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Dil ne phir yaad kiya

Posted on: November 23, 2008

Sonik and Omi who were mama and bhanja acted as assistants to many music directors viz Madan Mohan etc. It was in later half of 1960s that they started out as independent music directors.

Their first movie as independent music directors was “Dil ne phir yaad kiya” where almost every song became very popular. This movie had many songs, perhaps a dozen or more, and I am not exaggerating if I say that each and every song was wonderful to listen to, and continues to remain so, even today.

The movie itself is largely forgotten now, but it is difficult to forget the songs of this movie.

Here is the title song of this movie. It is a special song, because it has three singers in it. Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, and Mukesh sing this song. They sing for Dharmendra, Nutan and Rehman in this song which also happens to be a boat song.

The word “barq si lahraayi hai” confused me a lot. There are people who insist that this word is “barf” or even “dard”, but in reality it is indeed barq which means lightening. “barq-e-lehr” is a word that I have noticed figuring in Urdu Shayari. May be someone knowledgeable in Urdu will be able to tell us the meaning of this word. And I feel that Rafi saab may even have erroneously sung this word as barf in the song.

Even if one understands the lyrics only partially, one can fully appreciate the fact that this song has to be one of the great gems of Bollywood music treasurehouse. The song lives in one’s memory long after one has listened to it.

Song-Dil ne phir yaad kiya (Dil ne phir yaad kiya) (1966) Singers-Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Mukesh, Lyrics-G L Rawal, MD-Sonik Omi


dil ne phir yaad kiyaa barq si laharaayi hai
dil ne phir yaad kiyaa barq si laharaayi hai
dil ne phir yaad kiyaa barq si laharaayi hai
phir koyi chot muhabbat ki ubhar aayi hai
dil ne phir yaad kiyaa …

wo bhi kyaa din the hamen dil mein bithaayaa thaa kabhi
wo bhi kyaa din the hamen dil mein bithaayaa thaa kabhi
aur hans hans ke gale tum ne lagaayaa thaa kabhi
khel hi khel mein kyon jaan pe ban aayi hai
phir koyi chot muhabbat ki ubhar aayi hai
dil ne phir yaad kiya…

kyaa bataayen tumhen ham shammaa ki qismat kyaa hai
kyaa bataayen tumhen ham shammaa ki qismat kyaa hai
gham me jalne ke siwa aur muhabbat kya hai
ye wo gulshan hai ki jis mein na bahaar aayi hai
phir koyi chot muhabbat ki ubhar aayi hai
dil ne phir yaad kiyaa …

ham wo parwaane hain jo shammaa kaa dam bharte hain
ham wo parwaane hain jo shammaa kaa dam bharte hain
husn ki aag mein khaamosh jalaa karte hain
aah bhi nikle to pyaar ki ruswaayi hai
phir koyi chot muhabbat ki ubhar aayi hai
dil ne phir yaad kiya barq is laharaayi hai
dil ne phir yaad kiyaa …


19 Responses to "Dil ne phir yaad kiya"

Ohhhhh…one of my favourite songs.
As you know, I have this song on my blog (which btw is as good as defunct at the moment. :-).

What a lovely song this is. Everything about it is perfect. The voices of the singers, the tune, the music, the words, the “mahaul” – just perfect.

I can listen to this again and again without getting bored.

Indeed, it is a fantastic song.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the script of Urdu to take advantage of the contents of your site.

This is a great debut of a music director. Other great debuts being Shankar Jaikishan (Barsaat) and Laxmikant Pyarelal (Parasmani).

Yes, the music of this movie was just awesome. It is too bad that Sonik Omi were reduced to working with B grade producers most of the time, though. But they managed to give music in 130 movies, so they had a decent run in music direction.


It is hard to believe that this was the first movie of SONIK – OMI.

Each song is a gem, to be treasured and preserved for posterity.
As I commented in one of the song responses most of the B grade movies have great music. It is really ironical.

There was a similar setting of three singers in the film NASEEB [1981] of Man Mohan Desai, “ZINDAGI IMTIHAAN LETI HAIN” sung by Suman Kalyanpur, Anwar and Dr. Kamlesh Awasthi. Please include this song in one of your coming posts. You have included John Jani Janardhan.

This is a beautiful song sung with pathos which you can almost feel.


Though not an expert in Urdu, but one thing is sure that the word is BARQ, meaning flash of light.

I had seen this film when it was released. Apart from some good songs, the thing which remained in my mind was the names of three brothers of Rawal Films. Incidentally, their first names are in alphabetical order :
Producer : B L Rawal
Director : C L Rawal
Lyricist : D L Rawal

The other three brothers I remember, associated with a production house were that of B R Films – Producer: B R Chopra, Director : Yash Chopra and Cinematographer : Dharam Chopra.

