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Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

Posted on: September 23, 2021

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Today’s song is from an obscure Costume film, Sardar-1940. The film was made by Prakash Pictures, Bombay. It was directed by Dwarka Khosla and the music was by the favourite MD of Prakash Pictures- Shankar Rao Vyas. All the 15 songs were written by Balam Pardesi. However HFGK lists only 12 songs under the film title and 3 more songs are further added through ‘Addenda’, at the end of the Kosh. Today’s song is the first song of this film to be posted here.

Director Dwarka Khosla was born in 1904 at Hoshiarpur, Punjab. He entered the films during the Silent era. His first Talkie films as a director was Josh-E-Jawani-1935. He directed 33 films. His last film was Reporter Raju-1962. The cast of the film was Jayant, Pramila,Shah Nawaz, Amirbai Karnataki, Munshi Khanjar and others. Actor Jayant was a find of Vijay Bhatt. He gave him first chance in Nai Zindagi-1934. He also changed his original name to Jayant.

Jayant was born as Zakaria Khan,on 15-10-1912 at Alwar, Rajasthan. His father Syed Ahmed Khan was originally from Peshawar, but was working as a Sports Coach in the court of the Maharaja of Alwar,Rajasthan. Along with his elder brother Jahangir Khan, Jayant used to sell ‘Makka-Bhutta’ (Maize) on a roadside thela and thus earned his pocket money, with which he used to see films. When he grew up, he was taken by his father to the Maharaja, who recruited him as Second Lieutenant in his Army. Jayant soon got bored with this life, left the job and came to Bombay in search of a job in films. When he met Vijay Bhatt of Prakash pictures, this 6’1″ tall,handsome and young man was liked by him. Jayant also knew Horse riding and swimming. He was named JAYANT by Vijay Bhatt and offered a role in their film Nayi Duniya-1934. Rajkumari Banaraswali also debuted in this film.

Excellent Urdu delivery and handsome personality earned Jayant Hero’s roles in Bambai ki Sethani,Bombay Mail, Lal chithi, Shamsheer-e-Arab, Azadveer, Passing show, Snehlata, Top ka gola, Challenge, His Highness, Khwab ki duniya, Mr.X, State Express, Hero no.1, Sardar and Mala. By now his salary was 3700 per month. He was more at ease in Costume and stunt films than social flicks.

Khwaab ki Duniya-37 was based on the story of Invisible Man and this was the first film as a Director for Vijay Bhatt. Babubhai Mistry from Surat used Trick photography in this film, by using Black Thread on black background.

Jayant was married to 13 year old Kamarbano Sultan. His first son,Imtiaz khan was born on 15-10-42 and second son was born on 21-10-43. He was Amjad Khan (Gabbar singh of Sholay). As a child, Amjad khan was very frail and weak till his second year. Later in his youth, of course he expanded out of proportion. Jayant’s elder brother Jahangir Khan died suddenly in an accident. Jayant was very much attached to him. To forget the sorrow, Jayant started smoking and drinking. After he was out of Prakash Pictures, he was taken by Minerva for Sikander’s role. When Sohrab Modi saw him smoking and drinking on sets, he was summarily thrown out and the role went to Prithwiraj Kapoor, for whom it was a Milestone in his career.

Jayant worked in Aladdin, Laila, Bulbul e Baghdad, Mere saajan, Zewar and Dawat. He even went to Lahore to act in “Poonji” and “Shirin Farhad”. When Shirin Farhad became a resounding flop, Jayant stopped getting roles, but he never went to anyone to ask for roles. P N Arora went to Jayant’s house to sign him for Doli. After Partition, his finances became critical and he had to sell even family jewellery for his drinks. He acted in character roles in Amar ,Insaniyat, Madhumati, Maya, Memdidi, Son of India, Kabli Khan, Hakikat, Leader, Himalay ki God mein, Sangharsh, Do Raaste, Heer Ranjha, Mera Gaon Mera Desh etc. He worked in 105 films. Can you imagine Jayant singing ? Yes, he had sung a song in film State Express-1938, along with Sardar Akhtar.

Jayant was a family man. Till the end he had only one wife and he followed the rule to partake the dinner at home with all family members daily. He contracted Cancer, lost his voice in 1970. His last film was ‘Love and God’,which was released 11 years after his death.

