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Bahiyaan dhar ke lipta gali ke andhere mein

Posted on: April 10, 2022

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#The Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # # Raakhi Aur Hathkadi-1972#

Today’s song is from the movie ‘Raakhi Aur Hathkadi-1972’. I had come across this movie during the preparation of my recent posts with the songs from the year ‘1972’.

“Raakhi Aur Hathkadi-1972” had made its debut on the blog on 28.12.2012. And the song posted then was ‘achchhi nahin sanam dillagi dil e beqaraar se’. I think this was the only well-known song from this movie. Because going through the list of the pending songs from this movie I do not find any familiar song or a song which I had heard earlier before. I was also surprised that only one song from this movie was posted so far on the blog and that too almost more than nine years back.
And this was all when the music of this movie was composed by the ‘genius’ Pancham Da.

In ‘1972’ there were eighteen movies for which the music was composed by R.D. Burman.

Here is the list.

SNO Movie Title Lyricist/s Music Director Passed by Censor Board Status on the Blog
1 Apnaa Desh Anand Bakshi R.D. Burman 28.03.1972 Yippeeee’ed
2 Bombay To Goa Rajinder Krishan R.D. Burman 25.02.1972 Yippeeee’ed
3 Dil Ka Raajaa Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 29.11.1972 1 song posted
4 Do Chor Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 27.12.1972 Yippeeee’ed
5 Garam Masaalaa Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 06.06.1972 2 songs posted
6 Gomti Ke Kinaare Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 22.11.1972 Yippeeee’ed
7 Jawaani Deewaani Anand Bakshi R.D. Burman 24.06.1972 Yippeeee’ed
8 Mere Jeewan Saathi Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 19.09.1972 Yippeeee’ed
9 Parchhaaiyaan Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 15.11.1972 1 song posted
10 Parichay Gulzar R.D. Burman 18.10.1972 Yippeeee’ed
11 Raakhi Aur Hathkadi Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 10.11.1972 1 song posted
12 Raampur Ka Laxman Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 24.07.1972 Yippeeee’ed
13 Raani Meraa Naam Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 19.04.1972 1 song posted
14 Samaadhi Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 15.12.1972 3 songs posted
15 Sanjog Anand Bakshi R.D. Burman 03.02.1972 Yippeeee’ed
16 Saveraa Majrooh Sultanpuri R.D. Burman 05.10.1972 2 songs posted
17 Seetaa Aur Geetaa Anand Bakshi R.D. Burman 27.10.1972 Yippeeee’ed
18 Shaahzaadaa Rajinder Krishan R.D. Burman 05.09.1972 4 songs posted

From the above table we can see that Pancham Da created some of the greatest songs and music of HFM during that year.

“Raakhi Aur Hathkadi” was directed by S.M. Sagar for ‘Kala Enterprises, Bombay’.

It was produced by S. Noor and presented by Ashok Kumar.

It had Ashok Kumar, Asha Parekh, Vijay Arora, Anoop Kumar, Sulochana, Raj Mehra, Indira Bansal, Sudhir, Mumtaz Begum, Danny, Geeta Kaushal, Kundan, Reshma A., Shivraj, Baby Kalpana, Keshav Rana, Brahmchari, Shyamu, C.S. Dubey, Prakash Mishra, Radheyshyam, Hardeep Singh, Aziz Siddiqui and others.

Kabir Bedi, Nazima and Helen make a special appearance in this movie.

Story of this movie was written by B.C. Mahor and its screenplay was written by Aziz Qaisi.
Dialogues of this movie were written by Ramesh Pant.

Editing of this movie was done by Wamanrao. (I guess he is Wamanrao Bhonsle).

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 10.11.1972.

‘Raakhi Aur Hathkadi’ had as many as seven songs – all written by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Here is the list of the songs in the movie.

SNo Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Tere milan ko kaise chaloon piyaa Asha Bhonsle
02 Jiye tihaaro laalnaa … Asha Bhonsle
03 Achchhi nahin sanam dillagi Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle 28.12.2012
04 Tum to kya ho ji, haan haan bolo … Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle
05 Pa.paan …aa phir main kahaan Asha Bhonsle
06 Lalaa… tum to bade buzdil ho jee Asha Bhonsle
07 Bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa gali ke andhere mein Asha Bhonsle Being discussed today

Music for this movie was composed by R.D. Burman.

As mentioned above only one song from this movie has been posted on the blog so far.

Today’s song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Asha Parekh performs on screen in the song. Vijay Arora, Kabir Bedi, Danny and othersare also visible in the picturisation of this song.

I have not watched this movie so I cannot say in what context this song is appearing in the movie. I am also not aware how this movie fared at the box-office.
I would request knowledgeable readers to throw light on this movie and its songs.

However listening to this song is a pleasure where several instruments have been used by Pancham Da (I do not have much knowledge about, but I liked the music). This song is a treat for music lovers.

I liked this song very much and hope readers will also enjoy the song.

Let us now listen to today’s song.



Song-Bahiyaan dhar ke lipta gali ke andhere mein (Raakhi aur Hathhkadi)(1972) singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


ho ho
ho ho

bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
gali ke andhere mein

bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
gali ke andhere mein
to kya tu nahin thha piyaa
haay main mar gayi
bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
gali ke andhere mein
to kya tu nahin thha piyaa
haay main mar gayi
bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
gali ke andhere mein

ho ho

garwaa lag rahaa
thha wo rasiyaa
tujhse kya kahoon kaisaa aa aa aa
chheen jhapat mein thha re bilkul
wo nidar tere jaisaa aa aa
dekho sajnaa
rain andheri ee
dekho sajnaa
rain andheri
kaisaa ghazab haay kar gayi
haay raam
bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
gali ke andhere mein
to kya tu nahin thha piyaa
haay main mar gayi
bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
gali ke andhere mein

ho ho

tabse balmaa
mere tan mein
jaise chamke bijlee ee ee
main baawariyaa
kaahe saj ke
teri dhun mein nikli ee
ghar se chalke
main akeli ee
ghar se chalke
main akeli
kaisaa ghazab haay kar gayi
haay raam
bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
gali ke andhere mein
to kya tu nahin thha piyaa
haay main mar gayi
bahiyaan dhar ke liptaa
gali ke andhere mein
to kya tu nahin thha piyaa
haay main mar gayi
mar gayi ee …


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