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O jag ke paalanhaar tera khel hai niraala

Posted on: October 23, 2022

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Today’s song is a song in praise of Lord Vishnu from the film Laxmi Narayan-1951.

I have been a fan of Religious and Mythological films right from my childhood and I have seen hundreds of such films. Maybe, since the family atmosphere was conducive to religious matters, I developed this liking. I also used to read a lot of religious stories and books, which was very uncommon for children of my age and many times I was the centre of ridicule and fun for other peers.

These days not many films are made on religious stories, but it is compensated for by TV serials. Older people spend their time seeing these serials. During the 80’s when Ramayan and later Mahabharat serials were aired on TV, millions of people all over India saw them and the serials earned unprecedented popularity.

Nowadays, of course, even talking about religion is considered ‘ out of fashion ‘. Today’s generation is grossly unaware of our legacy. Not their fault, because they are not exposed properly to our culture and religion. Additionally, being a ‘ secular Nation ‘, teaching does not include lessons about culture and religion.

Secularism does not mean Anti Hindu or against any other religion. The definition says ” separation of religion from civic affairs and the state. ‘ Today, however, secularism is the most misunderstood word in India. So be it. Let us not dwell on this point about which we can not do anything.

When I say Religious films, they are of two types-
1.Stories from Ramayana and Mahabharat and
2. stories from Puranas.

What is a Puran ? It is a vast Genre of literature about legends and other traditional lores. There are 18 major Puranas and 18 Up Puranas (sub puranas). Purans unveil our glorious past encapsulated with great soul stories and provide Life Morales.
The Film Laxmi Narayan-1951 was based on a story from Vishnu Puran. It is about how Laxmi and Narayan met and got united. It has the background of ‘Samudra Manthan’ or Churning of the ocean. In our Puranas, there are stories about the SAMUDRA MANTHAN. It is believed that Kamala or Laxmi emerged from this churning and Narayan married her. In all, 14 unique, magical and invaluable things came out of the ocean after this Samudra Manthan or Churning of the Ocean.
For your information here are these 14 objects-

1. Halahal-The Poison 2.Varuni-The wine 3.Kamdhenu-Magical Cow 4. Airawat-The Flying Elephant 5. Uchhaiswas-The 6 Headed Horse 6. Apsaras like Rambha,Urvashi, Menaka etc. 7. Kaustubh Mani- A powerful Diamond 8. Kalpavriksha-The Magical Tree 9. a Divine Bow 10. Chandra-The Moon 11. Ratnas or Gems 12. Laxmi or Kamala 13. Dhanwantari-The Gods’ Physician,with a book on Ayurved and 14. The Amrit- the drink that makes one immortal.

There are few variations in the list depending on its sources. Here is some information on Samudra Manthan-

The great sage, Durvasa Muni, once offered a garland to Indra, who ignored it and put it on the tusk of his elephant, which trampled it. Seeing Indra’s disregard, the revered sage became furious. He cursed Indra saying that he and the other gods would lose all their powers. In due course, Indra and the other gods began losing all battles against the demons, and the demons led by Bali took control of the universe. Seeing no other way, the helpless Indra rushed to Vishnu for help.

Vishnu had a plan. He said that to get back their powers the gods would have to churn the oceans and bring out the magical nectar-amrita. Only after consuming it could they regain their powers. This great churning is known as samudra manthan. But as the gods were powerless now, they sought the help of the demons to accomplish this huge task.

The gods and demons got together for the herculean task. The huge mountain, Mandara, was used as the pole to stir the waters. But as the pole entered the water it kept sliding into the depths of the ocean. To stop this, Vishnu quickly transformed himself into a tortoise and supported the mountain on his back. This image of Vishnu as the tortoise was his second avatar called ‘Kurma.’

Once the pole was balanced, it was tied to the gigantic snake, Vasuki, and the gods and demons started pulling it from either side. As the churning began and the massive waves whirled, an extremely poisonous drink called Halahal came out. The gods became scared because this blue drink could destroy creation.

They all got together and prayed to the powerful Shiva to help them. Shiva appeared before all and gulped the entire poison. But, he did not swallow it. He kept the poison in his throat. Since then, Shiva’s throat became blue, and he became known as Neelkantha or the blue-throated one.

The story of the film tells us the details of how Laxmi took another Birth to become Narayani or wife of Narayan. Here is the film’s story….

