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Aisi waisi na samajh sajnaa

Posted on: February 2, 2022

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Like how Indians achieved freedom on 15 August 1947, most kids like me achieved their freedom when they started going to college. I achieved my freedom in may/ june 1978, when I passed my matriculation examination and got admitted to college. When I was in school, the only landmark I passed while commuting between home and school was the railway station. But now I came across almost all the movie halls of Ranchi as I commuted between home and college (St Xavier’s College, Ranchi). Being a college going person, I was considered grown up. In reality I was not even 16 at that time and I was not able to handle this new found freedom with responsibility.

So I began to watch movies with a vengeance when I should have been attending practical classes, that took place in the second half coinciding with the matinee show of movies.

It is not that I only watched matinee shows. There were occasions when I would be alone at home. Then I would watch evening and even night shows. Returning back on foot at midnight after the night show was no big deal for me. Law and order was that good in Ranchi those days. I am not aware how things are there today.

‘Jaani Dushman’ (1979) was much in news even before its release. It was supposed to be a mega movie, challenging all the mega movies that had come before, like say ‘Mughal e Azam’ (1960), ‘Waqt’ (1965), ‘Sholay’ (1975) etc. But there was a catch. The censor board felt that the movie was a ‘horror’ movie and watching it would be a dreadful exercise for weak hearts. So Censors, after lots of delays and objections, finally allowed the movie to get released with an A certificate.

I watched this movie in night show. The fact that it was a horror movie, and an A cerificate movie, and thirdly I myself was not an adult till that time did not deter me. Macho people in Bihar (Ranchi was still Bihar those days) did not care for such minor details. 🙂

When I watched the movie, I wondered what was the fuss about this being a ‘horror’ movie. There was no horror whatsoever as far as I was concerned. There was one scene where the ghost is supposedly seen rotating his head while this body is stationary. I could clearly detect that the body was actually built of cardboard, and the ghost (played by Sanjeev Kumar) stood inside the cardboard body and moved his body. Only the most naive people would fail to see this cheap ruse. Instead of feeling any horror, I felt pity at the makers of the movie as well as at the censors.

Even the movie was no great shakes. Indian movie makers have created a false narrative about ichchaadhaari naagin and they keep making movies on this theme. And the gullible movie watchers keep falling for this false narrative.

I was not much impressed with this movie. It was well past midnight when the night show ended and I returned back home on foot, walking some two kms. Most of the walk was along the road running parallel to the rail track going towards Ranchi Railway station.

This movie, which was a damp squib as far as I was concerned, was produced and directed by Raj Kumar Kohli for Shankar Movies, Bombay. The huge star cast of the movie included Sunil Dutt, Sanjeev Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy, Neeta Mehta, Shobhini Singh, Roopesh Kumar, Madan Puri, Shakti, Anwar Hussain, Amrish Puri, Murad, Sulochana, Jayshree T., Indrani Mukherji, Aarti, Sheetal, Raza Murad, Jagdeep, Paintal Mac Mohan, Ram Soni, Maruti etc. Then there were special appearances by Vinod Mehra, Vikram, Prem Nath, Rekha, Neetu Singh, Bindiya Goswami, Sarika. Yogita Bali and Aruna Irani were in guest appearances. Then there was “above all- special apperance”- by Jeetendra.

Was I impressed by this star cast ? Not a chance. Where were the biggest names of the industry ? No Amitabh Bachchan, No Dharmendra, No Vinod Khanna. No Hema Malini, No Zeenat Aman, No Parveen Babi. I was suitably underwhelmed with the cast of the movie.

The songs of the movie were popular. The Rafi doli song soon became an iconic song, at par with his earlier doli song “Baabul ki Duaayen leti Jaa“. Apart from that I found most other songs s as just so so stuff.

The movie had six songs in it. Five songs have been covered in the blog so far. Here are the details of these five songs :-

Blog post number Song Date of post Singer (s)
459 Tere haathon mein pahna ke choodiyaan 28 December 2008 Rafi, Asha Bhonsle
11607 O meri jaan bol meri jaan 28 November 2015 Kishore KUmar, Anuradha Paudwal
14521 Mausam na koi bahaar jaisa 24 July 2018 Kishore Kumar, Mahendra Kapoor, Asha Bhonsle
15147 Chalo re doli uthhaao kahaar piya milan ki rut aayi 31 July 2019 Rafi
16751 Saare rishtey naate tod ke aa gayi 7 January 2022 Lata

Only one song from the movie is left to be covered. Here is that song.

