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Mujhe neend aa gayi thhi

Posted on: August 22, 2021

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#The Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 150 # Year -1971#

We are celebrating ‘fifty years’ of the year ‘1971’, and discussing the movies released during that year and their songs.

In one of my earlier post I had mentioned the details of movies released from 01st January’1971 to 30th April’1971.

Today we look at the movies released between 01st May’1971 to 31st August’1971.

Here is the list: –

SNO Movie Title Director Passed by Censor Board Song Status on the Blog
1 Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee Mohan Kumar 05.07.1971 Yippeeee’ed
2 Badnaam Basti Prem Kapoor 11.06.1971 1 song posted out of 4 Songs (1/4)
3 Baghaawat B. Vitthhalacharya 21.05.1971 0
4 Behake Kadam Dharmesh Dutt 21.08.1971 1/4 Songs posted
5 Beharoopia Rajesh Nanda 17.07.1971 1/6 Songs posted
6 Bikhare Moti Chanakya 06.08.1971 1/5 Songs posted
7 Brahmaa Vishnu Mahesh Babubhai Mistry 06.08.1971 1/7 Songs posted
8 Buddha Mil Gayaa Hrishikesh Mukherjee 24.05.1971 Yippeeee’ed
9 Caaravaan Nasir Hussain 15.06.1971 Yippeeee’ed
10 Chhoti Bahu K.B. Tilak 25.05.1971 4/6 Songs posted
11 Daakoo Maan Singh Babubhai Mistry 29.07.1971 0
12 Duniyaa Kya Jaane Shridhar 23.08.1971 1/7 Songs posted
13 Ek Din Aadhi Raat Kamal Sharma 02.07.1971 2/5 Songs posted
14 Ek Thi Reeta Roop K Shorie 15.05.1971 9/11 Songs posted
15 Haathi Mere Saathi M.A. Tirumugam 01.05.1971 Yippeeee’ed
16 Hulchal O.P. Ralhan 18.06.1971 No Songs
17 Iraadaa Rajdeep 20.05.1971 1/4 Songs posted
18 Jaane Anjaane Shakti Samant 17.05.1971 Yippeeee’ed
19 Jawaan Mohabbat Bhappie Soni 15.05.1971 Yippeeee’ed
20 Kathputli Brij 28.08.1971 2/8 Songs posted
21 Ladaki Pasand Hai C.L. Rawal 07.05.1971 1/8 Songs posted
22 Maayaa Baazaar K.V. Reddy 31.07.1971 0
23 Man Mandir Chanakya 20.05.1971 Yippeeee’ed
24 Maryaadaa Arbind Sen 12.05.1971 Yippeeee’ed
25 Meraa Gaaon Meraa Desh Raj Khosla 11.06.1971 Yippeeee’ed
26 Naadaan Deven Verma 20.08.1971 Yippeeee’ed
27 Parwaanaa Jyoti Swaroop 18.06.1971 Yippeeee’ed
28 Patangaa Kedar Kapoor 20.08.1971 Yippeeee’ed
29 Preetam Bhappie Soni 26.07.1971 Yippeeee’ed
30 Puraani Pehchaan Kewal Mishra 07.06.1971 2/6 Songs posted
31 Rakhwaalaa A. Subba Rao 12.08.1971 Yippeeee’ed
32 Shaan – E- Khudaa Nanubhai Vakeel 20.05.1971 1/7 Songs posted
33 Tere Mere Sapne Vijay Anand 13.05.1971 Y ippeeee’ed
34 Tulasi Vivaah Chandrakant 22.07.1971 3/14 Songs posted

We can see from the above table that three movies viz. ‘Baghaawat’, ‘Dakoo Maan Singh’, and ‘Maayaa Baazaar’ have not yet made their debuts on the blog.

The songs from these three movies seem to be unavailable as of now (as I could not find them). One movie ‘Hulchal’ had no songs in it. That gives us thirty movies from the total of thirty-four movies which have been represented on the blog.

Out of these thirty movies exactly half numbers i.e., fifteen movies have already been YIPPEED on the blog.

So, eleven movies from this period 01.05.1971 to 31.08.1971 still have a few songs left to be covered. Out of these eleven movies I have presented songs from ‘Badnaam Basti’, ‘Bahke Kadam’, ‘Brahmaa Vishnu Mahesh’, ‘Iraadaa’ and ‘Shaan E Khuda’.

