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Ae jaan apne honthhon ka phaatak to kholiye

Posted on: April 11, 2023

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Today’s song is a comedy song from the film Gazal-1945. It is ‘ sung ‘ by comedian N.M.Charlie.

Though the playback system started in India in 1935, it had not become popular immediately for various reasons. Most important reason was, due to the poor quality of stage type songs in films, not many records were made and sold. Additionally, there was an acute shortage of playback singers for the films. Slowly, over a period, the picture changed and by 1940, the playback system was firmly entrenched in films. This not only increased the number of songs recorded and the subsequent increase in their sales, but also newer playback singers were discovered and encouraged to sing for films.

This actually gave a true relief to the composers, who were forced to make do with existing singers who were mostly Non-Singers, meaning they were neither trained by any professional singer nor they had any singing talents. Thus all actors now had playbacks from professional singers to the merriment of composers !

However, some producers still wanted their comedians to sing their own songs themselves. Thus you had comedians like Sundar, Yakub and Charlie singing for themselves, till the 50’s decade. Luckily other comedians like Bhudo Advani, Dixit, V.H.Desai or Master Bhagwan could not dare to sing songs !

1945 was the period when Noor Mohammed Charlie was at the peak of his popularity. He not only sang his songs, but he also became a Hero in a few pictures and stories were amended to give him more scope in the films. In the 1950s and the 1960s, this honour went to comedian Johnny Walker. Thank God, he did not sing songs ( though he spoke in his chirpy voice in some songs). Mohammed Rafi compensated enough for him by having a special style of singing and a special voice for Johnny Walker songs.

These days everyone likes the comedy of Amitabh Bachhan. His many films became Hits due to his comedy work. Today most of the Heroes do the comedy part in the film themselves. But till 1970, there used to be a separate slot for a comedian.

Today’s generation knows comedians like Paresh Raval, Anupam Kher etc. For them older comedians are Johnny Lever, Satish Shah or Rajpal Yadav. Before that, they can think of Johnny Walker, Mehmood, Keshto Mukherjee, Asit Sen, Dhumal, Jagdeep, Asrani or Deven Verma. But the art of Comedy had started much earlier, in the 1930s and 1940s. Comedians like Ghori, Dikshit, Fatty Prasad, V H Desai, Bhudo Advani were famous. Amongst all the comedians of that era,there was ONE superstar of Comedy- NOOR MOHAMMED CHARLIE.

Noor Mohd. was born on 7-1-1911 at Ranavav, near Porbandar, Gujarat, in a Memon family (Later, comedian Mukri was also a Memon from Konkan area). Not interested in studies, he was very fond of seeing films, even by stealing money from house, at times-if need be. He was sent to Bombay and worked as an Umbrella Repairer in a shop. His desire to become an actor was so strong that one day he straightaway went to the Imperial Film Company’s owner and asked for a job. In the tradition of those days, he was asked if he could sing… His reply was,” I can sing, act, ride, run, fight, cry, laugh, quarrel, dance, play or swim”. He was hired instantly at a salary of Rs. 40 pm.

From 1925 to 1931 he did 9 silent films. In one of these films he did the acting of Charlie Chaplin. It became so popular that he made this get up his Trademark and developed Toothbrush Moustache ,like Charlie Chaplin. he also added ‘Charlie’ to his name. He did his first talkie film ” Zarina” in 1932 and then there was no looking back.

Initially with Sagar Movietone, he shifted to Ranjit and did 17 films with Ranjit. He became so famous and Popular that films were sold in his name. He was the First superstar amongst the comedians. He started to get special songs shot on him in almost every film-much before Johnny Walker in the 1950s. He sang his own songs. He left Ranjit and was the first actor to become a ‘Free-lance’ breaking the Studio system.

