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Kaan mein jhumka chaal mein thhumka

Posted on: February 7, 2009

Most people may think that the most high energy Rafi songs have been sung for Shammi Kapoor. But which is the song where Rafi has been at his most energetic ?

I have posted many songs where Rafi must have expended great amount of effort and energy. Here is a song where I feel he may have expended the most energy.

This song is not from a Shammi Kapoor movie. Nor is the music director from the usual suspects.

It is not Shankar Jaikishan, O P Nayyar, Laxmikant Pyarelal or R D Burman, who have got Rafi to sing at his most energetic.

This particular song has to be “kaan me jhumka chaal me thumka kamar pe choti latke” from “Saawan Bhadon”.This 1970 movie was the debut movie of Navin Nischal and Rekha. Sonik Omi were the music directors of this movie. Sonik Omi, who had given outstanding music in their earlier movie viz “dil ne phir yaad kiya” and “aabroo”, lived upto their high standards and they created absolutely wonderful songs in this movie as well. And for a change, this movie turned out to be a box office hit.

Varma Malik was the lyricist in this movie. What a song this is. This song beats most other songs of this genre hands down.

The song “kaan me jhumka chaal me thumka” was a hugely popular tapori song of 1970s. Rafi must have expended enormous amount of energy singing this song. One can try singing this song to get some idea of how difficult this song is if one tries to sing it Rafi style. The passion and involvement that Rafi showed while singing this song can be felt so clearly by everyone who has listened to this song.

The picturisation is also high octane stuff. The debutant duo of Navin Nischal and Rekha performed wll in this song. Navin Nischol does justice to Rafi’s song, and towards the end of the song, even Rekha joins in dancing with gay abandon. It is all great stuff.

It is a matter of great surprise that a song as great as this was not available on youtube etc. I liked this song so much that I had decided to make this song the 700th song of my blog as soon as I had the video of this movie available with me. And the readers of this blog can now watch the picturisation of this song which was not readily available till now.

Yes, this song is the 700th song of this blog. Last 100 songs were added in a record 16 days. It has been a hectic, at times tiring, but a fruitful journey so far. I hope I will cntinue to bring many more great songs for the listening and viewing pleasures of the readers of this blog.

Song-Kaan me jhumka chaal me thumka (Saawan Bhaadon) (1970) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Sonik Omi


haay haay
kaan me jhumka chaal me thumka
kamar pe choti latke
ho gaya dil ka purza purza
lage pachaasi jhatke
ho tera
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela
kaan me jhumka chaal me thumka
kamar pe choti latke
ho gaya dil ka purza purza
lage pachaasi jhatke
ho tera
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela

nashe se palkein tani tani
jaan meri pe bani bani
chadhti jawaani teri kaise sambhaale tu
husn tera matwaala hai
ari kiske liye sambhaala hai
banoon rakhwaala karde mere hawaale tu
teri ye jawani albeli
ye paheli
hai akeli tu mujhe saathi banaale
in zulfon me ulajh kar kayi musafir bhatke
ho gaya dil ka purza purza
lage pachaasi jhatke
ho tera
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela

bol kahun main khare khare
jati hai kyu pare pare
teri zindagi me aaja pyaar ko basa doon main
paas agar tu aa jaaye
saans saans takra jaaye
dil kyun dhadakta hai
tujhko dikhaadoon main
teer pe teer chalaake muskaake sharmaake
mujhe paas bulaale
wahin pe mele lag jaayen
tu dekhe jahan palatke
ho gaya dil ka purza purza
lage pachaasi jhatke
ho tera
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela

kaan me jhumka chaal me thumka
kamar pe choti latke
ho gaya dil ka purza purza
lage pachaasi jhatke
ho tera
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela
rang hai nasheela ang ang hai nasheela
haay haay


19 Responses to "Kaan mein jhumka chaal mein thhumka"

Oh I remember this….Rafi at his best.

Although I only noticed now that Rekha is wearing her Necklace on her Tummy!!

Congrats Atul on getting to 700…
Going from strength to strength.

Lovely and very lively song to put out there as no.700.
Rafi sparkles and Sonik Omi yet again come up with a wonderful score.

I have not seen this video before at all – so it was a great pleasure to watch it now. Like you say, surprising that it was not on youtube – terrific that you have been able to locate it.

I think Rekha does well in this song, am not too sure about Navin Nischol though. He improves later on but in the beginning he looks totally out of sorts in trying to keep pace with the fast track. Debutants, so I guess they can be excused. 🙂

I have always enjoyed the song, but I could barely recognize Navin Nischol and Rekha in the video. NN looks so thin and dances like a second Jeetendra, and Rekha is totally unrecognizable, except for her walk.

Congratulations on reaching your 700th song. I am looking forward to the 1000th song.

Raja, there was no question of me locating this video. I in fact uploaded it, like I uploaded the video for the 600th song of this blog.

Lalitha, I too thought NN was apeing Jeetendra.

Tune reminds one of the “Neel gagan pe udte badal” from Khandan (1965) with Ravi’s music.

Some song contain urdu or panjabi word. Please give its meanings. Thanks

Yes, I am working on it.

Dear Atul,
if you post the song in devnagri it will better.

At present I am concentrating on posting as many songs as possible. Transliterating the song in Devnagari will slow me down quite badly.

I have thought of that and I will provide that too as an option in future.

Atul, browsing your blog from the first song, I have successfully reached 700 songs too. Congratulations!!

I see that you are going at a rate of about 25 songs in a day. Your feedback on these songs (non working links, incorrect informations etc) are useful for me in making corrections.

At this rate, it may take you six months to get to the latest post. 🙂

Thanks Atul. I sure am waiting to get to the latest post. Only thing is that you are going way ahead for me to catch up with you soon :). Once I do catch up with you, I can regularly help you find non-working links et al.

I sure am waiting to chat with you again. It has been a while now. Buzz me when you are online.

As high energy songs of Rafi Saheb is concerned, this song is at par with Reshma Jawan Hogai, from Mom Ki Guriya.

I think both songs are from the same period.

Well said Arun.

talking of high energy songs of rafi, there are many and i keep finding such more n more energetic or fast paced. For e.g. there is “wah wah wah is diwaane dil ne kiya jadoo chalaya” from (jab jab phool khile). I have yet to look it up on youtube. It may have title “Affoo khudaaya”

Another high energy song of Rafi which instantly which instantly comes to mind is EK BECHARA PYAR KA MARA from the movie Waris. I am not sure if this song is posted on this blog, I have to check.

Sonik Omi had a great debut in “Dilne Phir Yaad kiya” and never lived upto that expectation though a song like this can be occasionally found in their repertoire.

I thought that they did not get too many opportunities, but then I read an interview from the surviving member of the duo (Omi perhaps) in which he expressed satisfaction over their career where they got to work in 250 movies, according to his statements. They must have got to work in lots of B grade movies in that case.

Not so. Here is the youtube link (y)

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