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Daghebaaz kyun toone mera dil chheenaa

Posted on: December 15, 2020

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In about mid-1940s, there was a demand for dancers in Hindi films following the success of dancers like Azurie and Cuckoo. The demand for dancers can be gauged from the fact that during 1945-50, Cuckoo worked in about 75 films of which she did as many as 34 films in 1950 alone. This ‘demand-supply’ mismatch for dancers led to the entry of new dancers in the Hindi film industry such as Mohana, Helen, Sheila Vaz, Roopmala, Kanchanmala, Kumkum etc during the late 40s and early 50s. One of the lesser known dancers who made a entry into this category during this period was Heera Sawant.

I became aware of Heera Sawant for the first time a few years back while browsing the pages of ‘Filmindia’ magazines available on-line. I had seen a couple of pictures of her in the film ‘Hua Savera’ (1948) in March 1948 issue of the magazine. At that time, I thought that she was one of those actors who came and vanished from Hindi films. But it was not so as I came to know a few months back while collecting the information for my articles on the some of the lesser known dancers of Hindi films.

Today, December 15th is the 85th birthday of Heera Sawant (born on 15/12/1935).

Heera Sawant was born in Sawantwadi taluka of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. She was the eldest among 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Her father was in the business of motor parts in Mumbai. Soon, the family shifted to Mumbai. She did her schooling at St. Teresa High School and completed her Matriculation. She got entry in the Prithvi Theatres as an actor through her neighbour, a brother of actress Hemavati (wife of D K Sapru) who was already associated with acting in the plays of Prithvi Theatres. During this period, Heera Sawant started learning kathak dance from Master Mohanlal.

Heera Sawant got her first break in Hindi film, ‘Hua Savera’ (1948) when the producer and director of the films saw her performance in one of Prithvi Theatres’ plays. She got the second lead actress’s role with Sapru and Nayantara being the lead actors. The film did not fare well at the box office. However, she got some more assignments after the release of her maiden film. It was her semi-classical dance song, Aarti karo Shankar ki in ‘Naag Panchami’ (1953) which made her popular as a dancer. With this song, she got type-cast as dancer in most of her subsequent films.

In 1964, Heera Sawant turned a producer with her maiden Hindi film ‘Tarzan and Delilah’ (1964). She also produced a couple of Marathi films. Her 3rd Marathi film could not be released resulting in a huge financial loss for her.

Heera Sawant got married to Sundar Arya, a Punjabi businessman. After her husband’s death, she stays in Ahmednagar. [Heera Sawant’s biography is based on an interview which was posted on Shishir Krishna Sharma’s blog, ‘Beete Hue Din’ in May 2019].

The active years of filmy career of Heera Sawant was from 1948 to 1969 during which she acted in around 125 films of which around 75 films were in the decade of 1950s. A majority of her films were in the genre of religious, costume drama, action and stunt.

As mentioned earlier, when she ventured into film productions sometime in the first half of 1960s, her acting career seems to have taken a back seat. This was also the period when Helen was the reigning dancer in Hindi films and new dancers cum side actresses such as Bela Bose, Aruna Irani, Minu Mumtaz, Jeevan Kala, Lakshmi Chhaya, Madhumati etc established themselves in the Hindi film industry. By early 1970s, Heera Sawant has virtually retired from the Hindi films.

Some of the popular songs picturised on her are as under:

Song Movie (year)
tim tima tim tim tima tim taare ‘Har Har Mahadev’ (1950)
saari raat jaage laage jo tose nainwaa ‘Baaraati’ (1954)
shama pe aake parwaane ‘Meenaar’ (1954)
tedhi tedhi hamse phire saari duniya ‘Musaafir’ (1957)
mere dard-e-jigar ki har dhadkan ‘Nausherwan-e-Adil’ (1957)
ritu aaye ritu jaaye sakhi ri ‘Bansari Bala’ (1957)
dil milaate jaaiye nazaren milaate jaaiye ‘Return of the Superman’ (1960)

On the occasion of 85th birth day of Heera Sawant, I present one of her dance songs from the film ‘Vazir-e-Azam’ (1961). The song is ‘daghebaaz kyun toone mera dil chheena’ sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Pushpa Marathe. The song is written by Hairat Sitapuri which is set to music by Robin Banerjee.

This is a song picturised on Master Bhagwan and Heera Sawant to divert the attention of the prison guards to facilitate the escape of Suresh from the prison. The orchestration of the song sounds like that of O P Nayyar.

Video Clip:

Song-Daghebaaz kyun toone mera dil chheenaa (Vazir e Azam)(1961) Singers-Pushpa Marathe, Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Hairat Sitapuri, MD-Robin Bannerjee



daghebaaz kyun toone mera dil chheena
dagebaaz kyun toone mera dil chheena
o bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena
hoye ae
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena

gora gora chanda dekho samaa hai pyaari pyaari
thhes lagi to dikhti pal mein nafrat ki chingaari
baat beeti na haay dil na kahi pe laage na
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena
hoye ae
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena

daghebaaz kyun tune mera dil chheena
daghebaaz kyun tune mera dil chheena
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena
hye ae
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena

sar sar sar sar mera aanchaljhoom ke jab lehraaye
saath usike dil ye hamaara jaane kyun bal khaaye
haal ye apne dil ka yahi main samjhi na
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena
hoye ae
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena

daghebaaz kyun toone mera dil chheena
daghebaaz kyun toone mera dil chheena
ho bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena
hoye ae
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena hoye

dhak dhak dhak dhak dhadke jiya phiroon main khoyi khoyi
kaajal ban ke aankh mein teri samaa gaya hai koi
jaadoo tujh pe ae
hoy jaadu tujh pe pyaar ka usne kar deena

bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena
hoye ae
bina pyaar ke duniya mein hai kya jeena
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm

1 Response to "Daghebaaz kyun toone mera dil chheenaa"

Dear Sadanand ji,

Many thanks for completing the quartet (of Mohana, Sheila, Helen and Heera). While Helen did have speaking parts much later, Heera got speaking roles very early in her career. Her distinctive broad smile was her USP.

She had performed in several songs in “SUNEHRE DIN” (1949), of which this song would be the most popular. Music was by Gyan Dutt :

With warm regards


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