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Sukh bhara sukh bhara

Posted on: December 4, 2021

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Songs from Artiste Name Films….Second Season….No. 6

Today’s song is from the film Shakuntala-1943.

After leaving Prabhat Film Co. in 1942, V.Shantaram came to Bombay. He had definite plans for his future. But till the right time ( read-arrangement for finance) was ripe, he joined the Films Division of the Government. Later, when the arrangements were in place, he bought a studio with extra land to start his own Rajkamal Kala Mandir. He selected this name to keep his parents’ names with him. Father was RAJaram and Mother was KAMALabai. The first film he made here was “Shakuntala” The film was based on ” अभिज्ञान शाकुन्तलम ” written by Kavi Kalidas in the 3rd century. It depicts the story of Shakuntala- daughter of sage Vishwamitra and apsara Menaka. It is about her love with king Dushyant.

Dewan Sharar had adapted the story from the original ” अभिज्ञान शाकुंतलम ” by Mahakavi Kalidas written in the 3rd century. He wrote the story, dialogues and Lyrics ( some lyrics were by Ratan Piya ) also. This was Sharar’s first film with Shantaram . Their association continued for some more films like, Parbat pe apna dera-44, Dr. Kotnis ki amar kahani-46, Apna Desh-49, Teen batti char Raasta-53 and J.J. Payal baje-55.

The cast of the film was Jayashree ( for whom Shantaram had to leave Prabhat), Chandramohan, Zohra, Ameena, Nimbalkar, Nana Palshikar etc etc. For actress Zohra Jaan, this was her last film in India, before Partition. Actually, she was already selected as the Heroine of Shantaram’s next film ‘ Parbat pe apna dera”, but when some communal riots erupted in Bombay for Partition, she got scared and left immediately for Lahore, Pakistan.

One interesting actor in the cast was Madan Mohan (not the Music Director). He had come from Punjab and he stuck with Shantaram’s films He was in Parbat pe apna dera-44 and he became a regular in most films of Shantaram, after that. Likewise another interesting actor was Indurao T. Nimbalkar, a veteran actor from marathi films. He too became almost a regular with Shantaram. In film Shakuntala-43 he played the role of sage Kanva Muni, the foster father of Shakuntala.

Film Shakuntala was a successful film. It not only ran for 104 weeks in Bombay, but it became the first ever Hindi film to be shown in the USA. The New York Times had given a favourable review of the film in its editions. The film was also nominated for the Grand International Award at the 1947 Venice Film Festival.

This was Vasant Desai’s first independent assignment with his mentor-V.Shantaram. he had a long associationwith Rajkamal filmsn subsequently. So, one can see major landmarks were associated with this film.

Now, coming to our point. There were two actresses in Hindi films, named Shakuntala. One was Baby Shakuntala to start with , but later on she became Heroine in many Hit films. She paired with well known heroes, like Kishore Kumar,Bharat Bhooshan,Karan Dewan, Amarnath, Anant marathe, master Bhagwan, Abhi Bhattacharya etc etc. She was a well known actress.

The other Shakuntala was not so well known, because she acted only in the 30’s and 40’s films. Her last film was Paisa-1941 after which she went out of Hindi films.

None of these two Shakunatalas had acted in this film. However, we will see the information on the less known Shakuntala. Her full name was Shakuntala Paranjpye (शकुंतला परांजपे ) She had a very bright career before and after her sojourn into the film world of Hindi and Marathi cinemas. Very few people can match her achievements in films, social work, politics and education. She was the mother of Sai Paranjpye, famous director of offbeat films like Katha, Chashme Baddur, Sparsh etc.

Shakuntalā Parānjpye (17 January 1906 – 3 May 2000) was a writer and a prominent social worker. She was a member of Maharashtra Legislative Council during 1958–64, and was a nominated member of Indian Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) during 1964–70. In 1991, the Government of India awarded her the Padma Bhushan title in recognition of her pioneering work in the field of family planning since 1938.

