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Nadi kinaara ho taaron bhari raaten

Posted on: September 25, 2019

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Today’s song is from film Pyas-41.

The film was made by Murli Movietone. It was directed by Ram Daryani. The lyricist was D N Madhok and the music was by Khemchand Prakash. The cast of the film was Snehprabha Pradhan, Ishwarlal, Nazir, Shamim, Gope, E Bilimoria, Sharifa, Gulab, Khatoon, Majid, Tarabai etc etc. There were 9 songs in the film. One song is already discussed, so today, it will be the second song of the film here. It is a duet sung by the lead pair Snehprabha and Ishwarlal.

Various communities of India contributed to the development of Indian Film Industry. No wonder, we never saw communal feelings in the film world. It is probably the only industry in India, which is truly a Secular one.All communities and religions live here happily together. Every community is, however, identified with a particular state, i.g. Sikhs and Punjabis from Punjab, Bengalis from Bengal, Marathis from Maharashtra etc etc. But there is one community which has no state of its own, still it has been contributing to almost every industry in India whole heartedly. That is SINDHI community.

In film industry too, their contribution is almost in every department – be it production, direction, acting, music or any other form of film making, for that matter. Generally, they are a business community and are highly adaptable to available circumstances. Right from Vithal Panchotia in the early 30s to Ranvir singh Bhavnani in the 2019, their presence as actors, Producers (Sippys), Directors (Mohan Bhavnani), Music composers (Bulo C Rani) to Comedian (Bhudo Advani) is felt in all decades. Brij Rani, Sheila Ramani, Sadhana, Babita and Kitu Gidwani or Gope, Bhudo Advani, Sushil Kumar, Asrani etc are some of the names that come to the mind off hand.

Film Pyas-41 was also directed by one Sindhi – Ram Daryani ( Ram Kamlani was different, he was brother of Gope). Ram Daryani was born on 6-12-1915, at Hyderabad, Sindh Province (now in Pakistan). His early education was done in Sindh and for college education he came to Karachi. Due to intense desire of being in film world, he left studies and joined Eastern Art Production and assisted Moti Gidwani in direction of film Insan ya Shaitan-33. But due to family pressure he had to rejoin college. After some time he again left college for good and started working as assistant director for films Prem Pariksha-34 with G R Sethi, Bharat ki Beti-35 with Premankur Attorthy and Yasmin-35 with H K Shivdasani.

He got his first chance to independently direct the film Baal Hatya aka Khoon E Nahak-35. In the year 1936, he floated his own company Daryani productions and directed films like Sangdil Samaj-36, Prem Murty-36 and Gentleman Daaku-37, for which his brother K S Daryani wrote the stories. In 1938, brother K S Daryani started Krishna Movietone. Ram Daryani closed his company Daryani productions and directed film Zamana-38 for krishna Movietone. The film became a Hit and his name became famous.

He worked for Murli Movietone to direct films like Pyas-41, which celebrated Silver jubilee. His other films were Qurbani-43, Preet-45, Panna Dai-45 and Shravan kumar-46. In all, Ram Daryani directed 23 films. His last film was Chand mere aaja-60. After this he entered Film Distribution business. Ram Daryani died on 7-9-1993. ( adapted from Filmdom-1946).

The Heroine for film Pyas-41 was Snehprabha Pradhan, who was an excellent actress and a good singer. However, she acted in only 17 films in 10 years i.e. 1940 to 1950. After films, she started acting in Marathi dramas and became famous and popular there.

SNEHPRABHA PRADHAN was born on 20-10-1915 in Nagpur,Maharashtra. Her father was Vithalrao and mother was Tarabai.Tarabai was a child widow who grew up in an orphanage and SP’s father married her as a social cause,when he was already 50 yr old.

Like her contemporaries, Shanta Apte and Hansa Wadkar(Ratan Salgaonkar in real life), she too travelled a lot in her first 10 years,to places like Nagpur,Bombay,Poona,Delhi,Calcutta,Lahore etc.

When her father left them and mother was unable to support the family,SP had to seek work.She did small roles in films.One Chimanbahi Desai of Bombay Talkies was a family friend.Through him, she worked and sang in Civil marriage,saubhagya and Sajni.
Her first break as a Heroine came with Punarmilan-1940,opposite Kishore Sahu.They fell in love and married,but within an year she divorced him on grounds of his impotency !

SP was studying,while working too and she became the First woman Graduate from Ferguson college,Poona,in those days !
Even though system was there,still SP was NOT attached to any Studio nor was she on rolls of any Production company.She virtually started the ‘Free Lance working system’ in those days.

She worked in Bombay Talkies,New theatres,with K.A.Abbas,Roop k.Sorey etc.She sang songs with Pahadi Sanyal also.
In the late 40s,she reduced her work in Hindi,as she was more inclined to work on Marathi stage dramas.In 1942 she worked in Marathi film “PAHLI MANGALAGAUR”,in which 10 year old Lata Mangeshkar acted and sang First time in her career. In 1946 SP she acted in Salgirah and sang 6 songs.After this she did “Anmol Moti” in 1949.Then she stopped working in Hindi films. She wrote Screenplay of film “Ladai ke baad”-1943,acted in it and also sang 9 songs in it.

Her name was kept Snehprabha,as a compromise,since her mother could not decide in 2 names-Snehlata or Prabhavati.So the names were combined as Snehprabha. She married Dr.Shirodkar and settled in Bombay,occasionally doing some stage dramas in Marathi. She died on 7-12-1993.

Birha ki Raat-1950. She acted in this film as Dev Anand had expressed his desire to act in a film in which SP was there. Dev Anand was her great fan.He agreed to work with Nargis only on the condition that SP would work with him. Snehprabha Pradhan could not refuse Dev Anand.

