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Prabhu charnon mein deep jalaao

Posted on: June 9, 2020

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Today’s song is from the film Jwar Bhata-44. It is an important film of the 40’s, because it was the Debut film of Dilip Kumar.

In Hindi film industry, the “Trimurti”of Raj, Dev and Dilip dominated the decades of late 40s, 50s and the 60s- a period of about 25 years in the Golden Age of Hindi films.These three were the most popular, most talked about and the most ‘ín demand’ actors when they were in full form. Each one had a dedicated fixed audience for their films.There were others equally,if not better, actors in this period like, Ashok Kumar, Motilal,Balraj Saqhni, Sanjeev Kumar etc, but these three were different.

What was so different in them ? One point strikes me most, that they never compromised,in selecting films or roles. In other words, once they got established as Heroes, they did not do any roles which did not suit their temperament, style or capacity. For example, when Ashok Kumar was famous as a Romantic Hero,he acted in a Mythological film, “Savitri’-1937, to do Satyavan’s role. Again in 1945, he did the title role in the film ‘Humayun”. Both these Genres were misfits to his image then. He looked pathetic in those misfitting roles. The big three kept off such venturisms, thoughtfully !

Secondly, they always chose only the big banners and ensured they got the maximum footage, the best songs and the best scenes. Thirdly, they never worked with heroines other than A class and of their choice.

Agewise, Dilip Kumar was the seniormost, having been born in 1922. Dev Anand was next, from 1923 and the youngest was Raj kapoor, born in 1924.However, he was the first to die, in 1988. Careerwise, Rajkapoor had only 41 years’ career, from Hamari Baaten-43 (first adult role) to Kim-84. Next was Dilip Kumar, having a career span of 54 years – from Jwar Bhata-44 to Qila-98. Dev Anand had the longest career span of 65 years, from Hum Ek Hain-46 to Chargesheet-2011. He was also the only one of the three, to continue in the next Century, i.e. 21st Century !

All the three gor Dadasaheb Phalke award. Raj Kapoor got it in 1987 at his 63rd year, Dilip Kumar in 1994,when he was72 years and Dev Anand received it in 2002, when he was 79 year old.

While Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand started as Heroes (rather one of the Heroes) in their careers, Raj Kapoor started as a Child artiste in film Inqilab-35 and did 3 films as adult roles, before he became the hero in film Neel Kamal-1947. The first one to become Hero was Dilip Kumar in Jwar Bhata-44 and next was Dev Anand in Hum Ek hain-46.

During my association with this Blog and in my 870 posts, which I wrote here, I have hardly written about songs of these 3 actors. I don’t remember exactly, but I think I have written about 2 films each of Raj, Dev and Dilip, so far. The first film of Dilip Kumar I wrote about was the film Milan-1946 and today’s film Jwar Bhata-44 is his second film today. This is his Debut film.

One more point about these three actors. It was only Raj kapoor’s First Heroine Madhubala, who also became a famous A grade actress. In case of Dilip Kumar, his first Heroine, Mridula Rani and Dev Anand’s first heroine Kamala Kotnis, never took off in Hindi films, nor did they reach A grade status. In a span of a few years, their careers as heroines ended. The Shortest career was of Kamala Kotnis ( who was actually a Telugu actress, married to a Marathi Cinematographer Pandurang Kotnis, who was the younger brother of Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis, on whose life, V.Shantaram had made the film “Dr. Kotnis ki amar kahani”-1946). Mridula survived longer with about 60 films, upto 1980 to her credit. The last I had heard about her was, in 2016 when she was alive and stayed in Worli, Mumbai. As far as Madhubala’s career, we all know too well.

Incidentally, the case of actress Ameeta was also similar. She was the heroine of Shammi Kapoor in film “Tumsa Nahin Dekha-1957”. He became a big star, but Ameeta remained as a B and C grade film actress. The opposite is the career of Meena Kumari. In her initial career, she was the Heroine of Mahipal. Later Meena Kumari became a big A class actress, but Mahipal remained where he was- B class films.

