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Jag mein karman ki gati nyaari

Posted on: May 21, 2020

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“Veer Ghatotkach”(1949) was directed by Nanubhai Bhatt. The movie had Shahu Modak, Meena Kumari, Sumiti Gupte, Vasant Pahelwan, Naranjan Sharma, S N Tripathi, Sona Chatterjee, Leela Kumari, Shanta Patel, H Prakash etc in it.

The mythological movie, based on a character of Mahabharat, had nine songs in it. One song has been covered in the past.

Here is the second song from “Veer Ghatotkach”(1949) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by a singer who is uncredited in HFGK. The song is lip synced by Shahu Modak while Meena Kumari looks on.

Saraswati Kumar Deepak is the lyricist. Music is composed by S N Tripathi.

I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify the singer of this song.
PS-Mr Sadanand Kamath believes that it is Shahu Modak himself singing the song.

Song-Jag mein karman ki gati nyaari (Veer Ghatotkach)(1949) Singer-Shahu Modak, Lyrics-Saraswati Kumar Deepak, MD-S N Tripathi


jag mein aen karman ki gati nyaari
jag mein aen karman ki gati nyaari
jag mein karman ki gati nyaari
murjha kar bhi khil jaati hai aasha ki phulwaari ee ee
murjha kar bhi khil jaati hai aasha ki phulwaari ee ee
karman ki gati nyaari
jag mein aen karman ki gati nyaari

hansna rona paana khona
sab is gati ki leela aa aa
sab is gati ki leela aa aa
rang birange sapnon ka hai ye sansaar rangeela
bandhe huye hai karm dor mein
bandhe huye hai karm dor mein saare hi nar naari ee ee
karman ki gati nyaari jag mein
karman ki gati nyaari
karam bhoomi par kaanton ke sang
phoolon ki sej suhani
phoolon ki sej suhani
dukh sukh donon saath saath hai
jag ki yahi kahaani
mat niraash ho khil jaayegi
mat nirash ho khil jaayegi
man ki kesar kyaari ee ee
karman ki gati nyaari
jag mein karman ki gati nyaari

jaisi karni waisi bharni
yahi yahaan ka lekha aa aa
yahi yahaan ka lekha
nahin mitaaye mit sakti jo khhinchi bhaagy ki rekha
saras savera aaya dekho
saras savera aaya dekho
rain gayi andhiyaari ee ee
karman ki gati nyaari
jag mein karman ki gati nyaari

5 Responses to "Jag mein karman ki gati nyaari"

Atul ji,
The voice sounds like that of Shahu Modak singing on himself. This is based on a couple of songs I heard from other films where he has been identified as a singer.


Thanks for identifying the voice.


Can’t resist myself from mentioning Barbarika, the son of Ghatotkach! A very interesting character in the Mahabharat.

A ‘ shaap grasth’ Yaksha, he had received three magical arrows from the Ashta Devtas that ensured that he is infallible in any battle. He had promised to his mother that he would always fight for the ones who are weak and are on the losing side of any battle.
He went to Kurukshetra to help Pandavas, who were the weaker side because they had a smaller army. Krishna meets him enroute and, realises that his amazing power will result in his switching sides to the losing ones and then that side becomes stronger and the winning one! This flip will continue till every single soldier is eliminated and only Barbarika remains alive! So, he asks Barbarika for the supreme sacrifice of his head. Barbarika obliges, cuts off his own head and offers it to Krishna! Since he had a wish to watch the entire Mahabharat battle, Krishna grants him a boon by which, his severed head, atop a hill, could watch the entire battle. Fascinating story.
So, there were another pair of eyes other than Sanjay’s , that were witness to the great battle.


During one of my several meetings with Shahu Modak, he had himself confirmed that he sang this song which he labelled as the first song he sang as a God. Unfortunately, it was not released on any gramophone disc. He was kind enought to grace the release function of HINDI FILM GEET KOSH, Vol.1 (1931-40) held in Bombay on 8th October 1988 at Birla Kreeda Kendra, Chowpatty, Mumbai.

Liked by 3 people

Thanks a lot for confirming this fact.


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