Some of his films and songs were famous all over India. In the film Sanjog, he sang ” Palat,tera dhyan kidhar hai “. This line became so famous that young boys in colleges used this line for calling girls,in those days. In the film Dhindhora, he sang ” ek do teen char panch chhe saat aath nau dus gyara bara,teri nazar ne mujhe mara”. ( Raj Kapoor used ‘Ek do teen aaja mausam hai rangeen’ and later Madhuri Dixit’s “Ek do teen” was very famous.) In the film Taqdeer he sang- “Thank you mention not” and ” I am very very Sorry”. This too became popular.

There was a time when Charlie drew more salary than even Prithwiraj kapoor ! He did about 62 films in all. He was the Hero opposite Swarnalata in Chaand Taaraa-45, hero opposite Leela Chitnis in Ghazal-45 and hero opposite Chandraprabha (Saraswati devi’s sister) in Dulha-46.

He directed only one film,while in Ranjit-Dhandora-41. Charlie sang 36 songs in 15 films.

After partition he opted for Pakistan. he did 6 Urdu, 2 Sindhi and 1 Punjabi films there but was not popular. He came back to India in 1960, but by then here too the position had changed. He did 3 films here. His last film in India was Ranjit’s last film ” Akeli mat Jaiyo”-63 and then that was the end of his film career and that of Ranjit studios too. Due to Visa problems, he had to leave India. He went to the USA to live with his son, who had a dairy farm business. He had 6 sons and 6 daughters. Only 1 son-Latif Charlie became an actor In Pakistan. (He died on 19-7-2011). Charlie came back to Pakistan when his wife expired, but later he himself died in Karachi on 30-6-1983.

If he had not gone to Pakistan, who knows he would have prospered here. Mehmood and Johnny Walker consider him as GURU and have copied his actions in films many times. Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt were also his fans. His film Manorama-44 was remade as Manchala in 1953 with Agha in his role. Thokar-39 was remade as Mai Baap and Taqdeer-43 was remade as Duniya ka Mela, with Mehmood in Charlie’s role.

When he died in Pakistan, no film personality from the Pakistan Film industry attended his funeral. He died unsung !

Film Gazal-1945 was made by Raja Movietone, Bombay, a banner owned by its director Jahoor Raja. Like some of the older artistes, he was probably one of the last multifaceted artistes. ZAHOOR RAJA (Born 7 July 1918 Abbottabad – Died 1992 England) Pre Partition Hindi/Urdu Film Actor, Producer, Director, Editor, Writer, Singer, Lyricist & Music Composer. He graduated from editing and story writing to become a producer-director in 1943.

Zahoor Raja was born in a wealthy family in Abbottabad, Pakistan. After schooling , he studied BA from Rawalpindi but could not complete his graduation as he was more interested in sports than in studies. His father, a Police Inspector, was keen in admitting him in Dehradun for a career in the army. But he ran away from home and landed in Bombay with a letter of introduction to Film maker A R Kardar. Since he was a very handsome and well built man, getting into the Bombay film industry was not difficult. At that time, Kardar was directing Punjabi film ‘Mirza Sahiban’ (1939) for Ranjit Movietone and . Kardar took Zahoor Raja as Hero in the film.

Within a year after the release of the film, V Shantaram invited him to join Prabhat Films and was taken on a contract of 3 years. His association with V Shantaram was not beneficial and he did not get much work. Kardar once again came to his rescue and got him employed in National Studios and got him a role in ‘Pooja’ (1940). Thereafter, he got a role in Minerva Moveitone’s ‘Sikandar’ (1941). During the making of the film ‘Sikandar’ (1941), he fell in love with his co-star Meena (Meena Shourie) and married her. The marriage did not last long and Meena later married another handsome actor, Al Nasir in the mid 1940s.