The case of Dilip Kumar was opposite to Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand’s cases. Both these actors struggled hard in their initial stages, but Dilip was extraordinarily lucky. He was actually invited to be a Hero directly. Here is his story, how he came into the film line…

Born as Yusuf khan in Peshawar, on 11-12-1922, he was third amongst 12 siblings. His father moved to Bombay in 1930 to set up the family’s Dry Fruit business. Yusuf graduated (B.A.) from Khalsa College and took up his first job as Assistant manager in the Army Canteen at Deolali Camp, near Nashik in Maharashtra. Unlike the other two stars (Raj and Dev), he had absolutely no connection in his family with film line, dramas or any art for that matter. One brother did MBBS and settled in the UK, another did Management course and the youngest Nasir Khan alone joined films – much later than Dilip Kumar.

Devika Rani of Bombay Talkies had gone for shopping, one day. At one fruit shop, she saw Yusuf, who had, by chance, replaced his ill father, in the shop. She found his face sensitive and eyes expressive. She called him, talked to him and gave him her card, asking him to meet her next day at the studios. After the routine Screen tests,interview etc, Yusuf was taken in by Bombay Talkies as an apprentice. Devika Rani started grooming her personally. Bhagvati Charan Sharma, famous Hindi writer, employed by Bombay Talkies then, gave yususf the name Dilip. The suffix Kumar was borrowed from Ashok kumar. Bunny Rueben, Film Historian says, “Devika Rani came up with three names – Dilip Kumar, Vasudev and Jahangir. Yusuf selected Dilip kumar.”

Bombay Talkies was heaven for New talents. It had launched and relaunched to fame, Heros like Ashok Kumar,Jairaj, kavi Pradeep, directors K A Abbas, N R Acharya, Najam Naqvi, Amiya Chakrawarty, Gyan Mukherjee, Bimal Roy and actresses Renuka Devi, Mumtaj Shanti, Ranjana and many more. Dilip Kumar’s first film in Bombay Talkies was Jwar Bhata-44. He was not the main Hero. Agha was the main Hero. Dilip was the second hero. His Heroine-Mridula Rani was also a New Entrant.

In his first film, Dilip Kumar did not impress anybody. He was criticised heavily by Baburao patel, who called him Ánaemic and one who needs a lot of good food to look better. As such, even Bombay Talkies also did not have much expectation from him. They had pinned their hopes on the new Heroine Mridula Rani. With every film, Dilip Kumar improved, beyond belief and India got an A class actor.

The story of Mridula is sad. She fell into marital trouble and sank deep into it. She took a break of about 4 years and when she came back, she had to accept only character roles, which she did.

Mridula was a victim of her contract with Bombay Talkies. It destroyed her career as a Heroine forever. Devika Rani was her Mentor in Bombay Talkies. However, after Himanshu Rai’s death, no one was listening to her in the company due to groupism. Disgusted, Devika rani left Bombay Talkies,having sold all the shares. Mridula got stuck in the company without work, due to her 5 year contract. It was Vijay Bhatt of Prakash Pictures who somehow convinced Bombay Talkies to loan her to him and she got roles in 2 of their films. In the film ‘Bhakta Dhruva”-47, she played mother to 16 year old Shashi kapoor (sr) when she herself was about 23 year old only ! But she had no choice. The film and her role became famous, but she lost her chances of becoming Heroine in any film thereafter for ever.

Mridula ( real name Chandrakanta) was born on 2-11-1924 at Almora, but was educated in Delhi. When she was in college doing her graduation, Amiya Chakravarty of Bombay Talkies came to Delhi on a Talent Hunt. He contacted her and gave her an offer. She signed a 5 year contract with Bombay Talkies and Devika Rani became her Mentor, teaching her everything. She was paid 2500 rupees salary with a furnished house. Her first film was “Jwar Bhata”-44, opposite another Debutant Dilip Kumar (Yousuf Khan). After Himanshu Rai’s death, Bombay Talkies was already in disarray. Many people had left the company due to differences with Devika Rai. A group of them formed Filmistan.

After getting released from Bombay Talkies, she acted in few films – Samaj ko badal dalo-47Bhakt Dhruv-47, Toote taare-48, Nar Narayan-49, Veer Babruvahan-50 and Ram Darshan-50.

