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Tere poojan ko Bhagwaan bana man mandir aalishaan

Posted on: February 1, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Majboori-1954.

The song-“Tere poojan ko Bhagwan, bana man mandir aalishan”- is a famous traditional song. Not only in a few Hindi films, but the song is also sung by many singers as NFS. No one knows how old this song is or who is the original Lyricist of this song. It is sung like a Bhajan by most people.

The known first record for this song was made in 1934.

When singer Shamshad Begum was discovered by music director Ghulam Haider, she was in her early teens. After talking to her father, she was taught this song and this became her first recorded song in Lahore for the record company Xenophone. Since the song was a Hindu bhajan, in order to avoid Hindu displeasure for a ” Muslim girl singing a Hindu devotional song “, her name on the record was mentioned as Radha Rani. This first song of Shamshad was posted on this Blog a few years back (on 30 may 2013).

The second time this song appeared was almost immediate. The actress-singer Rattanbai had come to Bombay from Calcutta. Her name in Calcutta made films and she having worked with a great artiste like Saigal, Rattanbai’s name was already well known and popular in Bombay. In her first film in Bombay ‘Bharat ki Beti’-1935, its Music Director Anil Biswas gave her this traditional song to sing in the film. The third time this song featured in a Hindi film was in the film Majboori-1954 (today’s song). It is sung by Asha Bhosale and Hamida Bano. Actually, this was Hamida Bano’s last song in India, because she migrated to Pakistan after this.

Thus while this song was the first song of Shamshad Begum as an NFS and first song of Rattanbai in a Bombay film, it was the last song of Hamida Bano in India !

( This traditional Bhajan Was also used as a Parody song in the film ” Shaadi”-1962. It was sung by Rafi and on screen by Omprakash.)

Similarly, there is another traditional Mujra song “Inhi logon ne le leena dupatta mera”, which is used in few films. First time this song appeared in the film “Himmat”-1941. By coincidence it was sung by Shamshad Begum. Next time it appeared in the film ” Aabroo”-1943, sung and enacted on screen by actor singer Yaqub. Third time, this song was used in the film “Pakeezah”-1972, sung by Lata Mangeshkar and on screen by Meena kumari.

Both these Traditional songs are sung as NFS by many singers from India and Pakistan as well.

If one looks keenly, one can find a few NFS written by Soordas, Kabir, Meerabai, Narsi Mehta and some other saints of India. These are sung by many famous and not so famous singers. Some of these have appeared in Hindi films also.

Film Majboori-1954 was made by Murli Movietone. It was directed by the producer Ram Daryani himself. The music was by Robin Chatterjee. He was born on 8-1-1914, at Calcutta. His name is not too well known to Hindi film lovers, though he was very famous in Bengal, where he composed several NFS and film songs. For many years he assisted Anupam Ghatak,MD. He even sang in the chorus for New Theatre’s film Adhikar-1938. However he was not so successful in Hindi films.

His first Hindi film was Rajlakshmi-1945, wherein he gave the first opportunity to Talat Mahmood to sing a Hindi film song. Till then he was singing Bangla NFS and film songs with the name Tapan kumar. His next film was Tum aur main-1946 which had very good songs by kanan Devi. Then came Voh Dono-1947 and here Sandhya Mukherjee gave good songs. Robin Chatterjee gave music to 14 Hindi films,namely – Rajlakshmi-45, Tum aur main-46, Voh Dono-47, Sabyasachi-48,Ratnadeep-51, Pehli Shadi-53, Firdaus-53, Shobha-54, Majboori-54, Africa-54, Dhake ki malmal-56, Miss Toofan mail-58, Police Station-59 and Chimney ka Dhuvan-1973…this was a much delayed film. He also gave music to a Bhojpuri film- Saiya se kar le milanwa-1966.

Robin Chatterjee died on 2-4-1976 at Bombay at the age of just 61 years.

The cast of the film Majboori-54 was Shyama, Balraj Sahni, Agha, kumar, Pramila and many others. There were 8 songs in the film. Some of the songs were recorded as “Chhoti Behan”, the original name for the film. Today’s song is the 5th song to be presented here. It is sung byAsha Bhosale and Hamida Bano, as per HFGK. After this film, Hamida Bano migrated to Pakistan.