Sorry for a maistake. The Lyricist is G L Rawal and not D L Rawal. So no alphabetical order.

The video you shared above has been removed by the user!!!! So I decided to post another one:) Atulji how could you say that this movie is long-forgotten??? I sincerely believe that even if one song from this movie is recalled today the movie is not lost.And going by our friends’ comments here it’s abundantly clear:)
Incidentally I have yet to see the movie on YT.We don’t have a DVD/Cd rental close by:( Thank God for YT, I can see the videos of my fav old Hindi songs,all of which you grew up hearing on Binaca Geet Mala:) Of course there was Chitrahar later but I remember Radio mostly.
Thank you for that crucial detail on barq.I am no expert on Urdu either but as a Hyderabadi we do get to know a bit and i would say thanks to our Hindi movies again- the old ones- for improving our grasp on Urdu:)
May I mention I have been having a problem scrolling down the page(???) and even typing my comment.I wonder why or is it my laptop?

So happy to be sharing thoughts on fav songs:) Oh and boat songs is taking me to Milan-Nutan ji and Sunil Dutt Saheb.Another huge fav movie.Am sure you have posted that one too.


I have heard the song thrice now. The opening line “Dil ne phir yaad kiya……” is sung by Rafi Saab four times and each time he is singing it as :

dil ne phir yaad kiyaa barf si lehar aayi hai

All four times it is ‘barf’ and ‘ lehar aayi ‘ are separate words. As far as i know, Rafi used to sing from lyrics written in urdu scipt, as he could read only urdu language. In urdu it is difficult to confuse ‘Kaaf’ with ‘fe’. And both words ‘barq’ and ‘ barf’ end with these alphabets written in their alphabetic form. The more i think , it is not likely that Rafi will make same mistake four times in a song. In the mukhda when the line is repeated thrice, he is striving to sing ‘lehar aayi’ as separately.

Moreover, aisi barf ki lehren cold climate’s mein to chalti hi rehti hain, dil kisi ko yaad kare na kare 🙂 .

And kindly add the word ‘yeh’ in the last stanza sung by Mukesh.

aah bhi nikle to pyaar ki ‘ yeh ‘ ruswaayi hai

Nahm…I would disagree with you..I also heard the song with clear sound speakers next to my ears!! AND Rafi saab actually says Barq.. Also, I think it should be ‘aah bhi nikle to yeh pyaarki ruswai hai’…..

I should have spelt Ruswaayi…

Word is Barq for sure, means flash of light. How can Barf lehra sakti hai?

I am one of those who insist that in this song the words are “barf si lehar aayi hai ” . Rafi sahab is enunciating the word ‘ barf ‘ as clearly as he has done with the word ‘ barq ‘ elsewhere. Also the himalayan peak shown in the beginning of the song is an indicator.

How Rafi Sahab sings the line ‘barq si leharayi hai’ is here in another song :

There is the line in third antara ‘barq si leharayi hai’ .

Different situations and different words used in similar terms.

I am not able to get clearly whether Rafi is pronouncing ‘barf’ or ‘barq’. But ‘barq’ seems to be an appropriate word in the context of ‘re-ignition of old memory’ (dil ne phir yaad kiyaa).

I agree that Rafi is pronouncing ‘lehar aayi’. This is in tandem with ‘ubhar aayi’, ‘ban aayi’ and ‘bahaar aayi’ used in the lyrics of the song.

1. As grown up students in the year 1967 at the time of release of this film, we had a lot of discussions with our friends on the wordings “Barq” of the song, , All our Urdu knowing friends confirmed that it was “BARQ” and they told that the meaning of the word Barq was Asmani Bijlee आसमानी बिजली (Lightening). They also told that the same word was used in the film ‘Mere Mehboob’ (Which was also released some three to four years back) sung by Rajendra Kumar (Mohd Rafi) ‘mere nas nas mein koi barq si lahrayee hai’. Thus it may be taken as none other than the ‘barq”.

2. Now I want to get one small information from our knowledgeable readers. As we all know that apart from Sonik-Omi, many more Music Directors used to work in pairs, viz. Husnlal-Bhagat Ram, Shankar- Jaikishan, Kalyan Ji-Anand ji, Laxmikant-Pyarelal etc. I want to know what distinct advantage these MDs get over other MDs while working in pairs. Do they have any divided roles also such as while one MD of the pair works on instruments, the other works on singer or something of that sort.

I agree with Nahm ji on both the points. Rafi ji sings it as “barf”. And “yeh” to be added in the last stanza where Mukesh sings.

All friends who are insisting on Barf should use Q tips and listen the song again.

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