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Man mera udta jaaye

Posted on: May 7, 2020

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Today (7 may 2020) is the 159th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore (7 May 1861- 7 August 1941).

Everyone knows a lot about Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. He was not just a Nobel Prize winning poet, his acccomplishments, achievements and influence go much more farther than that. Curiously, his influence on our life is often subtle and goes unnoticed. But it is very much there.

He has influenced Indian movies, including Hindi movies as well. He was in fact the person writing the national anthem of India (and subsequently Bangladesh as well). The national anthem of India was already included in a Hindi movie called “Hamraahi”(1945) beore it could become national anthem. So, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore got credited as a lyricist and music director in this Hindi movie posthumously, but before India could achieve her independence.

Rabindranath Tagore created a modern genre of Bangla music that took elements of Western music (western instruments, western notations etc) and combined it with the traditional folk music of Bangla. This fusion is today known as Rabindrasangeet. He himself created about 2000 songs based on Rabindrasangeet.

While most of these songs were non film songs, quite a few such songs were created for Bangla films. Even some Hindi movies had such songs, where tune remained same but lyrics were translated in Hindi.

The above mentioned “Hamraahi”(1945), which was the Hindi remake of ‘Udayare Pathe’ (1944), has a Bangla Rabindrasangeet song, something which the original Bangla movie did not have ! This song was recently covered by Mr Sadanand Kamath in the blog.

“Maa Beta”(1962) was directed by Lekhraj Bhakri for Tasweeristan, Bombay. This “social” movie had Nirupa Roy, Ameeta, Manoj Kumar, Vijay Dutt, Sheila Ramani, I S Johar, Lalita Pawar, Manmohan Krishna, Tarun Bose, Kumar, Manorama, Leela Mishra, Indra Bansal, Neelam, Shukla, Brahmdutt, Raj Prakash, Madhumati, Shaam Lala etc in it.

The movie had seven songs in it. Three songs have been covered in the past.

Here is the fourth song from “Maa Beta” (1962) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Lata. Prem Dhawan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Hemant Kumar.

The picturisation shows Nirupa Roy seated on a stage and lip syncing this song while holding a sitar. A lady dressed in Bharatnatyam dancing costume performs a dance on this song. I am unable to identify the dancing lady. I request our knowledgeable to help identify her.

The music is south Indian style, as is the dance. Our regulars may wonder what this song has to do with Rabindra sangeet. It is the lyrics ! The lyrics are a very good translation of the original Bangla Rabindrasangeet song, Monomor megher sangi. Listening to the original Bangla Rabindrasangeet song shows that the tune is entirely different, even though music director is the same, viz Hemant Kumar. Hemant Kumar very wisely decided to use the essence of the lyrics, and created an entirely new tune for the movie, as required by the story line.

I noticed (as I was reminded of it by a few regulars) that today is the remembrance day of Prem Dhawan (13 June 1923- 7 may 2001) as well. So it is quite fortuitous that today we discuss a song that turns put to be a two-in- one tribute for two artists.

So, as a tribute to gurudev Rabindranath Tagore on the occasion of this birth anniversary, and Prem Dhawan on the occasion of his remembrance day, here is a Rabindrasangeet inspired song from the golden era of HFM.



Song-Man mera udta jaaye (Maa Beta)(1962) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Hemant Kumar


man mera udta jaaye
baadal ke sang door gagan mein
aaj nashe mein gaata geet milan ke re ae
rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim
man mera udta jaaye
baadal ke sang door gagan mein
aaj nashe mein gaata geet milan ke re ae
rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim

aas ke pankh lagaa kar panchhi mastaana
pi ki nagariya aaj chala dil deewaana
aas ke pankh lagaa kar panchhi mastaana
pi ki nagariya aaj chala dil deewaana
ghan ghan baadal garje to kya
cham cham bijli chamke to kya
chanchal man to rukna kahin na jaane re
man mera udta jaaye
baadal ke sang door gagan mein
aaj nashe mein gaata geet milan ke re ae
rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim

uthti hain jaise saagar mein
kal kal chhal chhal karti tarangen
uthhti hain jaise saagar mein
kal kal chhal chhal karti tarangen
man mein waise hi jaag rahin
pal pal vyaakul mast umangen
aaj na roko pyaar ke is deewaane ko
haathon se dil jaata hai to jaane do
aaj na roko pyaar ke is deevaane ko
haathon se dil jaata hai to jaane do
tod chala ye bandhan saare
jahaan sajan ka pyaar pukaare
paagal hai man kab ye kisi ki maane re
man mera udta jaaye
baadal ke sang door gagan mein
aaj nashe mein gaata geet milan ke re ae
rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim

5 Responses to "Man mera udta jaaye"

Atul ji,
Today is the Remembrance Day of Prem Dhawan. So this is the ‘two-in-one’ tribute song.


Atul Ji,. Immensely liked the post. Never had an occasion to read about Rabindranath Tagore except thru ASAD. ( This and some other).
On listening to the song my memory was revived from deep within.But for such write ups, I would not have known the link between this song and Gurudev.

Liked by 1 person

Dear Atul ji,

I do not know why you say it is an entirely different tune. Agreed, it is a faster pace, to keep tempo with the dance, but the essence of the tune is very much there. You may like to hear the original song by Hemanto :

The dancer attempting a Bharat Natyam is MADHUMATI.

With warm regards



A young Madhumati is the dancer & Tarun Bose can be seen in the picturisation of the song




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