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Ho o bas qayaamat ho gayee

Posted on: May 11, 2023

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#the Decade of Sixties – 1961 – 1970 #

‘duniyaa kehti hai mujhko paagal,
main kehtaa duniyaa ko paagal’

The above are the lines by Kishore Kumar from a famous interview given to none other than Lata Mangeshkar (probably in the end seventies or early eighties). I also remember that these lines with a picture of Kishore Kumar were a part of cover photo of the film magazine ‘Madhuri’ or ‘Filmfare’ in those years. (I am forgetting he particular year).

Well the part of this interview of Kishore Kumar by Lata Mangeshkar is already available on internet.

But, I was not aware that these famous lines were a part of a song sung by Kishore Kumar himself.

Today I present this song. The above lines are available in the audio version, but they are not included in the video version of this song.

This song is from the movie ‘Haay Mera Dil-1968’.

“Haay Mera Dil-1968” was directed by Ved & Madan for ‘Manohar Films’.

It was produced by Lalchand Thapar.

It had Kishore Kumar, Kumkum, I.S. Johar, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri, Raj Mehra, Majnu, Lakshamichhaya and others.

Story, screenplay and dialogues of this movie were written by Jagdish Kamal. Editing of this movie was done by Prabhakar Gokhale.

This movie has six songs. They are written by Anand Bakshi (one song), S.H. Bihari (two songs) and P.L. Santoshi (one song). Lyricists for two songs are not mentioned in Geet Kosh Vol-IV (1961-1970).

Music for ‘Haay Mera Dil-1968’ was composed by Usha Khanna.

Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd Rafi, Manna Dey, Usha Khanna, and Kishore Kumar had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

A brief about the story of this movie has been mentioned by Shri Sudhir ji in his post while presenting a song from this movie on 20.10.2011.

I am reproducing the text as given below.

The storyline is a typical kidnap-child-for-revenge-mother-searching-for-child-villians-captured-happy-ending type of a story. And to make it musical, the kidnapped child grows up to be a dancer. Kumkum plays both the roles of the mother and daughter. Kishore is a lazy unemployed young fellow, who loves this stage dancer in his dreams. IS Johar and Majnu play a team of bumbling detectives who are engaged by the mother to search for her daughter. Prem Chopra was still in the early years of his career, and not yet stereo typed as a villain. In this film he plays the role of Kishore Kumar’s elder brother, concerned about the future and well-being of his younger brother. There is a very detailed review of this film available on Memsaab’s blog at Haaye Mera Dil.

(The review itself is a delight to read. )

So far, three songs from this movie “Haay Mera Dil” have been presented on the blog.
Today I present the fourth song from this movie which is sung by Kishore Kumar. It is Kishore Kumar himself who is seen performing on this song. We can see Kishore Kumar with a photo of Kumkum in his hand and he is singing this song thinking of her.

This song is a nice song to listen to and I remember to have listened to it earlier on radio without knowing which movie it was from.

Let us enjoy the song now…

Lyrics for the today’s song are by S.H. Bihari and music is composed by Usha Khanna.



Song-Ho o bas qayaamat ho gayee (Haaye Mera Dil)(1968) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-S H Bihari, MD-Usha Khanna


ha ha ha ha
duniyaa kehti mujhko paagal
main kehtaa duniyaa ko paagal
haay mera dil

ho o o
bas qayaamat ho gayi
ho o o
bas qayaamat ho gayi
ik haseen
se mohabbat ho gayi ee
ho o o o
bas qayaamat ho gayi

neend apni kho gayi
dillagi mein ae dil gayaa aa aa
neend apni kho gayi
dillagi mein ae dil gayaa aa aa
aur deewaanaa hamen
naam yaaron mil gayaa aa
husn ki
ishq pe
ye inaayat ho gayi ee
ho o o o
bas qayaamat ho gayi

ham khayaalon mein miley
yoon mulaaqaatein huyin een
ham khayaalon mein miley
yoon mulaaqaatein huyin een
honthhon pe naa aayengi
unse jo baatein huyi een
bas yahi
jaan lo
duniyaa jannat ho gayi ee
ho o o o
bas qayaamat ho gayi

ho gaye khaamosh ham
bezubaanon ki tarah
ho gaye khaamosh ham
bezubaanon ki tarah
baat logon mein chali
ye fasaanon ki tarah
har zubaan
har nazar
ko shikaayat ho gayi ee
ho o o
bas qayaamat ho gayi
ho o o o
bas qayaamat ho gayi
ik haseen
se mohabbat ho gayi ee
ho o o o
bas qayaamat ho gayi


2 Responses to "Ho o bas qayaamat ho gayee"

‘duniyaa kehti hai mujhko paagal,
main kehtaa duniyaa ko paagal’

Inspiration for these two lines is from a song from ‘Janmabhoomi’ (1936):

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Thanks a lot for this information Sir ji. I have checked and found that this song is still missing from the blog.
So we need to bring this on the blog as early as possible.


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