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A for apple B for baby

Posted on: September 29, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

Some songs keep playing in our mind as if on loop. This I had said in one of my previous posts. Today’s song is one such.
I saw it consciously a number of times in the last few years. Consciously means I may have seen it in the ’70s or ’80s when these movies were aired on the doordarshan but I was not old enough to appreciate them or the meaning of their lyrics. But now on repeat viewing of the movie I am getting wiser. I had filed away (mentally) that this needs to be on the blog. So here it is.

“Sadhu Aur Shaitaan” a 1968 release had 4 songs all written by Rajinder Krishan and Laxmi-Pyare were the music directors. Asha Bhonsle, Usha Mangeshkar, Manna Dey and Mohd. Rafi were the playback singers.

Only one song has been posted on the blog. That one had Mehmood replaying his “hum kale hain toh kya hua” character. We had Mehmood mouthing the initial part of “Chunia, ari kidhar hai ri tu? Mere dil ki rani. Mere nawaason ki naani. aa gaya hoon main. arre dekh le main aa gaya permission leko”.

Today’s song has him giving gyaan about the importance of knowing one’s mother tongue in addition to learning “A B C D”. We should remember that this was a movie which came at a time when we had enough students opting for schools which were not essentially English medium. We should also remember that all those who trained in non-English medium schools were no less intelligent and we have many pioneers in various fields from those students too. I know I will be stirring a hornet’s nest if I talk about which is a better language for educating the masses of the country.

My personal feeling is that education should be in a language where in the parents also understand what the child is learning so that they are able to clarify doubts that the child has as he is studying. People may feel that my thoughts are very old fashioned but…..

Today happens to be the birth anniversary of Mehmood who would have been 88. He knew how to bring a smile on the viewer’s face, how to tickle their funny bone. He was the son of actor/dancer Mumtaz Ali and brother of dancer Minu Mumtaz (about whom our Sadanandji has written in his this post). His brother Anwar Ali was also an actor who paired with Mehmood in “Bombay To Goa” as Rajesh to Mehmood’s Khanna.

Mehmood took up odd jobs at a rather young age to help look after his large family which had 7 siblings. He decided to try acting to support his family once he married and had his first son and had his first break in “C.I.D” with a small role of the killer. He had other small unnoticed roles in “Do Bigha Zameen” “Pyaasa” etc. His innings in Bollywood was peppered with comic roles that were an essential part of the story and we often saw him drill sense into older characters towards the end of the movie.

I saw a part of “Meri bhabhi” (1969) this morning where he was doing just that as Shambu. But he was a class apart when he turned to movie making and gave us classics like “Bhoot Bungla”, “Padosan”, “Bombay To Goa” and the most poignant, message carrying of them all “Kunwara Baap”. His last movie released in 1996 “Dushman Duniya Ka” which he directed and Jeetendra headed the cast. It is interesting to note that Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan had special appearances in it.

Remembering the actor, producer, director Mehmood with this song sung by Manna Dey and Asha Bhonsle.



Song-A for apple B for baby (Saadhu aur Shaitaan)(1968) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal
Unidentified child voice 1
Unidentified child voice 2
Asha Bhonsle + Manna Dey


a for apple,
b for baby,
c for camel,
d for daddy
a for apple,
b for baby,
c for camel,
d for daddy
a for apple,
b for baby,
c for camel,
d for daddy

d for daadhi
d for daddy
o d for daadhi
d for daddy

a for andha
b for behra,
c for cana
d for duffer

a for apple
b for baby
c for camel
d for daddy

la la laralara roo
la la laralara roo rooroo

aa haa

E se England hai
F se Finland hai
G se kaun land hai
bolo bolo bachchn
G se German hai, H se Holland hai
I se mera india
jaihind jaihind

chhodo bachcho a b c
aao seekho ka kha ga
arre chhodo bachcho a b c
aao seekho ka kha ga
raag videshi bhool ke
pyaaron gaao sa re ga ma pa
gaao sa re ga ma pa

ga ma pa ga ma pa
ga se gay ma se mata aa aa
ga se gay ma se mata,
pa se bolo kya

chhodo bachchon a b c
aao seekho ka kha ga
aao seekho ka kha ga

ka kha ga ka kha ga
pa dha ni sa

aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

n se naarangi, o se om hari om, p se prem pat’r
yeh mera prem patr padhkar
ke tum naaraaz na hona
ye mera prem patr

p se prem patar toh q se,
q se queen
hukum ki
r se roti besan ki,
s se saag sarson ka

a b c d e f g h i j k
n o p q,
l m n o p q

ka kha ga
a b c
arre ka kha ga
no a b c

chhodo bachchon angrezi hindi urdu ka jhagda
chhodo bachchon angrezi hindi urdu ka jhagda
tamil bolo, bangla bolo
bolo desh ki har bhaasha
seekh sako toh seekho bachchon
seekh sako toh seekho bachchon
saari duniya ki vidya
chhodo bachcho angrezi hindi urdu ka jhagda
tamil bolo, bangla bolo
bolo desh ki har bhaasha

lala lala lala laa
lala lala lala laa
lala lala lala laa
lala lala lala laa
lala lala lala laa
lala lala lala laa

8 Responses to "A for apple B for baby"

In Kannada movie industry nowadays she is known as Bharthi Vishnuvardhan
record company audio link:

one can see Dulari, Baby Fauzia, Master Shahid,Pran,Om Prakash and young Bharthi Vishnuvardhan (South Bharti)


Very good song choice peevesie’s mom. I did miss to mention, ‘ the quirky conductor in Bombay to Goa’ in my post.

So you were sounding me out with the topic of not being able to complete a sentence in our mother tongue.

Some more trivia about Mehmood: The favored name of his character in most movies was “Mahesh”.

If not ‘Mehmood song”, this should be tagged as ‘Alphabet song”.


Oh yes “Mahesh” and Shubha Khote was always Sheela. with Dhumal as father- in -law


Love in Tokyo, Sasural, Beti bete and some more.


Peevesie’s Mom,

Some interesting information on Mehmood.

1. As a child artist, Mehmood had worked in about hlaf-a-dozen Hindi films in the 1940s. In ‘Kismet’ (1943), he did the role of Ashok Kumar in childhood. One can see a handsome 11-year old Mehmood at around 00:39:50 on the film’s DVD.

2. ‘Maa’ (1952) was probably his first film in which a group song was picturised on Mehmood among others. In this song, he got to sing a few lines in the song in the voice of Arun Kumar Mukherjee. Watch him in

3. Mehmood worked with his sister, Minu Mumtaz in around 15 films between 1956-65. In ‘Howrah Bridge’ (1958), they worked as a romantic pair which was resented by his relatives and close friends. Thereafter, both of rthem, thouigh worked together in more films but their roles were unrelated. Watch them as romantic pair:


I saw that some of this information is already present on our blog. I remember I myself have written about his role in Kismet in one of my previous post.
But here it is all at one place. So should be helpfull for future reference


yhis baby Fauzia and Master Shahid were siblings? They look so much similar


most probably,they are siblings, I guess one more sibling is there, yaad nahin aa rahaa hai, kiss film mein aur ek sibling ko dekha hai,….


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