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Raat suhaani khili chaandni

Posted on: April 1, 2023

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Today’s song is from a Mythological film ” Usha Haran’-1949.

Hindi films or for that matter Indian films are a mix of various Genres. They cater to almost every segment of Indian society. Some stories are more popular than others and some Genres give surprises. For example, one would feel that comedy films are very popular, but statistics says that Tragedy films too are equally supported by the audience.One glaring example is, the early tragedy films of Dilip kumar ( in which he invariably died at the end ) and Meena Kumari and Nimmi made them Grade 1 artistes ! On the contrary, none of the3 comedy actors like master Bhagwan, Mehmood or even kishore Kumar were ever called A class actors !!
However, there is one type of Genre which has been indisputably a winner all the way and that is films on Love stories, from Romeo Juliet to Bajirao Mastani. From 1931 onwards and even during the Silent Era, film makers made films on various Love stories, from Folklore to Arabian Nights to Mythological stories. Love stories were available in every state and language. The Puranas, the Ramayan and the Mahabharat too were replete with such Love stories.

Famous Love stories are known to most people. Stories like Romeo Juliet, Laila Majnu, Shirin Farhad from outside India were and are well known. Even Historical love stories like Jodha Akbar, Bajirao Mastani, Prithviraj Sanyogita, Salim Anarkali and Amrapali Bimbisar are known to many. From Mythology Radha Krishna, Subhadra Arjun and Uttara Abhimanyu are well known.

However, how many of us know the love stories of Wamiq Azra, Usha Anirudha, Dhola Maru, Mumal Mahendra or Amaravathi Ambikapathy ? It is also interesting to note how films were made on these famous love stories.

Movie Year(s) of release Origin of story
Romeo Juliet 1947 Italian story….Folklore
Laila Majnu 1945/53/56/2012 Arabian
Laila 1954/84 Arabian
Shirin Farhad 1931/45/56/2012 Persian
Wamiq Azra 1946 Persian
Dhola Maru 1956 Indian Folklore
Jodha Akbar 2008 Indian Historical
Bajirao Mastani 2015
Mastani 1955
Salim Anarkali 1953/60
Amrapali Bimbisar 1945/66
Prithviraj Sanyogita 1933/46
Subhadra 1946 Indian Mythological
Subhadra Haran 1932/64/74
Usha 1935
Usha Haran 1940/49
Uttara Abhimanyu 1946

Today we will present a song from the film Usha haran-1949, which is based on the Love story of Banasur’s beautiful daughter Usha and Shri Krishna’s equally handsome grandson (son of Pradyumn)- Anirudha. This story is unique in our Mythology because it involves a war between Lord Shiv ji and Lord Shri Krishna. Here is the story, as I found in the New Indian Express dated 1-8-2014.

The Asura king Bana was the great grandson of Prahlada, the child devotee most dear to Lord Krishna. Through penance and prayers offered to Lord Shiva, he secured a boon that the great god himself would personally guard his city of Sonitapura. Banasura was an arrogant king and had a thousand arms which he was very proud of. But this is not quite his story. It’s his daughter’s….

Usha, the daughter of Banasura, was a beautiful princess. One night she had a dream in which she saw a very handsome, young man. It was love at first sight for them and they spent many happy hours in each other’s company. But like all good things, dreams too come to an end. And Usha woke up to find that all that passed was nothing but a dream.

When Chitralekha, her best friend, came to find her that morning, she found the princess tearful and greatly upset. “What’s wrong with you today? What happened now?” she asked puzzled, for they had parted the evening before in high spirits.

“You may think me foolish but I had this very vivid dream last night about this handsome young man, a prince, perhaps… I really do not know for I’ve never seen anybody like that.” Usha’s voice trailed off.

“Who is this person? You must have seen him somewhere before, surely… think back…,” urged Chitralekha.

“I’m very sure I’ve never seen him before. I don’t think he even exists.” At this point Usha broke into fresh tears and Chitralekha knew she had to do something.

“Okay, I can paint the likeness of any man or god for I’ve learnt painting from Narada himself. Let me start painting some of the handsomest gods and mortals we have and maybe you will see your beloved’s face among them.”

Chitralekha was soon sketching the faces of gods, devas and gandharvas with an expert’s ease. Finally, she painted Lord Krishna.

“Yes, this looks like him, but not quite…,” said Usha from behind her. Next Chitra painted Pradyumna, son of Krishna. “What about him?”

“Umm… he’s younger… but you are close.” Usha was cheering up, her friend noted. Chitralekha continued to make another sketch and when she showed it to her friend, the princess smiled in delight and her cheeks coloured. “Ah… So this is the prince who has stolen your heart! He’s Aniruddha, the grandson of the Krishna of Dwaraka,” laughed Chitralekha, happy to have solved the mystery. “Is this who you desire? I shall bring him to you tonight!”

“What? How?” Usha could not understand what her friend was saying.

“Relax… don’t worry about anything. Just wait for the night to fall.” Chitralekha’s dark eyes were shining and Usha knew her friend had a plan.

