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Waqt ke saath har zakhm bharta nahin

Posted on: January 25, 2021

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Today’s song is from the ‘1986’ movie ‘Begaanaa’. It may be a recent movie by the standards of the blog, but it had made its debut on the blog on 19.08.2008 with its nice touching song sung by Kishore Kumar.

Today we are adding the second song of this movie on 25 january 2021 that is 4542 days after the movie made its debut on 19 august 2008 !.

“Begaanaa-1986” was directed by Ambrish Sangal for ‘Murghan Enterprise’. It was produced by Shyam Sunder Shivdasani. It had Kumar Gaurav, Rati Agnihotri, Dharmendra, Raj Kiran, Deepti Naval, Amrish Puri, Manmohan Krishna, Arun Bakshi, Mohan Choti, Aruna Irani, Mac Mohan, Om Shivpuri, Sudhir, Kalpana Iyer, Leena Das, Arjun Thapar and others.

Story of this movie was written by Mushtaq Jalili.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 30.01.1986

‘Begaanaa-1986’ had six songs (including one multiple version song, which has already been posted on the blog) penned by Anjaan and composed to music by Annu Malik. Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar and Mohd Aziz were the singers for the songs of this movie.

Today we are going to listen to a duet song sung by Asha Bhonsle and Mohd Aziz. It is lip synced by Rati Agnihotri and Kumar Gaurav respectively on screen. This song happens on the ‘annual day’ function of their college where there is a music competition between the current students and ex-students of the college.

I have not watched this movie except the today’s song which happens immediately after the movie starts. I could not locate the video of the song;

Lyrics of the today’s song are by Anjaan and music is composed by Annu Malik.

let us now listen to today’s song which has some nice verses written by Anjaan.

(Note: -Today’s song has also broken the record of the ‘longest gap in days between the debut song and the second song of a movie’, which was 4540 days. 😊



Song-Waqt ke saath har zakhm bharta nahin(Begaana)(1986) Singers-Md Aziz, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Anu Malik


chal rahaa hoon
dil mein mere phir
chalne ki khushi hai
aanewaale kal ki soorat meri
aankhon mein basi hai
mar chuke hain wo jo thhak kar
raaste mein baithh jaayen
waqt se ladtaa rahaa main
waqt ka maaraa nahin hoon

waqt ke saath har
zakhm bhartaa nahin
waqt ke saath har
zakhm bhartaa nahin
phir bhi jeete hain sab
koyi martaa nahin
phir bhi jeete hain sab
koyi martaa nahin
waqt ka zakhm sah jaayen
aise hain kam
waqt ka zakhm sah jaayen
aise hain kam
waqt warnaa guzaare guzartaa nahin

phir bhi jeete hain
koyi martaa nahin

waqt hotaa hai kyaa
ye usey hai pataa
waqt ki aag mein jo jalaa hai
waqt ka doosra naam taqdeer hai
zor qismat pe kiska chalaa hai
waqt ki thhokaren choor kar dein jise
wo bikhar ke sambhaltaa nahin ee ee
waqt ka zakhm sah jaayen
aise hain kam
waqt warnaa guzaare guzartaa nahin

phir bhi jeete hain sab
koyi martaa nahin

dhoop ban ke kabhi
chhaaon ban ke kabhi
waqt chehre badaltaa rahegaa
waqt ki thhokaren khaa ke bhi aadmi
yoon hi girtaa sambhaltaa rahegaa
wo hai kyaa aadmi
apni himmat se jo
waqt ka rukh badaltaa nahin ee ee
waqt ke saath har
zakhm bhartaa nahin
phir bhi jeete hain sab
koyi martaa nahin
phir bhi jeete hain sab
koyi martaa nahin

waqt ki dhundh se
ham jo guzren kabhi
raah soojhe naa koyi kahin
ho o o

aati jaati rahi
waqt ki aandhiyaan
chaand sooraj bujhe to nahin ee ee
chaand sooraj bujhe to nahin

waqt hai be-raham
kar le kuchh bhi sitam
waqt hai be-raham
kar le kuchh bhi sitam
waqt hamse judaa to nahin
jeete ji kyun maren ae
waqt se kyun daren
waqt apnaa khudaa to nahin ee ee
waqt apnaa khudaa to nahin ee ee
waqt apnaa khudaa to nahin ee
waqt apnaa khudaa to nahin

4 Responses to "Waqt ke saath har zakhm bharta nahin"

working video link:

Thanks for the nice song,
almost bhool hi gayaa tha,iss gaane ko,
used to be one of my favourites along with another duet of this movie
“Dear Sir aapko main bahut chaahthi hoon…zindagi bhar rahoongi yours faithfully….”(must be Kishore,Asha bhosle duet)

Thanks for reminding me the songs……and reminding my good old days, I miss them …………..

Director (of this movie)Amrish Sanghal also directed
Aap to aise na the,
Earlier, he used to be asst.director for films produced and directed by Mohan Kumar and J.Om Prakash


Thanks Prakash ji for liking the post and the song. It’s my pleasure that the song bring back memories for you.
Thanks for commenting and also many thanks for the working video links of this song.



record company audio link:


another video link:


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