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Pawan chale dheere dheere phool khile re

Posted on: November 3, 2020

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I have actively looked songs on ‘dheere dheere’ theme and have found a few good songs from 50’s decade. In this process, I found many songs which suit this theme and are already posted, apart from some famous songs which I had listed in an earlier post of this series.

Here is the list :

Song Movie
Ho dheere dheere chadh gaya nadi mein paani Aagosh
Dheere dheere bol Actress
Dheere dheere aare baadal Kismat
Dheere dheere dhal ri chanda Angulimaal
Saawan ki ghataaon dheere dheere aana Aage Badho
Mora dheere se ghoonghat hataaye piya Bharthari
Dheere dheere mohabbat jawaan ho gayi Bhai Bahan

I have searched for songs with the words ‘dheere dheere’ in the first line of the mukhda. If I found especially appealing songs with the words ‘aahista aahista’ or ‘dheeme dheeme’ or ‘haule haule’ I have included them in the series, as these terms also mean the same in spirit at least, if not the dialect. Then there are some songs with the words ‘halka halka’ also, but I have considered them so far as the words ‘halka halka’ imply ‘mildness’, diverse from ‘dheere dheere’ or ‘aahista aahistaa’.

Present post in the series is for this female solo song from Piya Milan(1958). P Ramesh Naidu, is the music director of this film and Lyricist is Harsh. Myswar is not giving singers name for this song, whereas the singer’s names are given for all other songs. Lata Mangeshkar, Usha Mangeshkar and P. Susheela are credited with the other songs.

Three songs from ‘Piya Milan’1958 are posted :

Song Date of posting
O saathi re tu aa bhi jaa 18 June 2013
Kya kya kahoon re Kaanha 3 February 2016
Yaad aa ke hardam sataaye 24 May 2018

Here is blog tally for both P. Ramesh Naidu and Harsh :

Artist Songs in the blog
P Ramesh Naidu 5
Harsh 6

The name of the singer is not available, only thing I can say for sure is it is not Lata Mangeshkar’s voice, having heard it umpteen times for getting the lyrics right. At times it sounds a bit like Usha Mangeshkar, but it can also be P. Susheela, whose voice I don’t recognize.

The song is quite catchy, with a nice tune, though the sound quality is poor. May be Prakashchandra ji will find some audio link with better sound.

Song-Pawan chali dheere dheere phool khile re (Piya Milan) (1958) Singer-Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Harsh, MD-P Ramesh Naidu


Pawan chali
dheere dheere
phool khile re
haan haan
phool khile re
kaise phool khile re
bhanwar uss ko dekh
naachh uthhaa
gale mila re
lo ji
gale mila re
dil se nikle ??
Pawan chali
dheere dheere
phool khile re

man ka mera hai tu raajaa aa
man ka mera hai tu raajaa aa
hai mujhe tu pasand
kar loon aankhon mein band

man ka mera hai tu raajaa
hai mujhe tu pasand
kar loon aankhon mein band
aaj mujhe
prem milan ki hai bekhudi
aa aaa
aaj mujhe se
man man kyun hai bekhudi
dil mein rehna sanam
dil mein rehna sanam
o ji o
de qasam
? ?
Pawan chali
dheere dheere
phool khile re

4 Responses to "Pawan chale dheere dheere phool khile re"

the lady lip syncing for the song is Late RAJA SULOCHANA(south indian dancer/actress)she appeared in chori chori opposite Bhagwan in a song:

She also appeared in a Kannada movie as a villaain in Anant Nag`s “Jeevakke jeeva”
This movie must be a dubbed movie or must be a biligual


Sorry for my wrong identification,
I think she is not Raja Sulochana Sorry, I am wrong ,
the actress lip syncing for the song is M.N.RAJAM, the guy must be J.P.Chandrababu


Sorry Madam ji, din bhar dhoondha, par clear audio wala link nahin mila, milne ki phir bhi ummeed hai,….


Thanks for the above information about actors. Don’t worry about the audio link, it will surface sooner or later. 🙂


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