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Hey suno meri baat chalo mere saath

Posted on: December 3, 2020

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in other sites without the knowledge and consent of the web administrator of, then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This article is the 400th writeup of Peevesie’s mom in the blog.

Blog Day :

4521 Post No. : 16080

Hullo Atuldom

I have been getting reminders and ‘pokes’ (a term from Facebook) in the form of personal messages from a few Atulites who are asking me why the sudden slump on my part. Now I know what Atulji goes through when all of us question him on “Blank days”. I also am feeling like the first-follower of the blog ‘Rajaji’ who took a few weeks to reach his 200th post with ghodi pe hoke sawaar.

This slump can be attributed to the festival season and having my Mom-in-law for company. I would like to copy-paste a thought that Rajaji has written in his 200th post (sorry for not taking your permission Rajaji)

“No excuses though – if Atul can write up and post songs every single day, I just cannot have an excuse for taking five weeks for one post. :-)”.

In spite of the mentioned reasons I managed to sneak in my post number 399 and that was only 10 days back.

December 3rd is one of those days in the calendar, followed by ASAD, which has two occasions to have special posts. To start of let me wish the “Raunaq-e-blog” a very happy birthday. This was a title bestowed on the recipient in a post three years ago on this date. May she have a healthy, peaceful, musical and joyful day. May her appearances on the blog and WA group be more regular. Wishing our Ben Katie a very happy birthday. On this day I present you a song of the forever PACHCHEES romantic hero of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and the better part of the 80s. May you be as Evergreen and Hyperactive as him.

I went through the filmography of the forever Pachchees Dev Anand and found a few songs of his first decade in the film industry yet to be posted here on the blog. I had almost made up my mind about the song too. One such song was from the movie “Ham Bhi Insaan Hain” (1948) of which the blog has only four from a possible nine songs. But the hurdle for me was the name of the music director “H P Das”. A name new to me; as also the names Amir Banu, Ramola Devi, German, Niharika, Pal, G. Das etc. I decided that this movie and its songs should be handled by the more knowledgeable stalwarts of ASAD. I decided that I shall tread on safe territory and have chosen a song from a movie of the 70s.

I have seen this movie ages ago on Doordarshan and recall that it had something to do with the construction of a bridge to connect India’s North East with the rest of the country. The favoured villain of those times- Pran- played a chieftain of that region who is against the bridge construction as this will lead to the betterment of the locals whom he has kept under his bondage. Sharmila Tagore played the local girl who is ready to take up arms at her Chief’s behest and goes on a mission to sabotage the bridge. Dev Anand played the engineer in-charge of the Bridge Project and also the reason for Sharmila Tagore’s change of opinion about the bridge, its construction, and her chief ‘Deng Do Rani’ (Pran). Johnny Walker, Lalita Pawar, Sujit Kumar, Kanan Kaushal, Jayshree T., Keshto Mukherjee, Asrani, Iftikaar etc played supporting characters. The movie had music by S. D. Burman and Anand Bakshi was the lyricist. The movie’s title was picked up from Allama Iqbal’s patriotic song “Saare Jahaan se Achcha”. In fact “saare jahaan se achcha” features in the movie too in the voice of Sushma Shrestha and chorus.

Gori gori gaaon ki gori re was the first song to be posted. Mera naam yaao mere paas aao was next. Then came this song Naina soyi soyi raina jaage jaage by our in-house encyclopedia who has made some interesting observations about Lata singing with Uncommon Singers. There was another uniqueness about that song- it was possibly the only time when Lata, SD Burman and RD Burman featured together.
The last song to be posted has been Ho tushima ree tushima aa gaya toofaan by Sadanand Kamathji and it was a tribute to Burmanda on his anniversary.

There are three more songs left of which the film version of “Saare Jahaan se Achcha” is one.

Before we get on to the song I must thank Atulji for allowing us as contributors on his blog and posting my mail to him giving details of the song as my first post ever as lyrics- contributor. That prompted me to send a few more lyrics as farmaishes and then the writing bug bit me and the number of days between my posts have been steadily reducing. I know my contributions are not masterpieces but my own thoughts and feelings. How I wish I had the patience of Sadanandji to write well-researched posts. Or the knowledge of Arunkumarji whom I call Guruji or even the resources (read HFGK) of people like Sudhri, Avinashji etc. I must also mention the love of Nahmji’s love for poetry and poets and her posts have been enlightening.

Today’s song is filmed on Dev Anand and a bunch of kids something on the lines wallah kya nazaara hai mausam bada pyaara hai, galiyon galiyon khaak bahut din humne chhaani; hans tu hardam khushiyaan ya-gham etc. These were the songs that followed “Ye Gulsitaan Hamaara” but all were feel-good songs where Dev Anand is trying to cheer the crowd. It is in the voice of Kishore Kumar. It is nine years since Devsaab passed away and it feels like yesterday. Thinking of the fabulously stylish and charming actor who entertained us for decades.

Once again wishing our Ben Katie on her birthday. Let us have all the birthday songs on loop for her.



