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Aankhon se ishaara karke hamen

Posted on: January 16, 2022

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2012-2022) – Song No. 8

Today 16th January’2022 is the ninetysixth birth anniversary (16.01.1926 – 28.01.2007) of Omkar Prasad Nayyar whom we know by the name of O.P. Nayyar.

His name and music need no introduction. He was the ‘legend’ and has given us many songs to listen and cherish forever. He crafted a special place for his music in the annals of HFM and his music will be loved till it lives on this planet.

I am big fan of OPN’s music and thought that I was aware of all his movies where he composed music for. So, when I got this mail from our dear Prakash ji containing a song from the movie ‘Naseehat-1967’ I was surprised as the name of the movie didn’t ring any song in my mind. I feel very awkward or rather shameful of myself that I was not aware of this movie and its songs.

Well, so I decided to present this song from the movie ‘Naseehat-1967’, and that way I can listen the other songs of this movie too.

This movie made its debut on the blog on 09.12.2009 with its song ‘Zaraa dekhiye meri saadgi’ and after that only two songs from this movie have been added on the blog so far. One on 16.01.2012 and one on 18.11.2017.

Today after ten years of 16.01.2012 the movie becomes eligible for one of its songs under the ‘Blog Ten Year Challenge – 2012-2022’. (Incidentally one more movie where music is composed by O.P. Nayyar is eligible today under BTYC as its’ songs were presented on 16.01.2012 and this movie is yet to be Yippeeee’ed. This movie is ‘Kalpana-1960).

Let us see the list of movies represented on the blog ten years back on 16.01.2012.

Here is the list.

Song Movie title(Year) Remarks
Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai/a> Shahnaaz (1948) 6 songs posted
Beqasi hadd se jab guzar jaaye/a> Kalpana (1960) 5 songs posted
Ye hariyaali aur ye raastaa Hariyaali Aur Raastaa(1962) All Songs covered
Aankhen hamaari hon sapne tumhaare hon Mere Armaan Mere Sapne (1963) 3 songs posted
Kabhi hamaari muhabbat ka imtihaan na lo Naseehat(1967) 3 of 6 songs posted/td>
Muhabbat ho gayee jinse Kahin Din Kahin Raat(1968) All Songs covered

As mentioned above today we listen to a song from ‘Naseehat-1967’.

This movie was produced by Dara Singh (as mentioned by Atul ji in one of earlier posts).

‘Nasihat’ or ‘Naseehat-1967’ was directed by Om Patwar for ‘Deedar Movies, Bombay’.
It had Darasingh, Rajshree (South), Randhawa, Savita, Madan Puri, Tiwari, Sapru, Rajan Haksar, Bhagwan Sinha, Leela Mishra, Kundan, Rajan Kapoor, Samson, Uma Dutt, Keshav, Rinku, Meena, Saudagar Singh, Helen, Madhumati and others.

This movie had seven soundtracks including one music track and that left us with six songs which are listed below.

Four songs out of six were written by S.H. Bihari (1,2,4 & 5 from the below list) and two songs were written by Aziz Kashmiri (3 & 6 in the below list)

As mentioned above music for this film was composed by O.P. Nayyar.

SNo Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Mujhko deewaanaa na kar aa mere kareeb aa Asha Bhonsle 18.11.2017
02 Kabhi hamaari muhabbat ka imtihaan na lo Asha Bhonsle 16.01.2012
03 Aankhon se issharaa kar ke hamen behlaa bhi gaye behkaa bhi gaye Asha Bhonsle Being discussed today/td>
04 Ya ki tum par meri jaan shabaab aa gaya Mahendra Kapoor
05 Teri aankhon ne in aankhon se jo baat kahi ham jaan gaye Asha Bhonsle, Kamal Barot, Mahendra Kapoor
06 Zaraa dekhiye meri saadgi Mahendra Kapoor 09.12.2009

Today’s song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and lip synced on scree by Rajshree (South). Also seen in the picturisation of this song is Dara Singh.

Let us pay our tributes to the great music maestro O.P. Nayyar Saab and listen to today’s song composed by him …



Song-Aankhon se ishaara karke hamein (Naseehat)(1967) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Aziz Kashmiri, MD-O P Nayyar

Lyrics ( Provided by Prakashchandra)

aankhon se ishaaraa karke hamein
aankhon se ishaaraa karke hamein
behlaa bhi gaye ae behkaa bhi gaye
woh dil ki raseelee uljhan ko
woh o dil ki raseelee uljhan ko
uljhaa bhi gaye aey suljhaa bhi gaye
aankhon se ishaaraa karke ae hamein aen/em>

poochhaa jo kisi ne hamse kabhi
kya cheez muhabbat hoti hai aey ae
poochchaa jo kisi ne hamse kabhi
kya cheez muhabbat hoti hai
seene se lagaakar yaad teri
seene se lagaakar yaad teri
sharmaa bhi gaye ae ghabraa bhi gaye
woh dil ki rasilee uljhan ko
uljhaa bhi gaye aey suljhaa bhi gaye
aankhon se ishaaraa karke ae hamein aen

bachpan se jawaani tak hamne
bachpan se jawaani tak hamne
jo baat na ab tak samjhi thhi
jo baa…aat na ab tak samjhi thhi
munh pher ke neechee nazron se
moonh pher ke neechee nazron se
samjhaa bhi gaye ae tadpaa bhi gaye
woh dil ki rasilee uljhan ko
uljhaa bhi gaye aey ae ae suljhaa bhi gaye
aankhon se ishaaraa karke hamein
behlaa bhi gaye ae behkaa bhi gaye
aankhon se ishaaraa karke ae hamein…aen…aen

4 Responses to "Aankhon se ishaara karke hamen"

Thanks Avinash ji for using the lyrics
and I like very much the other Asha solo already covered “Kabhi hamari mohabbat ka imtihaan na lo”, it is one of Asha/OPN favourite of mine


Thank you for presenting this nice ( almost forgotten by me) song.
In the write up you have written 104 th birth anniversary of OPN, which apparently is incorrect if his birth year is 1926. ( unless his birth year is 1918).


Thanks for reading the post and your comments.
I have requested Atul ji to correct the mistake. Thanks for bringing it to our notice. Regret the lapse from my end.


@Atul ji – Kindly correct the anniversary as 96th Birth anniversary.
Regret the inconvenience caused.


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