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Hum hain raahi pyaar ke phir milenge chalte chalte

Posted on: May 3, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

May 3 is not any celebrities birthday going by the listings on the anniversaries page of the blog. But a more important date for followers of movies. That was the date when the first Indian movie released in the year 1913.

“Raja Harishchandra” directed and produced by Shri. Dhundiraj Govind Phalke a.k.a Dadasaheb Phalke, was a silent film that released in Bombay’s Coronation Cinematograph and Variety Hall, Girgaon on 3rd May 1913 after a Premier at Olympia Theatre on 21st April. This was the genesis of the Indian Film Industry which has been entertaining generations since then. The movies, as we have come to love, has thrown up stories that are inspired from our mythology, history, real-life experiences etc. There are fans for a “Jai Santoshi Maa” as well as “Sholay”. I remember that when the Malayalam movie “Swami Ayyappan” came to the theatres in Bombay (it had hit the marquee in 1975 in Kerala) Manoj Kumar’s “Kranti” had also released and our family chose to see the Malayalam movie as it gave us an insight into the life and times of the lord Ayyappa.

Today we are having a song, from a movie, whose title is inspired from a famous song of the late 70s. The director of the movie was a person who has grown up in the film industry (so to say) as he is the son of a famous producer-director. The cast is headed by a fan of movies who himself has a huge fan-following.

I am talking of a song from the 2008 released “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” (meaning “Match made in the heavens”) which was written and directed by Aditya Chopra, son of Yash Chopra who was also the producer of the film. And I need not add that Yash Chopra was a successful producer- director who began his innings in the film industry in the 50s. The movie had a cast headed by Anushka Sharma and Shahrukh Khan.

Today’s song happens when the lead pair have gone to see movie. “A cinema inside a cinema” as I would like to put it. The lady- Taani (Anushka) is bored with the proceedings on the screen. Then she imagines that one of her acquaintances has jumped on to the screen and then the whole atmosphere perks up. He says: “Taani partner do not fear when Raj is here. Humne bhi Ishq ke ustaadon se seekha hai” (I think those are his exact words). And then the song starts.

IMHO this song can claim to be fully inspired by all the preceding generations of actors and actresses. We have Shahrukh Khan and Kajol beginning the song as Raj Kapoor and Nargis, this is followed by Shahrukh as Dev Anand and Bipasha Basu as Sadhana. Then we have Lara Dutta as Helen to Shahrukh’s Shammi Kapoor act which is followed by Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore by SRK and Preity Zinta. The song has SRK and Rani Mukherjee reminding us of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. So basically we go down memory lane as we see this song and try and relive the 50s, 60s and 70s.

I must complement the lyricist Jaideep Sahni for coming up with a song that had to have pre-existing words/lyrics/thoughts. One must not miss how “Babu Moshai” has fitted beautifully into the song. Also worth mentioning the art director’s and set designer’s contributions. They have done so much detailing- we should not miss the book that Preity as Sharmila Tagore is trying to read. It is called “Amar Prem” and has a photo of Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore from “Aradhana” in the song ‘Kora kaagaz tha ye mann mera’. Also we should not miss the huge Raj Kapoor hat at the start of the song as also the Dev Anand Cap, the eye from where the Shammi Kapoor segment starts and finally the long scarfs/mufflers that Rishi Kapoor used to sport and the steps that he and Neetu were exponents of. We should not forget the choreographer too. The composers Salim-Suleiman have also showed that they have also grown up on this fodder. They had an unenviable task of making a song from the music that was tuned by the legends of Bollywood and also not make a bad rehash.

Let us also enjoy this tribute to the great Ustaads (masters).

P.S: After I wrote this post I realized that 3rd May also happens to be Nargis’s death anniversary. It is 39 years since her passing and it was Dadasaheb Phalke’s birth anniversary on 30th April 1870- 150th birthdate.



Song-Hum hain raahi pyaar ke phir milenge chalte chalte(Rab ne bana di jodi)(2008) Singer-Sonu Nigam, Lyrics-Jaideep Sahni, MD-Salim Suleman



(music uses awaara’s signature tune)

pyaar huwa ikraar huwa
jeena yahaan marna yahaan
inn baahon ko
inn raahon ko
chhod ye chhaliya jaaye kahaan
maana dil toh hai anaari,
yeh awaara hi sahi
are bol radha bol sangam hoga ke nahin
har janam mein
rang badal ke
khwaabon ke pardo pe hum khilte
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
phir milenge chalte chalte
ham hai raahi pyaar ke
phir milenge chalte chalte

(here “Yeh dil na hota bechaara” tune is used)

dil ka bhanwar kare
kare pukaar jab
pyaar kisi se hota hai
jiya o jiya kuchh bol do
ab dard sa dil mein hota hai
tidli yoo
tidli yoo
oo tere ghar ke saamne ghar banaaunga
toota hi sahi
pal bhar ke liye koi humein pyaar karle
jhootha hi sahi
jhootha hi sahi,
haay jhootha hi sahi ee
har janam mein
rang badal ke
khwaabon ke pardo pe hum khilte ae
ham hain raahi pyar ke
phir milenge chalte chalte
ham hain raahi pyaar ke ae
phir milenge chalte chalte


(here “o haseena zulfonwaali” tune is used)

oh haseena
zulfonwaali jaane jahaan
chaahe mujhko
junglee keh de saara jahaan
ho mehfil mehfil tu phire,
yaahoo yaahoo dil kare
mehfil mehfil tu phire,
yaahoo yaahoo dil kare
badan pe sitaare lapete huwe
har janam mein
rang badal ke
khwaabon ke pardo pe hum khilte
ham hain raahi pyaar ke
phir milenge chalte chalte
ham hain raahi pyar ke
phir milenge chalte chalte

babu moshai ( Rajesh Khanna’s voice)
(here the tune is “sapnon ki raani kab aayegi tu)
hooo hehe haaa
hey jai jai shiv shankar,
kaanta laage na kankar
chaahe kuchh kar le zamaana
mere jeevan saathi
mere sapnon ki rani
zindagi safar hai suhaana
hey kuchh to log kahenge,
na suna keejiye
hey chain aaye mere dil ko
duwa keejiye
hey har janam mein
rang badal ke
khwaabon ke pardon pe hum khilte ae
ham hain raahi pyar ke
phir milenge chalte chalte
ham hai raahi pyar ke
phir milenge chalte chalte

papa papapa paaa
papa papapa paaa
zu zu zu zuuu zuuu
zuuu zuuu zu zu zu

(here tune is from “bachna ae haseeno”)

darde dil darde jigar,
zamaane ko dikhaana hai
darde dil darde jigar,
zamaane ko dikhaana hai
hum kisi se kum nahin hai,
tujhko yeh bataana hai
ye waada raha,
oh meri chaandni ee
har janam mein
rang badal ke
khwaabon ke pardon pe hum khilte
ham hain raahi pyar ke
phir milenge chalte chalte
hey ham hain raahi pyaar ke ae
ah ah ah
chalte chalet ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae
aa chalte chalte
hum hain raahi pyaar ke ae
phir milenge chalte chalte

1 Response to "Hum hain raahi pyaar ke phir milenge chalte chalte"

Nalini Ji, thanks for the post & for reminding about a song & dance sequence, by describing smaller details that one might have missed in the overall flow, while watching it initially ( as in my case)
I am referring to the details pointed out about sets, attire, immediately recognisable items ( Raj Kapoors & Dev Amanda hat s) use of pre existing words / thoughts associated with those iconic stars in the lyrics etc..
Yes, I watched with new found insight & enjoyed.

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