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Ya ke tum pe meri jaan shabaab aa gayaa

Posted on: February 3, 2022

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“Naseehat”(1967) was produced by Dara Singh (Parduman Singh and Saudagar Singh are listed as producers) and directed by Om Patwar for Deedar Movies, Bombay. The movie had Darasingh, Rajshree (South), Randhawa, Savita, Madan Puri, Tiwari, Sapru, Rajan Haksar, Bhagwan Sinha, Leela Mishra, Kundan, Rajan Kapoor, Samson, Uma Dutt, Keshav, Rinku, Meena, Saudagar Singh, Helen, Madhumati , Mohan Choti, etc.

Memsaab, when she was active in her blogging, had done a detailed review of this movie in her characteristic inimitable style.

The movie had six songs in it. Five songs have been covered so far. Here are their details:-

Blog post number Song Date of post Singer (s)
2226 Zara dekhiye meri saadgi 9 December 2009 Mahendra Kapoor
5305 Kabhi hamaari muhabbat ka imtihaan na lo 16 January 2012 Asha Bhonsle
13739 Mujhko deewaana na kar 18 November 2017 Asha Bhonsle
16771 Aankhon se ishaara karke hamen 16 January 2022 Asha Bhonsle
16798 Teri aankhon ne in aankhon se jo baat kahi 28 January 2022 Asha Bhonsle, Kamal Barot, Mahendra Kapoor

Seeing that O P Nayyar was the music director, he had composed some listing music. He tended to have one male singer and one female singer who would sing for all the characters of the movie. The female singer of the movie, namely Asha Bhonsle, is thus used to give playback to the heroine REajshree (south) is three songs. In one song, she gives playback to Helen. In another song, (where Kamal Barot is another female singer), Asha Bhonsle gives playback to Helen clone, namely Madhumati.

If Asha Bhonsle was the female playback singer of choice for O P Nayyar, Rafi was his male playback singer of choice. But those days he had a falling off with Rafi, so he was forced to use another voice, namely Mahendra Kapoor for his male playback singing. This movie is one such movie.

Here is thew sixth and final song of “Naseehat”(1967) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor. S H Bihari is the lyricist. Music is of course by O P Nayyar.

Mahendra Kapoor had three songs in this movie. He had given playback for three different actors in these three songs.

In the song under discussion, Mahendra Kapoor givbes playback for Mohan Choti, who is seen wooing a lady whom I am unable to identify. This song appears to be part of comic side plot where another comedian pair are likewise seen running around trees in the recommended way of carrying out romance in Hindi movies of those days.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of the song.

With this song, all the songs of “Naseehat”(1967) have been covered in the blog and the movie thus joins the list of movies that have been YIPPEED in the blog.

Song-Ya ke tum pe meri jaan shabaab aa gaya (Naseehat)(1967) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-S H Bihari, MD-O P Nayyar


yaa yaa yaa
o ya ke tum par meri jaan shabaab aa gaya
ya ke phir mere marne ke din aa gaye
ya ke tum par meri jaan shabaab aa gaya
ya ke phir mere marne ke din aa gaye
ya ke tumko main apni khushi maan loon
ya ke phir aah bharne ke din aa gaye
ya ke tum par r

ye nazaare
ye nazaare jo mujhko deewana karen
hain bahaaron mein aise nazaare kahaan
door ho dil se dil ka andhera kabhi
aasamaanon mein aise sitaare kahaan
ya meri ee
ya meri aarzuon ki kaliyaan khilin
ya tumhaare sanwarne ke din aa gaye
ya ke tum par meri jaan shabaab aa gaya
ya ke phir mere marne ke din aa gaye
ya ke tum par

tumko dekha
tumko dekha
kadam dagmagaane lage
aisi masti fazaaon mein milti nahin
in mahakte huye gesuon ki kasam
aisi khushboo hawaaon mein milti nahin
ya ke dooba aa
ya ke dooba hua hoon main jazbaat mein
ya tumhaare ubharne ke din aa gaye
ya ke tum par meri jaan shabaab aa gaya
ya ke phir mere marne ke din aa gaye
ya ke tumko main apni khushi maan loon
ya ke phir aah bharne ke din aa gaye
ya ke tum par r

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