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Pilaa rahaa hai koi kuchh

Posted on: August 25, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Milaap-1937.

Consequent to this film, two more films were made with the same title – Milaap-1955 and Milaap-1972. Milaap-55 was the Debut film for Music Director N.Datta. There were some very good songs by Geeta Dutt and an excellent song by my favourite singer-Hemant Kumar…Ye baharon ka samaa…. Unfortunately this song was summarily removed from the film for whatever reasons best known to the producers. The lead pair was Dev Anand and Geeta Bali. Film Milaap-1972 was one of those ” also ran’ films, starring Shatrughna Sinha and Reena Roy. Music Director Brij Bhushan gave mediocre music- no memorable songs. It is difficult to assess today’s film on these lines, because only one song is available and we do not know anything else about this film. Writing on old films is like walking in the dark with a stick.As long as the stick does not touch anything, you do not know that there is something in your way.

The Indian film industry was worth 183 Billion rupees in the year 2020. However, it was below an expectation of 238 billion expected to grow at 11% over 2017 every year. Corona obviously played the villain.few people would know that the Hindi film industry had crossed the Hollywood business first time in the 60’s, but it went down again. however from 2007 onwards, we have always been ahead of american film industry turnover.

There is a major difference between Hollywood and Bollywood. There, a fixed amount every year is invested in documentation of the history of American Cinema, but in India, no such funds are allocated either by the industry or the Government. It is a very sorry state of affairs.

forget about the industry, even the common people are not aware of what old films are. When someone talks about old films, it is presumed that the talk is about old film songs. no one believes that there is much more beyond songs and music to old films. In this connection I would again quote what transpired between me and one of my old friends. he had settled down in the US for more than 30 years. Few years back, when he visited Bombay we met and this was the following discussion between us…

He – So, kya chal raha hai. You are retired now. How do you spend your time ?
Me – I write articles on old films.
he – OH,WOW ! Superb. Old films means old songs etc /
Me – Beyond that. About people working behind the camera, artistes, studios and such matters. I write specially on films from the 30’s to the 60’s.
He – Is it ? And so who reads them? I don’t think people are interested in such age-old matters.
Me – It is not true. There are many people who read these things.
He – So you must be making a lot of money.
Me – No. Money is not involved. It is all free. I do it for the love of old films.
He – Don’t waste your time on this Rubbish.

I got upset with his approach and I changed the topic. But I started thinking. As of today, the visitors to the Blog have grossed a figure of about 1,46,82,000 ( that’s close to 15 Million), which works out to about 3140 visitors per day on an average. Even if 10% of them read my articles, I have more than 9000 readers. I would be very happy with this. Forget my friend. There are always people who think differently. Their priorities in life never cross monetary boundaries. They miss out on Celestial pleasures one can have without money !

Coming back to film Milaap-1937, the film was made in Calcutta by Moti Mahal Theatres. It was directed by A.R.Kardar, who had come from Lahore, leaving his own production company and studio. from calcutta he shifted to Bombay and had his own bigger studio and company. This film’s music director was K.C.Dey ( he was the first blind MD. Later Ravindra Jain also was a blind MD). The Lyricist’s name is not known. The cast of the film was Prithviraj Kapoor, M.Ismail, Mazhar Khan, Yaqub,Bimla Kumari, Ram Pyari, Anis Khatun etc etc.

Actress Rampyari’s life story is interesting. Though from a singinging family(Tawaif) from Hyderabad, she was quite educated. Fluent in English and Urdu, besides Hindi and mother tongue Telugu, she used to reply in chaste English or Urdu to her fan’s letters. She is also one of the earliest film artistes who did programmes in other countries, in those days. Additionally, she became famous in Calcutta when there was a letter-war between her and the New Theatres. Local newspapers tastily published the correspondence. Let’s take a look at her Life.