There is another name ‘ Khatun ‘ in the cast. Miss Khatun Bano was born and brought up in a poor Muslim family of Lahore. As per the family tradition, she learnt dancing and singing. once, when she was performing on stage in Lahore, the Talent hunter of Sagar movietone spotted her and she was offered a role in a Talkie film- which was a novelty in 1931. Her first film was Abul Hasan-31. Then came Subhadra haran-32, Meerabai-32, Maya Bazar-32 etc etc. In all, she acted in 59 films, till her last film Ibrat-60. She also sang 25 songs in 12 films.

One more interesting actress in the cast was Tarabai. She is none other than the elder sister of famous dancer actress Sitara Devi. Born in 1905, she was a good dancer. She started film career from Silent films like Malti Madhav, Bambai ki sethani etc. She started Talkie films with Vasantsena-31. She played the role of Princess Octavia in film Yahudi ki Ladki-33, along with K L Saigal.

She acted in many films like Shehar ka jadu-34, Savitri 37, Narsi Bhagat-40, Sasural -41. She acted in film Haiwaan-40, along with her two other actress sisters,namely Alaknanda and Sitara Devi. This may be the only Hindi film, in which 3 sisters played roles in one film.

She married co star Marutirao Pehelwan, left films and they settled in Dhule,in Maharashtra. They started a Dairy business. Their son was the famous dancer Gopi Krishna. After husband’s death and winding up of the Dairy business, Tarabai returned to Bombay and started working in films. But now she was reduced to as Junior Artiste (Extra) and got only negligible roles. She lived in Bandra slum. There is no information about her after this.

Film Pyas-41 was a very successful film. It was written by K S Daryani- brother of director Ram Daryani. The film was shot in Ranjit studio. This was the first film of Murli Movietone. The March 1942 issue of Film India magazine reviewed the film and Baburao Patel, for once , was all praise for the film, direction and the acting. The film was released in Imperial Cinema, Bombay on 14-2-1942. While praising the acting of Snehprabha Pradhan, Baburao Patel could not resist the temptation of subtly commenting on her looks, saying, ” she was photographed so nicely that she sometimes looked ‘almost’ beautiful” ! That’s Baburao for you !!.

The story of the film as given in the review is…….

Sethji’s (Nazir) wife is dying due to TB…according to the evil family doctor (E. Billimoria), who wants to marry his niece( Gulab) to Seth ji. He also tries to kill wife and her child. Sensing this, the wife, Menaka (Sharifa) runs away with the child. She hands over the child to a village mukhiya and dies. Seth ji marries the niece of doctor, who starts extracting money from her.

The child grows into a big man-Chiman (Ishwarlal) who loves village belle Radha.

Once Chiman goes to the city and gets to know Seth ji, who employs him. Seth ji’s niece Rupa starts loving him. Once by accident , Chiman comes to know that he is Seth ji’s son. Seth ji is happy and throws a party in which the engagement of Rupa (Shamim) is announced. Chiman is craving for Radha. Radha comes to know these matters and comes to city. Rupa realises their true love and sacrifices. Chiman and Radha unite.

Today’s song’s mukhada is ” Nadi kinara ho “. This “Nadi kinara” was very popular amongst the lyricists of the 30s and 40s, because I found so many songs having this beginning of songs, till even the 50s. Somehow this went on diminishing later. I guess the lovers stopped going to the Rivers or may be they preferred a Mall or a Multiplex than going to the ‘Nadi kinara’, battling the traffic jams !

Song- Nadi kinaara ho taaron bhari raaten (Pyaas)(1941) Singers-Snehprabha Pradhan, Ishwarlal , Lyrics- D N Madhok, MD- Khemchand Prakash


Nadi kinaara ho o o
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
Nadi kinaara ho o o
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten

moh hamse karen aur chori se munh na taaken
moh hamse karen aur chori se munh na taaken
yaad dilaayen
beeti huyi baaten
yaad dilaayen
beeti huyi baaten
Nadi kinaara ho o o
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten

kabhi wo kabhi main roothh jaaun
kabhi Radha kabhi main manaaun
kabhi wo kabhi main roothh jaaun
kabhi Radha kabhi main manaaun
main na maanoon
na maanoon
na maanoon
tere jee ki main jaanoon
main na maanoon
na maanoon
na maanoon
jee dil ki main jaanoon
na jaanoon

Nadi kinaara ho o o
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten
taaron bhari raaten


4 Responses to "Nadi kinaara ho taaron bhari raaten"

Some people did go to Nadi kinara in the 60s and beyond…Ye raaten Ye mausam Nadi ka kinara, Nadiya kinare herai aayee kangna, Nadiya kinare ek banglow, Nadiya kinare pe Hamra bhagaan…..
Of course, I know you know all of these and some more. Yours was just an observation, and, right one,too. Songs on Nadi Kinara reduced after the 60s.
I can’t resist mentioning the parody from SHARARAT, 1972, with the unusual combination of Manhar Udhas, Shamshad Begum, Rafi and ? ( Please let me know the fourth voice).
Hasrat Jaipuri, Ganesh.
Nadi ka kinara mendak kare shot
Jiyarare kaampe aise
Jaise thane mein ho chor…..


Dr.Shetty ji,
Thanks for your comments.
The 4th voice belongs to unknown female.


Ye raaten Ye mausam Nadi ka kinara, Ye hawa ye Nadi ka kinara….at the tail end of the 50s, yes.


Ignore the Nadiya kinare that came in place of Dariya Kinare!!!!
I should look twice before leaping into a Nadi or a Dariya!


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