Shakuntala Paranjpye was the daughter of Sir R.P.Paranjpye the first Indian to be Senior Wrangler at the University of Cambridge, an educationist, and India’s High Commissioner to Australia during 1944–1947Shakuntala studied for the Mathematical Tripos at Newnham College, Cambridge. She graduated there in 1929. She received a Diploma in Education from London University the next year.
Shakuntala worked in the 1930s with the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. In the same decade and in the 1940s,, she also acted in some Marathi and Hindi movies. Shakuntala wrote many plays, sketches, and novels in Marathi. Some of her work was in English.

A Hindi children’s movie, Yeh Hai Chakkad Bakkad Bumbe Bo, which was based on a Marathi story by Shakuntala was released in 2003.

Shakuntala was married for a short time to a Russian painter, Youra Sleptzoff. She had a daughter, Sai Paranjpye, by him in 1938. Soon after Sai’s birth, she divorced Youra, and brought up Sai in her own father’s household. Sai Paranjpye is a noted Hindi movie director and screenwriter. She is known for her comedies and children’s movies. In 1991, the Government of India awarded her the Padma Bhushan title in recognition of her artistic talents.
Shakuntala wrote many books. Some of them are….

1.Three years in Australia
2. Sense and Non sense
3. Kahi ambat kahi goad (Marathi)
4.Desh Videshichya Lok katha (Marathi)

She acted in 13 films- Sairandhri-33, Parth Kumar-34, Bhedi Rajkumar-34,Bhakta Prahlad-34, Typist Girl-35, Sone ka Shahar-35, Kali Waghan-35, Bahadur Beti-35, Duniya na maane-37, Sultana Chand Bibi-38, Jeevan Jyoti-38, Stree-38 and Paisa-41. She sang 9 songs in 4 films-Typist Girl,Sone ka shahar, Stree and Paisa.
Though she ended her Hindi film career in 1941 itself, she is often credited with the films till 1955- films which were actually done by the other (Baby) Shakuntala. This is what I call as “Same Name Confusion”. In fact, (Baby) Shakuntala started her career with film Dus Baje in 1942, so there was no scope for mixing up their filmographies. But wiki as well as most of the film related sites do this mistake.

Today’s song is a short one, with video showing the final departure of Shakuntala, Dushyant and their son-Bharat. It is sung by Amirbai and a chorus with a male voice. The story of film Shakuntala -1943 was –

Shakuntala (Jayshree) is the daughter of sage Vishwamitra and Menaka, but is brought up by the sage Kanva, and stays with him in a forest dwelling. She meets King Dushyanta (Chandra Mohan), when he comes there for a hunt. The two fall in love and get married, with Dushyanta staying with her. Soon he has to leave and he promises to come back for her. Before leaving he gives her a ring as a token of their marriage. Shakuntala passes her days waiting for Dushyanta. She is so lost in his thoughts that she doesn’t hear a sage asking for water. He then leaves her with a curse that the one she is thinking about will forget her. She gives birth to a son, Bharata and several years pass without the return of Dushyanta who has lost his memory and has no recollection of Shakuntala. The ring he has given her is lost in the river and swallowed by a fish. Dushyanta turns her away when Shakuntala goes to the court. Later when Dushyanta recovers his memory Shakuntala refuses to go with him but both are finally united.

Song- Sukh bhara, sukh bhara (Shakuntala)(1943) Singers- Amirbai Karnataki, Unknown male voice, Lyricist- Ratan Piya, MD- Vasant Desai


Sukh bhara
sukh bhara
Sukh bhara
sukh bhara
kare jeevan bharat ye tumhaara

?? varshon ke viyogi
nikla sukh ka taara
Sukh bhara
sukh bhara
kare jeevan bharat ye tumhaara
?? apne praan badhaaye
jai jai kaare
jag mein paaye
rajyawansh(?) ho Bharat naam se
Bhaarat ye pyaara hamaara
bhaarat ye pyaara hamaara
Sukh bhara
sukh bhara
bhaarat ye pyaara hamaara

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