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Muhabbat rang laayegi janaab aahistaa aahistaa

Posted on: August 10, 2010

This post is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular visitor (and contributor) of this blog

Often when you listen to a song from the past, you associate it with some memory or experience of your own.

The year 1981 was a significant year for me in my life – it was the year I moved from small-town eastern India to the first Indian city I lived in – New Delhi. It was quite an experience.

I had a small pocket transistor in those days. You can imagine that for somebody as obsessed with Hindi songs as I am, it was my lifeline. I would listen to it for hours. I would listen to not just song programmes like Jaimala but also the “play” Hawa Mahal (I think it was at 8.30 p.m every weekday).
There used to be a program sponsored by S.Kumar in those days – I remember the ad “S. Kumar ki shirting suiting, sabko lubhaaye, S. Kumar ki shirting suiting shaan badhaaye” before, during and after the programme.

I am digressing. This is not about S.Kumar , it is about the song below. Anyway, I used to listen to a lot of movie promos too. I remember Kaalia, Love Story, Laawaris, Ek Duuje Ke Liye, among others. The promo would typically have song teasers. And I fell in love with many of those songs based purely on the teasers.

One of the movies of that year was Poonam. Considering it starred Poonam Dhillon, it must have been quite an honour for her to have a film named after her (I am assuming it was named Poonam because she was in the movie).

I got to see this movie only later (in 1983 or so) but I loved a couple of songs in this movie. They were soft songs, pleasant to listen to. Simple but effective lyrics, conveying the mood of the moment.

For example, the song below. It was quite popular at that time – and is sung by Rafi saab and Chandrani Mukherjee. Yes, it is nice to hear a voice different from Lata/Asha for a change.

This was also the first time I heard of music director Anu Malik. I am not sure but this could have been his debut movie. If it was indeed his debut, what a debut it was! The apple did not fall far from the tree. His father was the much-underrated music director, Sardar Malik.

I might also have had a crush on Poonam Dhillon at that time – but we are not going to discuss that here. 😉



song-Muhabbat rang laayegi janaab aahistaa aahistaa (Poonam) (1981) Singers-Rafi, Chandrani Mukherji, Lyrics- Hasrat Jaipuri/Anjaan, MD-Anu Malik


Muhabbat rang laayegi
janaab aahistaa aahistaa
ke jaise rang laati hai
sharaab aahistaa aahistaa
muhabbat rang laayegi

abhi to tum jhijhakte ho
abhi to tum simatate ho
abhi to tum jhijhakte ho
abhi to tum simatate ho
ke jaate jaate jaayega hizaab aahistaa aahistaa
hizaab apnon se hotaa hai
nahin hota hai gairon se
koi bhi baat banti hai
janaab aahistaa aahistaa
muhabbat rang laayegi

abhi kamsin ho
kyaa jaano
muhabbat kisko kahte hain
abhi kamsin ho
kyaa jaano
muhabbat kisko kahte hain
bahaaren tum pe laayengin
shabaab aahistaa aahistaa
bahaaren aa chukin hampar
zaroorat baagbaan hai
tumhaare pyaar ka doongi
jawaab aahistaa aahistaa
muhabbat rang laayegi
janaab aahistaa aahistaa
ke jaise rang laati hai
sharaab aahistaa aahistaa

13 Responses to "Muhabbat rang laayegi janaab aahistaa aahistaa"

hi atul
there was another movie by the name “Ahista Ahista” in the same year (i think) with a song that had the same mukhda sung in a different tempo by Manhar and Lata (i think). the music direction was Khayyam and it starres Shashi Kapoor’s son Kunal Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure.


Raja: Nice post. And as per screenindia, Anu Malik first film was Hunterwali 77 (Year 1978).

Peevesie’s mom: I think you are referring to movie “Ahista Ahista” with “kabhi kisiko mukammal jahaan nahin milta” by Asha and Bhupinder. Movie also had another excellent song “Maana teri nazar main tera pyaar hum nahin”


‘kabhi kisiko mukammal’ was another class song in “Ahista Ahista” I was talking of “Nazar Se Phool Chunti Hai Nazar” the second line in the mukhada goes “Mohabbat Rang Lati Hai Magar Ahista Ahista”


“Nazar Se Phool Chunti Hai Nazar, Ahista Ahista ” is very nice.

It was sung by Asha & Anwar Hussain.


That is a wonderful link, Sid. So much info in that link. Thanks.
Oh, so Poonam was not Anu’s first? I guess it may have been the movie that got him noticed. Not sure what movies he did before Poonam. Must have done a few between 1978 and 1981.



You are right when you comment on teasers from the advertisements during those days. I still remember hearing this song on radio srilanka between 8 to 9 am almost regularly. Thanks for the posting of this nice song.


The movie was named “Poonam” and it starred Poonam Dhillon. And in Bangalore, guess which theater screened the movie? Poonam! (in Jayanagar 4th Block).

Here’s one more tidbit – a friend of mine watched this movie at the Poonam theater with his mom and dad and his sister, Poonam.


Beautiful song and a beautiful nostalgic write from Atul ji to take us down memory lane …


new video link:


old video link not working
New video link:





audio track


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