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Ham khwaab ko badal denge haqeeqat mein

Posted on: September 22, 2020

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64th Birthday of Ranjeeta Kaur – 22.09.2020
I wish life could be just a song for the road just like this song on a motorcycle. A song heard in childhood, mainly on radio. In 1980 we had a T.V. at home, but that was only aired in the evening. The radio could be heard during the day also, but they were on air for specific hours only, be it “vividh bharati” or “All india Radio”, of which urdu service was the one for film songs. All these years the lyrics of the song complete with the first stanza have stayed in the memory. After the advent of youtube, I may have looked up this song too alongwith many other old songs.

I have seen quite a few films of Ranjeeta while she was active in the 80’s, as I and my mother used to like her innocent, homely looks. Many of these films were B grade low-budget films like ‘Qismat”, “Tarana” and ‘Khwaab” to name a few. She was paired with Mithun Chakrovorty in these films. I was under the impression that “Ankhiyon ke jharoke se”(1978) was a debut film for her, whereas she had appeared in the hit film “Laila Majnu” in 1976, opposite Rishi Kapoor. Both these are notable films of her career. But there after she appeared in few A grade films in bit roles like ‘‘Rajput”, “Satte Pe Satta” and “Krodhi”. Films like “Ham se Badhkar kaun”, “Aap to aise na the”, “Ustadi Ustad se” and “Tarana” are all seen and forgotten films.

As Ranjeeta Kaur turns 64 today, I am presenting this happy romantic song where she is singing this duet on motorcycle and the beach. The name of the film is “Khwaab”(1980) and singers are Hemlata and Yasudas. The lyricist and music director is Ravindra Jain.

Two songs from the film are posted.
Tu hi wo haseen hai
Ek aas liye vishwaas liye

“Khwaab” is one of its kind title as I could find no other film with the title as ‘Khwab” or ‘Khwaab”. The word means dream, and this year 2020 is turning out like a bad dream. I am sure all of us have had this feeling that we are asleep and embroiled in a bad dream, and hope fervently that we will wake up soon and this whole tragic crisis will disappear. Hope that it will dissolve like a bad dream, is soon forgotten.

Let us go to the song, which I would have categorized as a “in the family way songs” seeing the words of first stanza, but this one is not such a song. I have a few songs for this category in mind. Let us see when I get around to those songs. They are mostly 80’s/90’s songs, so this can be a precursor to that series.

This song starts with the urdu alphabet ‘khai’ making it one of rare songs for ‘antakshari” 🙂 . Only other song I can remember is “khwaab ho tum ya koyi haqeeqat kaun ho tum batlaao……..”. Not that most people bother with the fine distinction between the ‘kh’ of “khilauna” and ‘kh’ of ‘Khwaab’. I can wish all I want for a way of distinguishing it in the English script, with a dot or some such thing. has adopted an entirely different way of spelling the urdu /hindi words in English script, which is rather complicated even for someone like me. Urdu is a language with fewest dictionary words. Sometimes the same word is used for different meanings in different situation. One example is the word “taarikh” which means “date” and history, but not inclusive. Then there is the confusion with ‘q’ and ‘k’.

Common words where K is correct are :
Mushkil – difficulty
Ashk – tear (aansoo)
Rashk – envy
Shak – doubt
Kalaam – spoken word or talk
Shikwa – grievance
Shikayat – complaint
Shaukat – power or dignity

Q is appropriate here :
Qalam – pen
Ishq – love
Raqs – dance
Qalb – heart
Sadaqah – charity (sort of)
Beqaraar – restless, disturbed
Shauq – deep interest, zeal
Qataar – line, queue or array
Iqraar – acceptance or agree, promise

And there is added complication of words where ‘Q’ is compulsorily written as ‘que’ as it is done in ‘Ishque’ or ‘aashiqui’ or some names such as siddique and taarique. I have not gotten to two different alphabet with different sounds for whom the alphabet ‘t’ is used. The ‘t’ of ‘taara’ is different from the ‘t’ of ‘totaa’. There is confusion galore for the untutored. So we let it be, the ‘no pain no gain’ school of thought be brushed under the carpet 🙂 .

Now that I have heard the song two three times, I have realized that it remained in the memory because of its very sweet and melodious sound. It is memorable for the lyrics as well as tune and the singing of both Hemlata and Yasudas.


Song-Ham khwaab ko badal denge haqeeqat mein (Khwaab)(1980) Singers-Yesudas, Hemlata, Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, MD-Ravindra Jain


khwaab ko
badal denge
haqeeqat mein
ham khwaab ko
badal denge
haqeeqat mein

mil ke rahenge donon
armaanon ki jannat mein
ham apne khwaab ko
badal denge ae
haqeeqat mein
ham khwaab ko
badal denge ae
haqeeqat mein

chhotaa sa ek ghar hogaa
haan chhotaa sa ek ghar hogaa
aur ghar mein honge
saanwle salone

hanste bolte khilaune
ham do hamaare do
nahin nahin
mere do tumhaare do
kat jaayegaa ye jeewan
unhi ki hifaajat mein
ham apne khwaab ko
badal denge
haqeeqat mein
ham khwaab ko
badal denge
haqeeqat mein

kabhi kabhi
beete dinon par
jaayegi jab nazar
oo ooo
sochenge kitne haseen thhe
woh shaam woh sehar

oo ooo
sochenge kitne haseen thhe
woh shaam woh sehar

nit aayengi bahaaren
nit khilenge phool suhaane
oo hoo ooo
nit aayengi bahaaren
nit khilenge phool suhaane

yoonhi rahenge zamaanon tak
khushiyon ke zamaane
aa haa haa
aa haa haa
ham tum judaa na honge
ab to kisi soorat mein
ham apne khwaab ko
badal denge
haqeeqat mein
ham khwaab ko
badal denge
haqeeqat mein

4 Responses to "Ham khwaab ko badal denge haqeeqat mein"

Nahm ji

Thanks for the song of 80`s, and Thanks for the post,
Thanks for writing about Ranjeeta Kaur and the alphabet K & Q,
Enjoyed reading very much, Whenever I am having doubt about using K and Q, This post will be mine reference guide,

Another Khwaab related song is:
Razia Sultan(1983) Lata/Khayyam/Jan Nisar Akhtar/Parveen Babi/Hema Malini Song “Khwab ban kar koi aayega, to neend aayegi”


Thanks for your comment, Prakashchandra ji. Another song starting with ‘Khwaab’ is an addition to the songs with ‘kh.’


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That is a very educative post.
It is indeed difficult to write Hindi/ Urdu into english.
I remember Indra Kumar directed “Ishq” and Dev Anand made “Ishk Ishk Ishk”. At least that is how they spell it in the movie’s titles

Liked by 1 person

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