Arishtanemi, the king of Danavas was ruining Mother Earth for his own sadistic enjoyment. He had polluted the waters of the rivers. All the Gems were thrown away in the sea and everywhere there was a tale of suffering. At the same time Bhuwanmohini, daughter of Bhrigu Rishi was in the bloom of her youth and many Kings and Gods were aspiring to marry her. Indra, the King of Gods and Arishtanemi were two aspirants competing with each other, while Bhuwanmohini herself wished to marry Lord Vishnu, thanks to the praise of the Lord by Narad. Indra took away Bhuwan with him against her wishes.

To take advantage of this situation, Arishtanemi started a Yagna with Bhrigu as his Purohit. From the holy fire of the Yagna emerged Vritasur with whose help Arishtanemi conquered the kingdom of Gods. There Arishtanemi searched for Bhuwan but she had left Indra’s palace and sat alone on the top of a mountain and prayed to the Lord to come to her rescue. Having lost his kingdom Indra prayed to God Shankar for help to conquer Arishtanemi.

God Shankar told him that only one weapon could kill Vritasur and that it was to be made from the bones of Sage Dadhichi. Indra went to Dadhichi and served him while power-mad Arshtanemi attacked Sage Dadhichi only to be burnt down by the Sage. Indra got the weapon he wanted and won the battle with Vritasur. Indra then went in search of Bhuwanmohini but unwilling to surrender to Indra she jumped down to the sea.

When Bhrigu learnt about this mishap he went to Lord Vishnu who was asleep and kicked him in the chest to wake him up. In anger he called out “How can you sleep sound when my daughter died crying out ” lord Vishnu said,” dont worry, Oh Sage She will come to me when time is ripe for the same. In the meanwhile let me massage your foot which must have been hurt when you struck me”. Later the Gods and the Danavas churned the great sea when Bhuwanmohini emerged as Laxmi radiant with wealth and Lord Vishnu accepted her as his consort. This union is famous in the Hindu mythology by the name LAXMI NARAYAN.

The film was made by Basant Pictures of Homi Wadia, by now a specialist in making Mythological films along with Stunt films featuring Fearless Nadia. The film was directed by an expert- Nanabhai Bhatt. The cast of the film was Mahipal, Meena Kumari, Dalpat, Urmila, S.N.Tripathi, Amarnath, Sulochana and a host of other artistes. Music was provided by S.N.Tripathi and the songs were written by Ramesh Pandey and B.D.Mishra.

This is the 3rd song from this film I am presenting. By coincidence a song from this film was the first song of my series ” Bhajan Mala” from 22-5-2014 to 10-6-2014. Then another song was also the first song of my another series ” Mahashivratri-Mini Series” from 13-2-2015 to 17-2-2015. Today’s song is the first song from a religious film after almost 2 years.

I have great regard for S.N.Tripathi, composer of this film. He always provided very sweet and melodious songs to religious films which became an additional attraction for its success. Another such composer was Chitragupt.

The song is very good and its video is very interesting. Enjoy….

Song-O jag ke paalanhaar tera khel hai niraala (Laxmi Narayan)(1951) Singer-S N Tripathi, Lyrics-B D Mishra, MD-S N Tripathi
All Chorus
Female chorus
S N Tripathi + Male chorus



o jag ke paalanhaar tera khel hai niraala
tera khel hai niraala
o jag ke paalanhaar
tera khel hai niraala
tera khel hai niraala

o chakr sudarshandhaari
teri leela sabko pyaari
o chakr sudarshandhaari
teri leela sabko pyaari

tere roop anekon bhagwan
tu hazar naamon waala
tera khel hai niraala
tera khel hai niraala
o jag ke paalanhaar
tera khel hai niraala
tera khel hai niraala

jo tera sumiran karte
bhavsaagar paar utarte

jo tera sumiran karte
bhavsaagar paar utarte

tumne kitne hi dukhiyon ko prabhu dukh se nikaala
tera khel hai niraala
tera khel hai niraala
o jag ke paalanhaar
tera khel hai niraala
tera khel hai niraala

tu teen lok ka swaami
avinaashi antaryaami
tu teen lok ka swaami
avinaashi antaryaami

milta hai sab lokon ko prabhu tujhse hi ujaala
tera khel hai niraala
tera khel hai niraala
o jag ke paalanhaar
tera khel hai niraala
tera khel hai niraala

shaantaakaram bhujangshayanam padanaabham suresham
vishvadhaaram gagansadrisham meghvarnam shubhaangam
laxmikaantam kamalnayanam yogibhidhyarnagamyam
vande vishnum bhavbhayharam


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