This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Shatrughan Sinha utters a few words and that is enough for him to get credited as a singer in this song. Verma Malik is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The song is picturised on Reena Roy and Shatrughan Sinha. The previous song covered earlier this year was also picturised on Reena Roy but there it was sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Reena Roy singing separate songs in the voices of different Mangeshkar sisters in the same movie, this did not appear anything special those days, but with passage of time this must be regarded as something special. There may not be so many cases where the same actor sings in the voices of different siblings.

As mentioned earlier I did not find the songs of the movie (apart from one Rafi solo) any great shakes. But I was in a minority. With time, these songs have retained their popularity. Youngsters, may of them not even born when this movie was released appear quite impressed with the songs of the movie. This song, both its singing and picturisation gets favorable comments from most people watching this song on YouTube. When I think about it, I have to grudgingly admit that the songs of this movie are good songs to listen to.

I did not pay much attention to this song in the past. But now that I paid attention, I realise that it is nicely sung song by Asha Bhonsle. With this song, Asha Bhonsle silently and unnoticeably completes 2900 songs in the blog.

So, with this song, “Jaani Dushman”(1979) gets YIPPEED in the blog whereas Asha Bhonsle completes a barely believable 2900 songs in the blog.

Here is the song. Enjoy !

Song-Aisi waisi na samajh sajna(Jaani Dushman)(1979) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Shatrughan Sinha, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


aisi waisi na samajh sajna
aisi waisi na samajh sajna
jaan de doongi ya jaan le loongi
aisi waisi na samajh sajna
aisi waisi na samajh sajna
jaan de doongi ya jaan le loongi
aisi waisi na samajh sajna

itna to mera dil bhi
jaanta zaroor hai
kitni tu mere paas hai
aur kitni tu door hai

kaante ya phool jo bhi chaahe
ismein daal de
kaante ya phool jo bhi chaahe
ismein daal de
maine to zindagi ka daaman bichha diya
maine to zindagi ka daaman bichha diya
daaman bichha diya
abhi na tu samjhe mujhe apna
mujhe apna
haaye mujhe apna aa aa
aisi waisi na samajh sajna
aisi waisi na samajh sajna
jaan de doongi ya jaan le loongi ee
aisi waisi na samajh sajna

jo dekh raha hoon kahin wo
khwaab to nahin
kaanton ke bhes mein chhupa
gulaab to nahin

is kadar tu ab dil ke kareeb hai
is kadar tu ab dil ke kareeb hai
lagta hai mere pyaar ka tu hi
naseeb hai
naseeb hai
maine jo kaha
use yaad
haan yaad
zara yaad rakhna aa aa
aisi waisi na samajh sajna
aisi waisi na samajh sajna
jaan de doongi ya jaan le loongi
aisi waisi na samajh sajna

5 Responses to "Aisi waisi na samajh sajnaa"

I sincerely wish that – and so it happened – a post by Atul ji presenting this song. I was sure you have something more to write about this movie 🙂
Thanks for the post.
Congratulations on “Jaani Dushman-1979′ covering all its songs on the blog and joining the ‘list of movies – all songs covered’.
Congratulations on Asha Bhonsle’s 2900 songs on the blog.


Yyiippeeee!!!! to Jaani Dushman
just feel like giving background to this song. It is a “buying time” song.
This movie has Reena Roy as Sunil Dutt’s romantic interest. And Shatrughan Sinha who plays Sanjeev (zamindaar) Kumar’s is trying to gain Reena Roy’s affections. Just before this song Shatru has bodily brought Reena and instead of protesting she keeps him at bay singing this song and Sunil Dutt lands up towards the close of the song. If I recall correctly this is the last song in the movie too. The other angle to the TRIANGLE is Rekha who is trying to woo Shatru. She openly states it in “mausam-na-koi-bahaar-jaisa”.
You are lucky that you got to see the movie in a cinema hall, but many Atulites may have been underage at that time.
Let me also congratulate ASAD for having 2900 songs of Asha Bhonsle on the blog.


Thanks for this information. Personally I have forgotten most of the story line of the movie.


This song is a Kishore Kumar- Anuradha Paudwal duet, not Rafi-Lata.


record company audio link:


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