Rampyari was from Low cast and profession, but was a highly polished and sophisticated actress in those days. Rampyari hailed from a Telugu family of highly skilled professional dancers and singers. She lived in Nagulchinta area of old Hyderabad city.

She was born on 27-8-1908. That year Hyderabad witnessed devastating floods.She was taught Urdu and English. Apart from her mother tongue Telugu she was also proficient in Marathi and Kannada. She was trained in Dancing and singing. In 1918, at the age of 10 years, she was taken to Madras by her aunt, who trained her in Bharatanatyam. After 4 years of rigorous training, she became the best dancer of Madras.

In 1926, a film producer from Kohinoor Film company, Bombay ,visiting Madras, saw her dancing and invited her to Bombay.It was the era of Silent movies. Her first film was Gunsundari, with Miss Gauhar and Raja Sandow. It was directed by Chandulal Shah and was released in 1927. Her supporting role as a dancer in the film was lauded by the audience. Next film Vile woman was also successful. She acted in more than 20 films as a Heroine and dancer and established her name as a seasoned actress of the 30s.

With the advent of Talkies, she easily switched over. She had no difficulty in delivering Urdu dialogues. In 1931, she acted in Paak Daman, Laila Majnu and Ghar ki laxmi, Gunsundari in 1934 and Azad Abla,Meethi Nazar and Hamlet in 1935.

Famous director Debki Bose from New Theatres, Calcutta invited her and signed up for ” Sunehra Sansar”-36 and Vidyapati-37, which was a mega hit. She had a big dispute with new Theatres and there was mudslinging through legal letters between her and the company, which called her ‘ a street singer ‘ who was helped by the company. She refuted their charges successfully. After this, she did few films in Calcutta with other companies. Her film Milap-37 was famous for being the first to show the prototype of a “vamp” in Indian Cinema. Rampyari was shown wearing “an off-shoulder dress” and using a cigarette-holder, with the intent of seducing the hero Prithwiraj Kapoor, the scene was later used by Raj Kapoor on Nadira in his film Shree 420 (1955) for the song “Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh”.

She toured the entire south India and gave dance performances in major cities. She became so famous that the Ceylon Labour Union invited her to Ceylon and presented her with Gold Mementos. She was greatly inspired by the acting of Sulochana aka Ruby Meyers and Miss Gauhar of Ranjit, with whom she acted in many films.

She shifted to Bombay permanently in the 30s. Her family also moved out of Hyderabad and came to Bombay. She had a large fan following in Hyderabad. She had a great fan mail too, which she replied in fluent Urdu and English. Later she got married and retired from films.

She acted in 30 films. Her last film was Dak bungla-47. She sang 14 songs in 8 films.

She died on 28-8-1970 at Bombay. There was no news in any paper.

Today’s song is sung by Akbar khan Peshawari. With this song, film Milaap-1937 will make its Debut on this Blog.

Song-Pila raha hai koi kuchh (Milaap)(1937) Singer- Akbar Khan Peshawari, Lyricist- Unknown, MD- K C Dey


aa aaa aa
Pila raha hai koi
kuchh lutf e mai
badha ke pila
aa aa aa aa
khuda ka waaste
saaqi ??
mila ke pilaa aa aa aa
pilaa saaqi ek ??
dheere dheere
chale jaane baaba
chale jaane baaba
?? dheere dheere

rahe ismein ??
?? yoon na thha ??
aa aa aa aa
rahe ismein ??
?? yoon na thha ??
aa aa aa
chala hai ?? dheere dheere
chala hai ?? dheere dheere

shab e gham meri ??
nabz ki chaal baaba
aa aa aa aa aa
shab e gham meri ??
nabz ki chaal baaba
aa aa aa aa
chale jaate koi
udhar dheere dheere
chale jaate koi
udhar dheere dheere

tahalta aa hua aa aa aa koi
aata hai maayoos
tahalta hua aa koi
aata hai maayoos
uthho sar se baandho
kafan dheere dheere
uthho sar se baandho
kafan dheere dheere

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