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Aashiq ho to aisa ho

Posted on: August 21, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

The song with this post was suitable for 19th August. 19th was the remembrance day of Khayyam the music composer who began his journey in Bollywood in 1947, when he sang a song with Zohrabai Ambalewali. His first as a music director was in 1948 as ‘Sharmaji’ of the ‘Sharmaji-Varmaji’ composer Duo. The statistics page of the blog says that Khayyam saab has given music to 377 songs in 42 movies. That may seem too little when compared with music directors who were active during that period; but each song of his were ‘pure pleasure on the ears’. Songs like ‘shaam-e-gham ki kasam’ (1953) or ‘tum apna ranj-o-gham’ (1964) are still popular as also the hits from the ’70s and ’80s: ‘aa jaa re, aa jaa re o mere dilbar aa jaa’, ‘kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai’, ‘dikhayi diye yun ke bekhud kiya’, and many more that I grew up listening to, of course at that age only the songs used to play in my head, I never knew details about singer, composer, lyricist etc.

The song with this post is also one such song, one that was only heard and details of which I gathered at the time of writing this post. I had heard it in the ’80s at the time “Noorie” released. Possibly not as often as the other popular songs from “Noorie” viz. Aa jaa re and Chori chori koi aaye.

“Noorie” (1979) was a movie directed by Manmohan Krishna (the popular character actor of those times) under Yash Chopra’s production. It had a cast of lesser known actors (at that time) like Poonam Dhillon, Farooque Sheikh, Bharat Kapoor, Iftikhar, Madan Puri, Gita Siddharth, Padma Khanna etc. The movie was a simple love story with the lovers being separated due to the death of the girl and in the final scene the lovers are united when they are buried beside each other. In the interim Bharat Kapoor (who plays a negative character) upturns the love cart of the lovers by killing the girl’s father, sending the boy away on a made-up-errand, raping the girl etc., which has the girl committing suicide. The boy returns, learns the cause of his beloved’s death and in his bid to avenge it, is killed. Here I shall add that the bad-man or villain also doesn’t escape punishment as the girl’s pet dog eventually kills him.

The playback singers used in that movie were Pamela Chopra, Jagjit Kaur, Asha Bhonsle, Anwar, Lata Mangeshkar, Nitin Mukesh and Mahendra Kapoor and S. K. Mahan (the character actor who used to be mostly seen in Yash Chopra movies. He is the one in the orange jacket at the beginning of this song). Of the 6 songs three (one song has two-versions)were written by Jan Nisar Akhtar, 2 by Naqsh Lyallpuri, and one by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Today’s song is written by Jan Nisar Akhtar whose remembrance day also happened to be 19th August.

Jan Nisar Akhtar has penned some memorable songs in a career spanning about 30 years but he was essentially a writer of poems, ghazals and nazms. He was awarded the 1976 Sahitya Academy award for his work ‘Khaak-e-dil’ a collection of poetry. His legacy is being carried forward by his son Jaaved Akhtar and grandchildren Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar.

The song is in the voices of Pamela Chopra, Mahendra Kapoor, S K Mahan and Jagjit Kaur who died a few days back on 15th August. I am not attempting an tribute to the (recently) departed singer of such wonderful songs as ‘dekh lo aaj hum ko jee bhar ke’; ‘kaahe ko biyaahi bides’; ‘saada chidiyaan da champa ve’ etc. Jagjit Kaur’s end came a few days before her husband Khayyam saab’s anniversary. Must be a measure of the love between the musical couple.



Song-Aashiq ho to aisa ho (Noorie)(1979) Singers-Mahendra Kapoor, S K Mahan, Pamela Chopra, Jagjit Kaur, Lyrics-Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, MD-Khayyam
Mahendra Kapoor + S K Mahan
Pamela Chopra + Jagjit Kaur


kasam hai yaar teri
tere yaaron ko mazaa aaya
yeh tera jazbaa-e-dil thha
ke dilbar khud khincha aaya
sabhi tapte rahe dil mein
sabhi jalte rahe dil mein
jahaan taktaa raha

maashooq baahon mein chala aaya

toh matlab yeh hua
ke aashiq ho toh
ke aashiq ho toh aisa ho
ke aashiq ho toh aisa ho
ke aashiq
ke aashiq
ke aashiq
aashiq aashiq aashiq
aashiq ho toh aisa ho
ke aashiq ho to aisa ho

dil ko dildaar mila
pyaar ko pyaar mila

aankh se aankh mili
taar se taar mila
ishq ko aaj koi
naaz bardar mila
har tawaajon ke liye
husn taiyyar mila

aaa aaa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
husn mashoor hai inaam-e-wafaa dene ko
apna sab kuchh kisi aashiq pe luta dene ko

ishq ik gul se sajaa leta hai gulshan apna
sirf ik phool se bhar leta hai daaman apna aa aaa aa
ke aashiq ho toh

ke dilbar ho toh

na na na
ke aashiq ho toh aisa ho
ke dilbar ho toh aisi ho
ke aashiq
ke aashiq
ke aashiq
aashiq aashiq aashiq
aashiq ho to aisa ho

ke dilbar
ke dilbar
ke dilbar
dilbar dilbar dilbar
dilbar ho toh aisi ho
ke dilbar ho toh aisi ho

sirf aahen jo bhare usko aashiq na kaho
door se pyaar kare usko aashiq na kaho

gham mein chup chap marein (huh) usko aashiq na kaho
jo zamaane se darey

usko aashiq na kaho

saamna ismein har ik aan hai bedardon ka
ishq pesha hai meri jaan jawaan mardon ka
ispe marte hain
koi harf na aane paaye
haath se thhaamne mehboob na jaane paaye ae ae ae
ke aashiq ho toh

arre jaa
ke dilbar ho toh

aa aa aa aa aa
ke aashiq ho to aisa ho
ke dilbar ho to aisi ho
jaise majnu
jaise farhaad
jaise mahiwaal raanjhe jaisa
aashiq ho toh aisa ho haan

jaise laila
jaise shireen
jaise sohni heer jaisi
dilbar ho toh aisi ho
ke dilbar ho toh aisi ho

hum toh yeh jaante hain
yaar ke yaar hain hum

aazma humko kabhi
pyaar hi pyaar hain hum

jaan dene ke liye
tujpe taiyaar hain hum

hum koi ghair nahin
tere gumkhaar hain hum

aaaa aaaa aaaaa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

husn waale koi jaadu sa jaga dete hain
yaar do roz mein yaaron ko bhula dete hain
baat jab kehte nasha ishq ka taari bhi rahe
husn se pyaar rahe

yaaron se yaari bhi rahe
yaaron se yaari bhi rahe
yaaron se yaari bhi rahe
yaaron se ae ae
yaaron se yaari bhi rahe ae ae ae
ke aashiq ho toh

ja ja ja
ke dilbar ho toh

ke ke ke ke ke
ke aashiq ho toh aisa ho
ke dilbar ho toh aisi ho
ke aashiq
ke dilbar
ke aashiq
ke aashiq
aashiq ho toh aisa ho
ke dilbar ho toh aisi ho


2 Responses to "Aashiq ho to aisa ho"

Peevesie’s Mom ji, thanks for the post remembering Khayyam Saab.
I could not send a write-up this time though I wish I could.
But, I am happy to see this post here today because I was expecting a post from you. Thanks for that.
I do not remember to have listen this song earlier. Thanks for adding the one for ‘Noorie’.

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🙏🏻thank you for liking


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