the centuries are celebrated. In your case, your centuries comes out of celebrations (and also Remembrance Days) posts.

Jab tak Blog par celebrations hote rahenge, aapki centuries banti rahegi.
Sounds like Salim- Javed dialogue, isn’t it?


😀thank you सदा आनंदजी. You are very kind.
And yes I am slow, and wait for occasions to write. U see that is a motivation for me to look for songs etc



congratulations Madam ji on your triple century

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Thank you! Prakashchandraji 🙏


Congrats for the 300 th post. Looking forward to more. Good wishes.

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Thank you! Shenoyji 🙏


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