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Aa jaa aa jaa ke jiya mora taras gaya

Posted on: September 26, 2020

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In one recent article of Sudhir jee on his “This week that year” series, he wondered why my spree of posting one “Anmol Ghadi”(1946) song everyday had a break of one day and subsequently the final song got covered after break of one day. I do not have any recollections of those days, but I am certain about the fact that the concept of YIPPying all the songs of a movie had not entered my mind by that time. My attempt was to cover all songs that I could come across. I may have missed stumbling against the one remaining Anmol Ghadi song on that day whereas I could locate it the next day. That is the only plausible explanation that I can think of.

I find that my first interaction with Pradeep Raghunathan took place on 22 march 2011. We have had some very intersting online chats together, some lasting for one hour and more.

I find some interesting details from the online chat logs. For instance, During our discussion on 15 april 2011, I mentioned that the blog had songs from 1500 movies, and that I expect the blog to one day reach 10000 songs. 🙂 Today we have songs from over 4000 movies and we are inching towards 16000 songs mark. 🙂

During our chat on 16 december 2011, he suggested providing serial number with each song. I told him that I do it internally in my excel sheet, access table etc. Today his suggestion is being followed in the blog starting from january 2017.

During these discussions, he discussed tagging of songs on IPOD. With time he started concentrating on those movies where all songs were covered. He relied upon online sources to guess if all songs were covered. I was keeping track of songs in movies by relying on online sources. I did not have HFGK with me at that time.

I can see from our early morning interactions at 1 AM on 22 november 2012 between two sleepless souls that the blog had 141 movies YIPPEED (though the term was not coined at that time) by 22 november 2012 whereas Pradep Raghunathan had tagged all songs for 132 of them. So the gap was only 9 movies for his at that time !

From july 2014 onwards, I have access to HFGK, thanks to the generosity of our blog stalwarts M/s Arunkumar Deshmukh and Sudhir Jee, and from then onwards YIPPYIng movies in the blog has become a planned activity rather than an incidental or chance activity.

Pradeep Raghunathan was doing tagging of songs of YIPPEED movies on his own. He was subsequenly joined by Khyati Bhatt, Aparna H M and Avinash Scrapwala in this tagging of songs mission.

It gives me some comfort that today on 26 september 2020 the blog has 1221 movies YIPPEED whereas the YIPPEE team of Pradeep Raghunathan and colleagues (Khyati Bhatt, Aparna H M and Avinash Scrapwala) are at just over 1000 movies mark. I need to get my act together and start YIPPYing some more movies seeing that team YIPPEE is threatening to catch up with the YIPPEED movies in the blog.

This year 2020 has seen 41 movies getting YIPPEED. THe record was set up in 2013 whe as many as 202 movies got YIPPEED.

Now a days we keep track of movies in the blog and we know which movies are nearing YIPPEEhood. The challenge often lies in locating the balance song or songs which are often rare songs.

“Baansuriya” (1949) was directed by Ram Narayan Dave for Nigaristaan Films, Bombay. The movie had Ram Singh, Geeta Bali, Om Prakash, Randhir, Kuldip, Sofia, Gulab, Uma Dutt, Shanti Madhok, Ramesh Thakur, Raj Pal, Sham Lal, Madan Kapoor, Raja Salim, Ram Avtaar etc in it.

The movie had eight songs in it. Seven songs have been covered in the past. Here are the details of the songs covered so far :-

Blog song number Song Date of posting
8745 Na shama ka qusoor na parwaane ka qusoor 22 September 2013
13190 Chaahe chori chori aao chaahe chhu chhup aao 25 April 2017
13298 Ye duniya kehti hai koi fariyaad na karey 1 June 2017
13538 Jo kar ke gaye barbaad hamen aati hai unki yaad hamen 20 August 2017
15764 Teri yaad sataaye ghadi ghadi 31 July 2020
15834 Dil tod ke jaane waale o 26 August 2020
15839 Tere saamne hum aansoo bahaayenge 27 August 2020

It can be seen that the movie was lying undiscussed in the blog since 2017. The year 2020 saw as many as three songs getting discussed in a matter of one month. Now only one song is left to be covered. That song is very much available.

Here is this eighth and final song from “Baansuriya” (1949) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Geeta Dutt. Mulkraj Bhakri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.

Only the audio of the song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of the song.

With this song, all the songs of “Baansuriya” (1949) get covered and the movie joins the list of movies that have been YIPPEED in the blog.

Song-Aa ja aa ja ke jiya mora taras gaya (Baansuriya)(1949) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics- Mulkraj Bhakri, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


aa ja aa ja
ho aa ja aa jaa
ke jiya mora taras gaya
aa ja aa jaa
ho aa ja aa jaa
ke jiya mora taras gaya
tera saath kabhi na chhodoon
marte dam tak munh na modoon
aa ja aa jaa
ke jiya mora taras gaya

kaate kate na mose lambi lambi raat ho
kaate kate na mose lambi lambi raat ho
sun ja kabhi tu aake ik mori baat ho
sun ja kabhi tu aake ik mori baat ho
ik mori baat ho
ik mori baat ho
kyun humse kinaara kar gaye
hum to jeet hi hi mar gaye
aa ja aa jaa
ke jiya mora taras gaya
aa ja aa jaa
ho aa ja aa jaa
ke jiya mora taras gaya

maine to tere liye sab jag chhoda
maine to tere liye sab jag chhoda
kaahe bedardi toone dil mera toda
kaahe bedardi toone dil mera toda
dil mera toda
dil mera toda
ye baat bata ja aake
roothhe kyu ho nain mila ke
aa ja aa ja
ke jiya mora taras gaya
aa ja aa jaa
ho aa ja aa jaa
ke jiya mora taras gaya

4 Responses to "Aa jaa aa jaa ke jiya mora taras gaya"

Atul ji,
Highly readable and interesting post.
Hats off to Pradeep ji and his team for their project.
Credit to you for maintaining such old records and details.
All the best.
– AD


using Whatsapp lingo


+ 2 🙂


YIPPEEEE!! Thanks for a lovely post Atul ji.. Just seeing this post today.. :). As of today.. we are 210 behind the blog. So we are hoping to catch up with the blog in around 2.5-3 months. Avinash Bhai is the enthusiasm that keeps us going at full steam ahead :).


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