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Dildaar tu hai mera pyaar tu hai

Posted on: January 16, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Bambai ki Billi aka Wild Cat-1960.

This was a Stunt film, produced by Aspy Irani for his own banner – Super Pictures, Bombay. The film was directed by Zahoor Ahmed. The music was by Khayyam. He was assisted by Bipin and Mehboob. This Bipin was a part of Bipin-Babul duo, who gave music to 12 films together as a team. After leaving Khayyam, Bipin assisted Madan Mohan, where Babul was already an assistant. They joined hands and made a pair of Composers as Bipin-Babul.

Film Bambai ki Billi was an interesting film.This was actually the 3rd film with this title. The history of this film is very amusing..The first film was ‘ The Wild Cat of Bombay aka Bambai ki Billi’ – a Silent film made by Imperial films co. in 1927. Their famous actress-heroine Sulochana (Ruby Meyers) was the film’s Heroine and her Hero was one Jamshed. This film was directed by a novice Mohan Bhavnani, who became a big name in later years.

After Talkie films started, Imperial began Talkie remakes of their famous and popular Silent films and in 1936, Imperial made Bambai ki Billi aka Wild Cat of Bombay. The heroine was the same-Sulochana, but this time the Hero was different- Dinshaw Billimorea. Her earlier film Hero Jamshed was also in this film, but did a side supporting role. This time the film was directed by a veteran Nandlal Jaswantlal.(He became a famous director with films like Nagin and Anarkali in the 50s.). Nandlal had already done a Talkie remake of Indira, BA-a popular silent film as Imperial’s Indira MA. This was with Sulochana and D.Billimoria. Bambai ki Billi-36 was a social film,in which Sulochana had done 8 different roles. The roles were Policeman,Gardener, Gambler, Beggar, Hyderabadi gentleman, Banana Seller, a street urchin and an European Blonde girl. By the way, Sulochana is the only actress in Hindi film world, who acted in 4 remake films having same titles and doing the same roles in all films-silent and Talkie. Her films were Madhuri, Indira MA, Bambai ki Billi and Anarkali.

Besides the interesting history of this film title, the film also boasts of a Director, who was the only person in Hindi film industry who disappeared mysteriously – for ever. The name is Aspy Irani. Film was directed by Aspi Irani,who was basically famous for stunt and C grade films. Aspy Irani was an important director from the early films. His full name was ASPANDIAR HORMUSJI IRANI. He was born in the Parsi colony, Panch Gardens in Dadar, Bombay on 8-10-1911. He started work in the film industry after he completed his secondary schooling and as all Parsis are, due to his hard work, he soon attained a top rank in the Industry. He started directing films from 1936,the early Talkie stage, when the influence of Parsi Theatre, fantasies and dramas on folklore was the staple of stunt films. All such films had a basic structure and with a little changes here and there new films hit the screens.

There was a fixed audience for such films, but as the time went by, slowly the taste of the audience changed. However Aspi Irani continued with his style till the end. He did direct few social films also but the handling of social films had a clear stamp of Aspi’s direction.

He must have directed about 50-55 films till the early 80s. Some of his films were, Naya paisa, qaidi no.911,Barood,Shabnam,Badal etc. He was married to actress Husn Bano ( daughter of actress Shareefa).

On a fine morning on 23rd November 1986,Aspi left his home in the morning for work and never ever returned. No one knows what happened to him. Since then there was no trace of this man and officially he was declared ‘missing since 23-11-1986′. What an end to a legend !

The film cast was Kumkum, Sudhir, Mukri, Nazima, TunTun, Chanda Bai, Nazir Kashmiri, Ashalata etc. etc. The Hero of the film was Sudhir – who died about 7 years ago. He was a small time villain in many big films like Deewar etc. This was his First film as a hero.

Bhagwandas Mulchand Luthria (13-4-1931 to 12 May 2014) aka Sudhir was a Bollywood film actor. He was best known for his role in the film Satte Pe Satta with Amitabh Bachchan. He acted in 226 films in a career spanning from 1962 to 2009. He was one of Bollywood’s best known villains from the 1970s through the 1990s.

His first film was Taxi Driver-1954. One gets to see his name appear first time as a male lead in the 1960 Sheikh Mukhtar film ‘Baarood’. And then again in the same year, as the male lead in the film ‘Bambai Ki Billi’. Both films have Kumkum paired opposite to him. In 1961 came the somewhat more appreciated ‘Umar Qaid’, again a Sheikh Mukhtar film, in which Sudhir is paired opposite to a very young Nazima.