Song-Hey suno meri baat chalo mere saath (Ye Gulistaan Hamaara)(1972) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-S D Burman
Unknown child’s voice


hey ae ae
hey kareeto
ae pareeto
he teeno kheya rukka
arre o denga
ae mummun

hey suno meri baat
chalo mere saath
hey ae ae
rakh do ye teer
chhodo ye kamaan
tum kitne pyaare
nyaare nyaare
jaise ambar ke taare
aage peeche khade ho jaao
aao khelo ye naya khel
chhuk chhuk chalti hai aise
dekho kaise chalti hai rail
arre aage peechhe khade ho jao
aao khelo ye naya khel
chhuk chhuk chalti hai aise
dekho kaise chalti hai rail


hey ahey
is ped par meethhe meethhe phal
hey ae ae
is ped par meethe meethe phal
kitne hain pakke kitne kache
bolo gin kar sab bacche acche
aye munmun tu zara gin to
ek do teen chaar
ek do teen char panch chhah saat

ek ke baad hai do phir teen
phir chaar phir paanch chheh saat

seekh lo ginte hain kaise
dekho aise gino mere saath
he he
ho ho

hey ae ae
kya hai sansaar
kya hai sarkaar
hey ae ae
kya hai sansaar
kya hai sarkaar
tumko bataaun main sikhaaun
jag neeti samjhaaun
dekho tum chor ho
tumne chori ki
arre baap re
tum sipaahi
main thaanedaar
tum bhaago
tum pakdo
jhoomo naacho gaao khelo chor sipaahi aaj
duniya mein chalta hai kaise
dekho aise chalta hai raaj
aage peechhe khade ho jaao
aao khelo ye naya khel

arre waah re denga
chhuk chhuk chalti hai aise
dekho kaise chalti hai rail

ek baar phir se

ek baar aur


15 Responses to "Hey suno meri baat chalo mere saath"

Congratulations on reaching 400th post.
Your progress from 1st to 400th post is a subject of study and guidance for a New comer, in terms of content, style and subjects.
Hats off to you to prove that an art can be learnt at any stage of life. One only needs strong will.


Thank you for the words of appreciation. Here too you are my Guruji. My thinking is if you (the Arunkumar Deshmukhji) have learnt and enjoyed blogging at this stage of your life I should also attempt.
Thank you for being a guide


Thank you very much guruji for appreciating my writing.


Peevesie’s Mom.

The unknown child singer could be Sushma Shreshta.

I do not recall from where I had read – probably in one of the biographical books on S D Burman – that when Sushma’s father, Bhola Shreshta who had assisted S D Burman in few films, suddenly expired in 1971, S D Burman called Sushma to his house. He was so emotionally charged that he hugged her and started weeping. He speciallly created a space for Sushma to sing few lines in the children’s songs in ‘Ye Gulistan Hamara’.

Congratulations for 4th century on the Blog.
You write what your heart dictates.


😃 Thank you Sada Anandji for your wishes.
Even I felt that the unknown child voice was Sushma Shrestha’s who later grew up to sing as Purnima. Thank you for confirming my hunch.
@Atulji I think we can tag the unknown child voice now


Thanks for the post Peevesie’s Mom ji. Heartiest Congratulations on reaching four hundred posts 🙂 on the blog. I am sure many more interesting articles will follow regularly and the joy & entertainment of reading 70s to 2020s & 2021s will continue to enchant us more and more.

Happy birthday to Khyati ji !!!

Our tributes to the great Dev Anand.

Thanks and regards, and all the best 🙂 for future posts 🙂


Congratulations on your 4th century post. We can always trust you to get a combination of events to celebrate together. I thought you were working on the intermingling of the filmy dynasties, but that may come sooner or later.

See both our comments in this post :

So you started a bit later, but are well ahead, with your sense of occasion and the flair for choosing the unexpected. From the various posts, your love of hindi films is evident. A real filmy buff, with all its drama, action, comedy and tragedy, encompassing.

Congrats once again, and a very happy birthday to Khyati ji.
Hope to catch up with you Khyati ji, on your next visit to India.

Liked by 1 person

Thank you Nahmji for your appreciation


Congratulations Madam ji on your 400th post 😇


“Happy birthday Khyati ji”


Thank you Prakashchandraji


record company audio link:


Nalini Ji, Congrats on your milestone post. Please keep it up.
‘Yeh gulistan…’ was a movie by Gurudutt Productions directed by Gurudutt’s brother Atmaram. It was an OK movie.


Thank you



Heart throb/ChocolateBoy/Evergreen/Cheerful/Stylish/
Youthful Romantic/ Gregory Peck of India….
All these adjectives are reserved only for Dev… Who made our days/years, so much with positivity to forget all our worries and live in present only.

Well we..My wife and me were fortunate to meet Dev when he visited Pune for the promotion of his film..’Gangster’ on 18th October 1995.

We are sharing a few snaps for our fans; members to revive the nostalgia .

This article helped us to make it timely on his 9th Anniversary.

देवआनंद आज़ भी जिंदा है…क्यूं कि वह कभी गये ही नही!

Dilip/Smita Pardeshi..PUNE

Liked by 1 person

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