She got married to her lover Mr. G C Andley. However the marriage was unsuccessful and she went back to Delhi. She spent a miserable life selling whatever she had, to survive. She got divorce and came back to Bombay to work in films, in 1954. She worked in 53 films after this. Her last released film was Saboot-80, though she had married again and retired some time before that.

The last I heard about her was, she was living in worli, Mumbai all alone, in 2016. Her only daughter stayed nearby and looked after her.
( some information for this post has been taken from the book – “Hero vol.I,” by Ashok Raj, with thanks.)

Today’s song is sung by Parul Ghosh and Amirbai Karnataki. Pt Narendra Sharma is the lyricist. Music is composed by Anil Biswas.

Song-Prabhu charnon mein deep jalaao(Jwaar Bhaata)(1944) Singers-Parul Ghosh, Amirbai Karnataki, Lyrics-Pt Narendra Sharma, MD-Anil Biswas


prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao
man mandir ujiyaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao
man mandir ujiyaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao
kare kripaa jo krishnachandra to
kare kripaa jo krishnachandra to
kyun dukh kaa andhiyaalaa ho
kyun dukh kaa andhiyaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao
man mandir ujiyaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao

hridayakamal kaa sinhaasan
bane kr^ishna kaa vrindaavan
hr^idayakamal kaa sinhaasan
bane kr^ishna kaa vrindaavan
jeevan apanaa use saunp do
jeevan apanaa use saunp do
jo jag kaa rakhvaalaa ho
jivan apnaa use saunp do
jo jag kaa rakhvaalaa ho

prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao
man mandir ujiyaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao

nainaa prem-chakor sakhi
chandaa nandakishor sakhi
nainaa prem-chakor sakhi
un nainan se dekh jagat ko
un nainan se dekh dekh
un nainan se dekh jagat ko
base yhaan nandalaalaa ho
base yahaan nandalaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao
man mandir ujiyaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao

giridhar ke charanon mein aa
giridhar ke charanon mein aa
raadheshyaam naam gun gaa

koras:raadheshyaam raadheshyaam
jai raadheshyaam raadheshyaam

giridhar ke charanon mein aa
giridhar ke
maalik meraa bansiwaalaa
maalik meraa bansiwaalaa
man meraa brijabaalaa ho
maalik meraa bansiwaalaa
man meraa brijabaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao
man mandir ujiyaalaa ho
prabhu charanon mein deep jalaao

6 Responses to "Prabhu charnon mein deep jalaao"

Wish you Very Happy Birthday and Healthy life.

Thanks for the article – which is as usual replete with interesting information.

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Thanks for the wishes.
Thanks for the comments.

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Arun Ji, Thanks for the post on Trimurthi’s. Though I did not realise that you have hardly covered Trimuthi s in this blog, it is not surprising since most of your coverage is relating to an era preceding their entry into films.
Wishing you many happy returns of the day

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Satish ji,
About 40% of my posts are from the Trimurti peak era, but I could not write on them because most songs from their films were already covered here. Secondly, my stress has always been on writing on less known artistes and thirdly music after 1970 was not of my liking.
Thanks for your wishes.


Respected Arun ji ,

Happy Birthday !!! 💐🎂
Wish YOU a very happy and healthy life ahead .

It was very interesting to read about the त्रिमूर्ती .
What a sad life – story of Mridula !
Her co – star Dilip Kumar got a name and fame whereas she suffered a lot .
Your account of the 2 reminded me of a very famous marathi नाट्यगीत of मत्स्यगंधा

“कुणी रखडती धुळीत आणिक कुणास लाभे हेम …
देवाघरचे ज्ञात कुणाला … विचित्र नेमानेम ”

Well , as usual , njoyed the post nd the भजन as well .

I whole – heartedly thank YOU for all excellent posts
wish the इसाक मुजावर of ASAD

अरुण जी , जीवेत शरद: शतम् !!!


Pramod ji,
Thanks for your Birthday wishes.
Film line is full of strange occurrences of a variety.
Thanks also for liking the post.


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