Jayant died on 2-6-1975. ( Thanks to shri Harish Raghuvanshi ji, for Jayant’s profile in his Gujarati book ,Inhe na Bhulana ).

In the last few posts we have seen the brief history of 2 famous studios of yore – Imperial and New Theatres, Calcutta. today we will read the brief history of Prakash Pictures, Bombay.

The success story of the famous Prakash Pictures (1934 to 1971) is also a success and hard work story of two brothers-Vijay and Shankar Bhatt.

The sons of a railway guard, Vijay Bhatt, along with his elder brother and his lifelong partner, Shankar bhai Bhatt, shared a fascination for theatre and films.

The mid twenties brought them to Bombay, where Vijay Bhatt enrolled in St.Xavier’s college and studied upto Inter-Science. While Shankarbhai took up a job in a store selling readymade garments. In order to secure a steady, lucrative job, he obtained a Diploma in Electrical Lighting and Traction from the International Correspondence School, London. Quitting college, he joined the BEST and worked for 3 years rising to be an officer with the designation of Drawing Office Superintendent.

He quit his job after two months and both the brothers decided to take on the world of showbiz.

A flair for writing led him to get involved in a humble way as a storywriter.

It was Ardeshir Irani, the ‘Father of Indian Talkies’ and the maker of ‘Alam Ara’, who would show them the way. At that time, he was the managing director of The Royal Studios. He glanced through the stories, selected one of them and asked the brothers to meet the proprietor of the studio, Seth Aboo Hussein. ‘Show him the story and then come back to me. If it is all right for him, it is all right for me’ they were told.

The story was approved and Ardeshir Irani took it upon himself to teach Vijay Bhatt how to write Screenplay. Every evening after the day’s work and dinner, the Bhatt brothers would make their way to Majestic Cinema, built by Ardeshir Irani in 1918 in partnership with the exhibitor, Abdulaly Yusoofaly. Irani would be here every evening with his friends. And it was here that Vijay Bhatt scripted his very first screenplay, ‘Vidhika Vidhan’, which was made into a film by director K.P.Bhave.

Ardeshir Irani made two more films based on the stories of Bhatt brothers. They were ‘ Paani mein Aag’ and ‘ Ghulam’-1929, both of which were directed by Nagendra Muzumdar. Their third film featured a newly recruited actor from Peshavar, Prithviraj kapoor.

By now, Ardeshir Irani had founded his own Imperial Studios and drawn to it a host of artists and technicians. The Bhatt brothers too had gathered enough experience and ventured to make films on their own.They soon founded the Royal Film Co., in partnership with a cousin and the first film to be produced under this banner was Black Ghost. It starred Master Vithal and Madhuri and was photographed by V. M.Vyas. With Vijay Bhatt at the helm of the creative affairs and Shankarbhai in charge of the business aspect, they made seven silent films under the banner of The Royal Film Company in an open air studio in Juhu. Among them was ‘Heer Ranjha’, where Vijay Bhatt gave A.R. Kardar, a poster maker for foreign film distributors, his first acting assignment.

Then came the year of Talkies and the Bhatts too switched over to this new medium with ‘Alif Laila’-1933, which was based on an Arabian Nights story and made under the banner ofRoyal Cinetone. This was followed by 3 other talkies made under the banner of Kardar Studios. He then founded a film distribution concern, Royal Pictures Corporation, which acquired the distribution rights of ‘Sohni Mahiwal’ for North India for Rs. 11,000 – a sensational amount at that time. For, as he often used to say, “In those days, it cost just about Rs. 8000 to make a film 8 -9 thousand feet in length!”

By now Vijay Bhatt had evolved into a director to be reckoned with. It was time to set up his own production company. And Prakash Pictures was born. Prakash Studios was built in 1934 at Andheri. That time Andheri was an undeveloped suburb of Bombay and not many facilities like roads, Lights etc were available easily there. The place where the studio was to come up was a very big open area. Except for huge open grounds, there was one double storey bungalow. All offices were kept in that. The first film to be made there was the film ‘Actress’-1934 ( Bambai ki Mohini), written and produced by Vijay Bhatt.