In an effort to break into the next level of films, maybe, Sudhir started to work in side roles. He acted in prem patra starring sadhna and shashi kapoor 1962 as Subhash.He appeared in Apna Ghar Apni Kahani (Pyas) opposite Mumtaz in 1968, singing “Jigar me dard kaisa ishko ulfat to nhi kahate” and ‘main ye sochkar uske dar se utha tha’ (Hakeekat), ‘mujhe raat din ye khayal hai’ and ‘mere dil pe andheri sa chhan laga’ from Ek Phool Ek Bhool’.

He often played the second-in-command sidekick to villains Ajit, Prem Nath and Pran, a torturous police inspector, or a sleazy man. He was most known for his shrill voice, long moustache and sideburns. He starred in at least a dozen Amitabh Bachchan movies, such as Deewaar, Kaalia, Majboor, Sharaabi, Satte Pe Satta, Dostana, Shaan and Lal Baadshah.

The 1969 film ‘Mahal’ brought Sudhir in touch with Dev Anand, and thence started an association that would last a lifetime. Starting with ‘Gambler’(1971), Sudhir has appeared in almost every Dev Anand film, whether produced by Navketan or by any other production banner.

Other notable appearances included Feroz Khan’s 1974 hit Khote Sikkay, its sequel Kachche Heere, Dharmatma, as well as Mera Gaon Mera Desh, and roles of a handicapped thief in Dev Anand’s Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971), as police inspector (Special Appearances) in Subhash Ghai’s Meri Jung (1985) and in the Shah Rukh Khan-starring Baadshah (1999). His last film appearances were in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (2007) and Victoria House (2009). He was also filmmaker Milan Luthria’s paternal uncle. He died on 12 May 2014 at the age of 70. He had long been suffering from a lung infection. (based on information from wiki and an article of Sudhir ji).

The film had only 7 songs. This was a major change in the HFM. Initially, people had a fascination for film songs and hence in the early cinema of the 30’s average number of songs used to be 15 to 20 songs. In the 40s the number came down to about 10 to 12 songs and in the 50’s the number was between 6 to 8 songs. All the 7 songs of this film were written by Hasarat Jaipuri. Two songs are already covered. this will be the third song today.

All the 7 songs were good. The film was a C grade film , but the Music Director was an A grade composer. Enjoy this Geeta Dutt solo song……

Song-Dildaar tu hai mera pyaar tu hai (Bambai Ka Billi)(1960) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Khayyam


dildaar tu hai
mera pyaar tu hai
ikraar kar lo ji
apna hi maano
apna hi jaano
aankhen chaar kar lo ji
dildar tu hai
mera pyaar tu hai
ikraar kar lo ji
apna hi maano
apna hi jaano
aankhen chaar kar lo ji

meharbaan dekhiye
raat kitni haseen
pyaar ki chaandni
dhal na jaaye kahin
aisa na ho tere liye mar jaayen ham
dildar tu hai
mera pyaar tu hai
ikraar kar lo ji
apna hi maano
apna hi jaano
aankhen chaar kar lo ji

tu mila
to mili
jhoom kar har khushi ee
saikdon rang mein
naach uthhi zindagi ee
mehfil teri jalwe mere teri kasam
dildaar tu hai
mera pyaar tu hai
ikraar kar lo ji
apna hi maano
apna hi jaano
aankhen chaar kar lo ji

dil dukha kar kabhi
chain milta nahin ee
jaan le
zulm ka
phool khilta nahin ee
?? samajh dil ki zubaan
kar na sitam
dildar tu hai
mera pyaar tu hai
ikraar kar lo ji
apna hi maano
apna hi jaano
aankhen chaar kar lo ji

5 Responses to "Dildaar tu hai mera pyaar tu hai"

Thank you for bringing the spotlight on Bhagwandas Luthria a.k.a Sudhir. There is a good comedy scene of Govinda with Sudhir and Asrani in Dulhe Raja.
That was interesting note on Bambai ki Billi.thank you


Peevesie’s Mom ji,


Good to read the details about Aspy Irani. His name is a version of the persian name ‘Asfandiyar’ or ‘Isfandyar’. I think in the old times people used to give their horses such names. Now a days, few can afford horses, but the name ‘aspy’ I have read in relation to a horse.

About Sudhir, a most significant film is ‘Haqueeqat’ where he had this song to sing







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