Chitralekha was trained in yoga and could travel to wherever she wished, in record time. That night she flew to the palace of Krishna in Dwaraka and made her way to young Anirudda’s chambers. Lifting the sleeping prince in her arms, (yes, some supergirl she was) she hastened back to Sonitapura and gently laid him beside the sleeping Usha.

Next morning, Aniruddha was woken up by a beautiful stranger and found himself in surroundings unknown to him. “Where am I? And who are you?” he asked the maiden who smiled at him. Usha shyly related to him her dream and how her friend actually went and found him for her. Aniriddha was puzzled and thought that maybe he was in a dream too. But as it seemed pleasant enough, he was happy not to fight it.

Many happy days passed and the two young people fell in love. At least Aniruddha too, we can conclude. But this happy state of affairs could not continue for long. One day, Bana’s guards saw the young couple talking and laughing, and alerted the asura king. Bana walked into his daughter’s chambers unannounced and was shocked to find Aniruddha there. The prince was immediately captured and taken prisoner.

In Dwaraka, everyone was saddened and worried by the sudden disappearance of the young prince. It was sage Narada, who on an apparently ‘casual’ visit there, informed them about how Aniruddha was taken prisoner.

Balarama, Krishna’s older brother, was amused. “So Krishna, we have here a chip off the old block, huh? Now we have to go rescue him, looks like.”

Krishna smiled too. “It’s time we attacked Bana’s city,” he said for all of it happens for a reason. The Yadava heroes, Balarama, Pradyumna, Satyaki, led by Sri Krishna himself, marched towards Sonitapura and attacked the city.

But there was Lord Shiva himself they had to vanquish, for it was he who was entrusted with the city’s protection. So began the battle between the great gods, Shiva and Krishna. Shiva’s son, Kartikeya joined his father and engaged in a battle with Pradyumna.

Divine arrows flew back and forth as devas and other gods watched from the heavens in wonder. Finally Krishna sent forth the Vijrumbhana astra, a sleep inducing arrow which struck Lord Shiva who promptly fell asleep!

Bana, who was fighting Satayaki, came towards Krishna. Krishna effortlessly broke each of his bows and finally threw his divine discus Sudarshana at him, which cut away his thousand arms.

At that point, Lord Shiva woke up and intervened on his devotee’s behalf. “Do not kill him Krishna, he’s a devotee of mine who has sought my protection.”

“Do not worry. I promised Prahlada that I would kill none of his kin. With his thousand arms cut off, he will no longer be so arrogant. Let him remain an attendant of yours, always beside you forever.”

Hearing Krishna’s words, a humble Banasura fell at the feet of the gods.

He then went back to his palace and returned with the young couple, Aniruddha and Usha. He placed them on a chariot and let them return to Dwaraka together.

Film Usha Haran-1949 was directed by Dr. Shanti Kumar – not to be confused with Music with Director Shanti Kumar Desai. In spite of several attempts, I could not get any information on this director for the last so many years. I only know that he has directed 18 films from Police-1944 to Mahasati Behula-1964.

The Music Director was Saraswati Devi – who was the discovery of Bombay Talkies in the mid 30’s. The lead pair was Arun Ahuja(Govinda’s father) and Ratnamala. Today’s duet is sung by Shailesh Mukherjee and Rajkumari. This is only the third song from the film out of 12 songs, to feature here. Enjoy….

Song- Raat suhaani khili Chaandni (Usha Haran)(1949) Singers- Sailesh Mukherjee, Rajkumari, Lyricist- Ramesh Shastry, MD- Saraswati Devi


raat suhaani
khili chaandni
neel gagan lehraaye ae ae
neel gagan lehraaye ae
chanda ka jhoola hai pyaara
taare hain muskaaye ae ae
taare hain muskaaye

jeewan ye anmol milan ki
pyaari ghadiyaan aayee ee ee
pyaari ghadiyaan aayee
nayi nayi aashaayen tere dil mein aa ithalaayin een
dil mein aa ithalaayeen

bhool gaya sansaar humaara
nainan preet samaaye ae ae
nainan preet samaaye

chanda ka jhoola hai pyaara
taare hain muskaaye ae ae
taare hain muskaaye

main bhi prem piyaasi
main bhi prem piyaasi
kisne meri pyaas bujhaayi

main bhi thha anjaan ke kisne prem ki raah bataayi ee ee
prem ki raah bataayi
poore huye humaare sapne
jo thhe sada banaaye ae ae
jo thhe sada banaaye

chanda ka jhoola hai pyaara
taare hain muskaaye ae ae
taare hain muskaaye

gore gore baahon ki tumne daali hai varmaala aa
gore gore baahon ki tumne daali hai varmaala aa
chhaaya hai chahun oar aaj ye
chhaaya hai chahun oar aaj ye
madhur madhur ujiyaala aaa
madhur madhur ujiyaala aa

in nainon ke prem paashh mein
mera man uljhaaye ae ae
mera man uljhaaye
chanda ka jhoola hai pyaara
taare hain muskaaye ae ae
taare hain muskaaye

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