After a few more stunt films, a shooting floor was constructed and they made ” Khwaab ki duniya” in 1937. In 1938 they made State Express, Passing show, Challenge and Top ka Gola etc. By that time their reserves for stars included Sardar Akhtar, Pramila, Ratnamala, Ranjana, Jayant, Umakant, Prem Adeeb etc. Harsukh Bhatt and Raja Nawathe were assistant directors. By making stunt films they made good money and completed the second shooting floor also with that money. The famed torch of Prakash Pictures continued to shine over decades and in all, 64 films were made in various Genres, in black and white as well as colour. Vijay Bhatt directed 23 films. He also wrote lyrics for the film Snehlata-1936.

Because of hectic activities in the studio and the traffic to the studio,that part of Andheri became developed with street lights, cement roads, Bus stops etc. Their next film Purnima-38 made excellent business. Bhatt brothers were impressed with Gandhi’s favourite bhajan ” Vaishnav jan to “. They made a film ‘ Narsi Bhagat’ in 1942 with Vishnupant Pagnis and Durga Khote. It ran so well that Prakash made ‘ Bharat Milap’ in Hindi and ( भरत भेट ) in Marathi. The tremendous success made them make ‘Ram Rajya’ ( again in Hindi and marathi) and Prakash became famous all over India, making name, fame and a lot of money.

From 1945 to 1948, Prakash faced a spate of flop films. Bhatta brothers kept silent for 4 years, renting its studio to other producers. Prakash was planning a Love story. Their friend Naushad suggested them Baiju Bawra. They made the film with less famous Bharat Bhushan and Meena Kumari. The film created Box office records.

Goonj uthi Shehnai-59, Hariyali aur Rasta-62 and Himalay ki God mein-65 did well but again few flop films…. Bhatt brothers decided to stop making films from 1971 and sold the studio and all the land.

Vijay Bhatt died on 17-10-1993 at Bombay. Vijay Bhatt played an important role in the careers of some major stars. He was the person who gave Mehzabeen (Meena kumari),the name Baby Meena. He also gave her the first major heroine’s role in Baiju Bawra-52.Till then she did roles in B and C grade films.
O K Dhar Kashmiri was given the name ” JEEWAN “,when he did Narad’s role in Bharat Milap. Later he did Narad’s role in over 100 films.
Suraiyya got her big singing role in Station master-42.
Manoj Kumar was made hero in Himalaya ki God mein-65

Today on that land many factories are erected. Few Housing societies and a Marriage Hall ” Vishal” came up too. Thus ended a glorious chapter of a film making studio called “Prakash Pictures”- a guarantee for wholesome entertainment ! (information for this article is used from, and a book ” तीन भिंतींची दुनिया ” by Bhai Bhagat, with thanks and my notes.)

Today’s song is sung by Amirbai Karnataki (alongwith an unknown male voice, since identified as Sheetal Ghosh). With this song, film Sardar-1940 makes its Debut on this Blog.

Song- Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara (Sardaar)(1940) Singer- Amirbai Karnataki, Lyricist- Balam, MD- Shankar Rao Vyas
Amirbai Karnataki + Sheetal Ghosh


Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara aa aa
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

bhakt ki naiyya ka sahaara
bhakt ki naiyya ka sahaara
andhon ka ujiyaara aa aa
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

Bhagwaan bhajan pyara aa aa
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara aa aa
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara aa aa
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

Pandav aur Prahlad ubaare
bhakt aajaa milte hain saare
Pandav aur Prahlad ubaare
bhakt aajaa milte hain saare
?? nahin hamaara aa
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara aa aa
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

sakal vishw mein goonje hardam
Meera ka iktaara
sakal vishw mein goonje hardam
Meera ka iktaara
Bhaj Raam
gaaye baarambaar
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara aa aa
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara
Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara

2 Responses to "Bhagwaan bhajan pyaara"

The uploader of the song has identified the male singer as Sheetal Ghosh. I checked the voice with his other songs rendered in ‘Darshan’ (1941) and ‘Mala’ (1941) and I feel that the male voice in the song more or less matches with that of Sheetal Ghosh.

Sheetal Ghosh also acted in ‘Narsi Bhagat’ (1940). With ‘Darshan’ (1941), ‘Mala’ (1941) and Sardar’ (1940), he seems to be associated with Prakash Pictures.

Amirbai Karnataki also acted in this film. So this song may be tagged as ‘actor-singer’ song.


Thanks for this information.


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