Singer Hamida Bano was born on 19-10-1928, in Lahore. Her family shifted to Bombay in 1942, the same year as Geeta Roy’s family did. Hamida’s elder brother Akbar worked with a Drama company. He gave her the initial training in singing. This kindled a desire in her mind to sing in Hindi Films. Those days,the well known Actor/Director Master Bhagwan lived nearby. He once recommended her name to his best friend-C.Ramchandra. He was the MD for Bhagwan’s film “Naghma-e-Sahara “-1943. He gave her a break with 3 songs in this film. Unfortunately, this film got delayed and was released only in 1945. Meanwhile, Naushad had found her and he gave her a song in film ” Sanjog”-43 and she sang her first released song with Shyam kumar.

C.Ramchandra continued using her in films like Bahadur, Lalkar, Manorama, Raunaq, Sawan etc. In those years C.Ramchandra himself was not very famous-till his HIT films like Safar-46 and Shehnai-47 etc. So Hamida was not much benefitted by these songs. From 1945, it was composer Bulo C Rani, who used Hamida Bano for some really memorable songs like in the film ” Moorti”-45-Badariya baras gayi us paar . Then came Rajputani, Chheen le Azadi, Phulwari, Badi baat, Shahenshah Babar, Naseeb, Parayi aag, Preet, Devar, Dharti, Nek Parveen, Neelkamal, Tohfa and Rimjhim. After 1950 her songs became less and she sang in Bikhre Moti, Rajput, Anjaam,and Majboori-54-her last film in India. She sang about 125 odd songs in about 62 films.

In 1956, she migrated to Pakistan. In Karachi, she recorded some songs. Then she settled in Lahore and became active in social work. Occasionally, she was seen in functions like ” Nigar Awards Function ” etc. She continued singing on Lahore Radio. Hamida Bano died on 20-11-2006 at the age of 78 yrs. Her last song in India was with Asha in Majboori-1954-“Tere poojan ko Bhagwan bana Manmandir alishan”.

Let us now enjoy this traditional song…..

Song-Tere poojan ko Bhagwaan bana man mandir aalishaan(Majboori)(1954) Singers- Hamida Bano, Asha Bhosale, Lyricist- D N Madhok, MD-Robin Chatterjee


Tere poojan ko Bhagwaan
Bana man mandir aalishaan
Tere poojan ko Bhagwaan
Bana man mandir aalishaan

kaun banaaye teri moorat
kisne dekhi teri soorat
kaun banaaye teri moorat
kisne dekhi teri soorat
kaun banaaye teri moorat
kisne dekhi teri soorat

saare jag mein roop hai tera
saare jag mein roop hai tera
andekhe Bhagwaan
Bana man mandir aalishaan
Tere poojan ko Bhagwaan
Bana man mandir aalishaan

saagar teri shaan dikhaaye
parvat tera khauf jataaye(??)
saagar teri shaan dikhaaye
parvat tera khauf jataaye(??)
saagar teri shaan dikhaaye
parvat tera khauf jataaye(??)

kaliyon mein hai khushboo teri
kaliyon mein hai khushboo teri
phoolon mein muskaan
Bana man mandir aalishaan
Tere poojan ko Bhagwaan
Bana man mandir aalishaan
Tere poojan ko Bhagwaan
Bana man mandir aalishaan

2 Responses to "Tere poojan ko Bhagwaan bana man mandir aalishaan"

Arun Ji. Thanks for the post. I liked the song ,as I am hearing it first time.
Nice to know how this has been rendered by other artistes also.
I also visited Shamshad’s song just now. Personally Asha- Hamida version appealed more ( the picture above mentions Meena Kapoor as the singer)


Satish ji,
I am happy that you liked the song. As far as the singer is concerned, we have gone by what is mentioned in HFGK,i.e. Asha Bhosle and Hamida Bano. Many times, the uploaders have their own judgements, but here it does look like Asha Bhosale only.


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