Today I am presenting a song from the movie ‘Puraani Pehchaan’. I had not listened to the songs from this movie earlier and even the name was new to me when I came across it first time. I listened to the today’s song while preparation of this post and liked the song too.

“Puraani Pehchaan-1971” was directed by Kewal Mishra for ‘Durga Films, Bombay’.

It had Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja, Madan Puri, Bela Bose, Shammi, B.B. Bhalla, Tarun Bose, Dhanraj, Dilip Dutt, Johny Whisky, Sangeeta, Rafia Sultana, and others.

This movie had six songs composed by Music Director Bhushan and lyrics for all songs were written by Naqsh Lyallpuri.

Following is the details of the songs of this movie as mentioned in HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980).

S.No. Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Bachpan ka saath chhoota hai jaise ki khwaab toota hai Asha Bhonsle, chorus
02 Murli naa chhed Kaanha Asha Bhonsle
03 Ye naa hamse poochhiye mil gayaa hai kya hamen Mohd Rafi,Asha Bhonsle 24.12.2012
04 Aye jaan e bahaaraan rooh e chaman Mohd Rafi 27.01.2016
05 Aa aa, aa jaa, mujhe neend aa gayi thhi, kisi dard ne jagaaya Asha Bhonsle Being discussed today
06 Aaj ki raat nahin dil ko jalaane ke liye Asha Bhonsle

Geet Kosh-V mentions that the title for this movie was changed later from ‘Jab Jab Raat Wo Aayee’ which was its initial title given. Also, the 78 RPM records for the soundtracks of this movie were released by this name – ‘Jab Jab Raat Wo Aayee’ only.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 07.06.1971.

Two songs from this movie ‘Puraani Pehchaan-1971’ have been posted on the blog earlier.

Today’s song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and on screen it is Tanuja lip syncing for Asha Bhonsle’s voice. Also see in the picturization of this song are Sanjeev Kumar, Bela Bose, Madan Puri and others.

This song seems to be a ‘haunting’ song in the movie. I have not watched this movie, so can’t say much about it.
I would request knowledgeable readers to throw light on this movie and its songs.

The picturization of this song reminds us of similar other songs in Hindi movies, e.g., ‘rulaa ke gayaa sapnaa mera’ from ‘Jewel Thief-1967’ etc. But we do not exactly know in what context the today’s song happens.

However, we can listen and enjoy the today’s song …

As mentioned above singer for today’s song is Asha Bhonsle and lyrics are by Naqsh Lyallpuri. Music is composed by Bhushan.

Song-Mujhe neend aa gayi thhi (Puraani Pehchaan)(1971) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, MD-Bhushan


aaja aa aa aa
aaja aa

aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa

mujhe neend aa gayi thhi
kisi dard ne jagaaya
dhaley aankh se jo aansoo
tera naam yaad aayaa aa
mujhe neend aa gayi thhi
mujhe neend aa gayi thhi
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa

meri har khushi pareshaan
meri har nigaah pyaasi
kabhi kaash tu bhi dekhe
mera gham meri udaasi
maine pyaar se hameshaa
tera har sitam uthhaayaa
dhaley aankh se jo aansoo
tera naam yaad aayaa aa
mujhe neend aa gayi thi
mujhe neend aa gayi thi
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa

teri berukhi ke haathon
main qaraar kho chuki hoon
kayi baar ashq tadpe
kayi baar ro chuki hoon
mujhe gham ki aag de kar
toone raat din jalaayaa
dhaley aankh se jo aansoo
tera naam yaad aayaa aa
mujhe neend aa gayi thhi
mujhe neend aa gayi thhi
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa
aaja aa aa

tera pyaar ban gayi hai
kisi ajnabi ki baahen
tujhe mil gayi hai manzil
meri kho gayi hain raahen
jo na dekhna thha dekha
jo naseeb thha wo paayaa
dhaley aankh se jo aansoo
tera naam yaad aayaa aa
mujhe neend aa gayi thhi
kisi dard ne jagaaya
dhaley aankh se jo aansoo
tera naam yaad aayaa aa
mujhe neend aa gayi thhi
mujhe neend aa gayi thhi
mujhe neend aa gayi thhi

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