Zahoor Raja later worked as a Hero in ‘Sewa’ (1941). During this time, while looking for a change from his acting career, he got a chance to direct the film ‘Badal’ (1942) produced under Eastern Pictures where he also acted in the lead role. Though the film failed at the box office, his direction was appreciated by the critics. In 1943, he floated his own film production company, Raja Movietone and made its maiden film ‘Mazaq’ (1943) which he also directed, acted in a negative role and composed its music. He also acted in the film Bhai-44. His banner produced ‘O Panchhi’ (1944), ‘Ghazal’ (1945) and ‘Dhadkan’ (1946).

In most of the films in which he acted, Zahoor Raja was paired with Radha Rani. He also sang the song ‘Bhulaane waale hamen bhi na yaad aaya karo’ along with Naseem Akhthar in the Movie ‘Ghazal’ (1945) composed by Gyan Dutt. His last movies in India before moving to Pakistan were ‘Anmol Ghadi’ (1946) and Director-1947. He acted in 9 films, directed 5 films, sang 15 songs in 5 films (Pooja-40, Sewa-42, Badal-42, Gazal-45 and Director-47), wrote lyrics in 1 film (Dhadkan-46) and was MD for 1 film( Mazaaq-43)

After partition, Zahoor Raja returned to Pakistan in 1950 and he was active in the Pakistani film industry until 1966. After 1966, he migrated to England, married an English lady and later died in 1992 in England.

The storyline of film gazal could not not be found anywhere on the internet. The film had the cast of Leela Chitnis, N.M.Charlie, Radharani, Zahoor Raja, Nurjahan sr., Nagendra, Razia Bano (elder sister of Suraiya Zulfi) and many others. There were 4 lyricists but HFGK does not mention their individual credits for every song.

Today’s so-called Comedy song is sung by Charlie. Like all his songs, much of the lyrics are plain prose rather than any poetry. But then, in those days, people liked it that way from a popular comedian ! Try to enjoy….

Song- Ae jaan apne honthhon ka phaatak to kholiye (Ghazal)(1945) Singer- Noor Mohd. Charlie, Lyricist- Not known, MD- Gyan Dutt


Ae jaaaan
Ae jaaaan
Ae jaaaan

Ae jaan
apne honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
phaatak to kholiye
haan jee
kuchh to boliye
ajee kuchh to boliye
Ae jaaaan

ae phaatak to kholiye
honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ae jaaan

teer e nazar se aashiqon ka dil tatoliye
teer e nazar se aashiqon ka dil tatoliye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ae jaaaan

ae honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ae jaaaaan

dikha doon cheer kar seena tujhe
naaz o adaa waale
Khuda ke waaste
tu khol de
tu khol de
tu khol de
honthon ke lab taale taale
ye nahin achcha tera
nahin achcha tera
ae jaaneman
khaamosh ho jaana
bigadna roothhna
haan haan
bigadna roothhna
ladna jhagadna
ik jagah maaraa maaree karna
jhagde karna
very well
my dear darning
its very nice

meri godi mein rakh kar
sar tera behosh ho jaana
meri godi mein rakh kar
sar tera behosh ho jaana aa aa

ae Majnu jee to bolte hain
Laila jee khaamosh hain
Laila jee khaamosh hain
Laila jee khaamosh hain

Ae farhad jee to hosh mein hain
Shirin jee behosh hain
Shirin jee behosh hain
Shirin jee behosh hain aen aen

kyon chupke chupke dil ko chura aya hai aapne
kyon chup ka munh pe taala lagaaya hai aapne
na is tarah se dil ko mere ?? keejiye ae ae

I am student of love
is liye ?? ko naapaak na keejiye
gar kuchh nahin to jaaneman
bakwaas keejiye ae
bakwaas e
bake bake
bakwaas nahin bhai
maaf keejiyega main zara bhool gaya

ye irshaad keejiye
ye irshaad keejiye
irshaad keejiye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ae jaaaan

ae honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
ek honthon ka hat
phaatak to kholiye
honthon ka phaatak to kholiye
ajee kuchh to boliye
ajee kuchh to boliye naa
ajee kuchh to boliye naa
ae jaaaaaan


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