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Dekh to dil ke jaan se uthhta hai

Posted on: December 26, 2019

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Commemorating Naushad Sahab’s 100th birth anniversary on 25th December 2019 :
Naushad Sahab’s journey as a music director is an astounding journey of 65 years beginning from 1940 to 2005. This is as in active working career. Born in Lucknow on 25th December, 1919, he completed his journey of the mortal existence on 5th May, 2006, in Mumbai. He is described as a composer, music director, film producer, writer, and a poet. Also credited for being the major contributor towards incorporating Hindustani classical into film music right from the 40’s.

I have just now found a portion of the thumri extracted from the movie “Paakezah” where it plays in the background in one of the scene’s. I have often seen references to the lost thumris of “Paakeezah”. They all have been used in the film in different scenes.

This particular thumri is having a famous ghazal by Mir Taqi Mir ‘dekh to dil ke jaan se utthtaa hai … dhuaan sa kahan se utthtaa hai”. This ghazal has been immortalized by many singers in recorded version too. One of those versions by Mehdi Hasan was used in the background of one scene in Sai Pranjpe’s “Chashme Bad-door”. That also is a one memorable scene, where the friends sharing accommodation in Delhi, sharing much more including their cigarette’s are Farooq Shaikh, Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani, while this ghazal is playing in the background. The full ghazal’s link is here.

I am giving the link here as those interested can see the full ghazal and can try and understand the spirit of it through meaning of words and terms also.

In the stats page, there are 3 songs credited to Mir Taqi Mir, so this should be the fourth. Two songs namely Patta patta boota boota from “Ek nazar” and dikhaayi diye yoon ke bekhud kiya I could connect with Mir Taqi Mir. Third one I couldn’t find.

He finds mention in this Mirza Ghalib Sha’ir:

Rekhte ke ek tumhi ustaad nahi Ghalib
Kehte hain agle zamaane mein koi ‘Mir’ bhi thha
Actually in the portion of this ghazal used in the film is only two sha’irs with words in the matla’a changed. Actual words are like this :
ishq ik ‘Mir’ bhari patthar hai
kab ye tujh na-tawaan se utthta hai

Here is the word “na-tawaan”. I have just recently written a hindi poem, which has this word “na-tawaan”, which I simply must share here.

जो मैं सुनती हूँ अँधेरों में
वो आहट, क्या तुम्हें भी सूनाई देती है
इन दीवारों की गहरी खौफनाक दराडों में
अनगिनत नातवां चींटियाँ दफन हैं
इन चींटियों को क्या हक़ था
की वो महलों के ख्वाब देखतीं
खुद को बुलबुल जान कर
गुलिस्ताँ में चहचहाती
क्या यह उनका अपना गुलिस्ताँ था
फिर क्यूँ वो इतना खिलखिलाती थीं ?
फिर जो भारी गूंज उठी गुलिस्ताँ में
बुलबुलों का चहचहाना बंद हो गया
क्यूंकी एक खूबसूरत इमारत जो बननी थी
उस में कुछ खुश्क रंगों की ज़रूरत थी
अति सुंदर, रंगीन, अंतिम लिबादा ओढ़े
सामने वही खूबसूरत इमारत खड़ी है
जो मैं सुनती हूँ अँधेरों में
वो आहट, क्या तुम्हें सूनाई देती है ।
——- x ——–

This small portion of the ghazal in thumri format is composed by Naushad and singer is Naseem Chopra. This song is a debut for Naseem Chopra in the blog, as her name is not featuring in the ‘stats’ page.

Audio :

Video :

Song-Dekh to dil ke jaan se uthhaa hai (Paakeezah)(1971) Singer-Naseem Chopra, Lyrics-Mir Taqi Mir, MD-Naushad


Dekh to dil ke jaan se utthtaa hai ae
Ye dhuaan sa kahaan se utthtaa hai
Ye dhuaan sa kahaan se utthtaa hai
Ishq ek ‘Mir’ bhaari patthar hai
Ishq ek ‘Mir’ bhaari patthar hai
Bojh itnaa kahaan se utthtaa hai
Ye dhuaan sa kahaan se utthtaa hai

Devnagri script lyrics (Provided by nahm)

देख तो दिल के जाँ से उठता है
ये धुआँ सा कहाँ से उठता है
ये धुआँ सा कहाँ से उठता है
इश्क़ एक ‘मीर’ भारी पत्थर है
इश्क़ एक ‘मीर’ भारी पत्थर है
बोझ इतना कहाँ से उठता है
ये धुआँ सा कहाँ से उठता है

3 Responses to "Dekh to dil ke jaan se uthhta hai"

Nahm Ji. Thanks for the post. Loved both audio & video links. Endearing Thumri.
It is not clear if Naushad composed it for ‘Pakeeza’ or his earlier composition is re-used in the movie. As I remember MD of ‘Pakeeza’ was Ghulam Mohd.


Ghulam Mohammad died before the movie could be completed. So Naushad was signed up as the music director for balance songs.


Oh, I was not aware.


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